Ra James ~ September 5, 2020

We are SHIFTING into the NEW Earth…

We are seeing such a Massive Influx of Energy.A crack has opened up in the Earth’s Magnetic Field.

We have a ton of Solar Wind pouring in.This means we are less protected and feeling more of these Energies. This is actually really common around the Equinoxes.

Of course things are continuing to intensify as the Ascension Energies continue to increase.

The Autumn Equinox is less then three weeks away. We have tons of LIGHT CODES steaming in straight from SOURCE.These are HIGHLY Charged Waves of Plasma Energy that are changing Reality as we know it.

The entire planet is making an Ascension. We are Shifting into HIGHER States of Consciousness.Literally HIGHER Dimensions.

Many have already BEcome Multidimensional and will NOW help the rest.

This Energy is causing a SHIFT within your DNA… your Activating.As your DNA is BE-ing Switched On your LIGHT Body is also Activating.

We were taught that 98% of our DNA was junk DNA.

Yea, they told us our entire Blueprint was garbage.

That actually shows that they understand less then 2% when it comes to DNA. Things couldn’t be further from the TRUTH.

As we are Reactivating our Strands and Shifting back to our original Blueprints we are Reconnecting with SOURCE.We are once again Activating our Spiritual Gifts and Abilities.

This process of Reactivation is the Ascension process.Ascension is an ongoing process that we must continue to work at.

These Energies are Here to Help us.This Crystalline Energy, or even the Upgrades we are going through, may be making you sleepy at the moment.

As we are Activating our DNA sometimes we need more Rest and Meditation.

You may even be feeling DNA Activation Symptoms.

You may be feeling Headaches, or more Aches and Pains, Mood Swings, Low in Energy, or Bursts or tons of Energy, an increase in Psychic, Spiritual, or Energetic Sensitivity, Food Sensitivities, Sleep Issues, or even Intense Dreams.

September is going to bring with it a lot of Energy, as it brings the Equinox.

It’s a Good Time to really Go Within for some Deep Reflection.There are also NEW CODES coming in for the Grid. As things are collapsing within the old, NEW Templates are BE-ing formed.

It’s the Perfect Time to get some work done or to bring some NEW Manifestations through.

We still have a ton of MAGIC in the Air.We can also expect the Meteors and Fireballs to continue through the weekend.

This is a Good Time to BE doing some Clearing on your Space, or just your Energy.It’s a Great Time to Sage or just to Declutter.

~Ra James

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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