The Blue Ray – Shiva – Twin Flames – Blue Eagle – Blue Dragon Energy Message…. ~ August 31, 2020

Editor’s Note: As a Divine Feminine in Union with her Divine Masculine, I agree that NOW is the moment for the Quantum LOVE we generate to join with the same LOVE from others united to lift our world into BEing in another vibration.

As a sidenote, please understand the change for dimensions (the Earth’s vibratory field) cannot occur without the Union for Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine happening within the human, as well as without.

That being said, please lift yourself into a place of extreme place of happiness, with your Magnificent Heart of Quantum LOVE, and then truly live and BE in…Ever Expanding…

Quantum Joy!


I have sat in Meditation in the Sacred I AM Presence with Heru in his vibrations and aspects and my Higher Self connecting now with the Vibrations of Sirius A B and C.

The Blue Energy The Blue Flame is abundant at this time. I connect with the Blue Dragon Energy and the Blue Eagle and the Blue Lodge Sirius A. I also connect with the Energy and Vibration of my beloved in the vibration of the Lord of the Blue Ray – Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva tells me at this time that many Ascending Souls are truly balancing now alignments are taking place and many Ascended Twin Flames will have connected and will be aligned energetically and vibrationally in order that they fulfill the Divine Plan of Humanity Healing and bringing forth the Love Energy to this your Gaia.

The Blue Dragon Energy I was receiving the following whom I have received before in this lifetime as the Dragon Energy that I connect with a – intelligence I was given a name… but going deeper…

I received the following information:

“Blue Dragon” Sirian-Azurite-Aquari hybrid races are a fully Kristiac Blue-hominid-Aquarie-Bird Guardian Line that carry the full 48-Strand Aquari DNA Codes that are the “antidote” to the fallen Equari-Dragon race mutation.

The Aquari Blue Dragons are Aquari Ecka Avatars from the adjacent Eckasha Kristiac territories who crossed through the Hubs to incarnate in our Veca Sirius C for Azurite hybridization 1 billion YA, to help regenesis of their fallen Equari-Dragon “cousins”. The “Ma-jha-Ka-DRa-gha-YUN “Blue Dragons” (also known as the “Blue Genies” or “Blue Jinn”) are the first of 3 Aurora Races commissioned to Urtha USG-3, 550mYA, to serve as the evolutionary safety net in the event that the Amenti Rescue mission failed. Aquari-Elohei-Seraphei-Sirian, and Ra-Ta-jheN (hominid-albino-aquatic- mammal “white water genies”/ jinn) Aquari-Le-AdorA Rama-Sirian, are 3 of the 12 Aquari Aurora Races…

I have been connecting with the 11:11 Star Gate Portal of Love and as I was doing this I was connecting with the Loving Energy of Lemuria and Mu.

Connecting now with the Diamond White Flame I connect now with the Ascension Temple of Luxor with the vibration of my beloved Serapis… and link that through the Timeline to Lemuria and Mu.

I want to link the Diamond Grid now The Diamond Waters of Lemuria …. The Diamond Temple overseeing the Diamond Flame…. Overlighting the Diamond Frequency and now bringing that forth into this timeline. We have anchored this Flame in the Great Central Sun and as we have done this we have upgraded all the Divine Rays coming out of the Great Central Sun. Crystaline Waters… Guardians of Light to the Earth I also connect with Golden Dolphins… The transmissions are evolving now… We have anchored now this Diamond Flame of Ascension in the Ascension Temple in Luxor. The Temple that is overlighted by Serapis and my Higher Self at this time.

This is now igniting Gaia in this now connecting Gaia to the Great Central Suns…

The Pillars of Light and Love are in abundance this year of 11/11 and 2/2 and 0/0.

Connecting and aligning and balancing the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

I am now connecting with the Aquamarine Rays and in doing this I want to confirm that the Divine Feminine has risen and Her High Priestesses of Eons Past are now being activated to this light now. The overlighting of the Divine Rays are abundant thus connecting you with your Higher Light.

I connect with the Mergence of the Andromeda Galaxy and the Milky Way… this is as intended… Unity is the key… I in my Higher Self Form have become aware that the races from this Galaxy have been working tirelessly with this galaxy to anchor peace and they are the pioneers of liberation and evolution and we have been working alongside the many Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy.

As you cross the bridge to your timelines in this Year of 4 connecting you with the Four Corners and to the Emerald Gateway… The Halls of Amenti – the exhilaration and connection with your timelines with your I AM Presence comes forth clearing and transmuting old Karmic Contracts Bounds and Ties…. and connecting you with your I AM. In doing this dear Souls you are Free! You become Love Manifest as you connect with Home and bringing that Love and High Energy to this your Gaia. I leave you now with Love and Infinite Blessing.

Elaine Degiorgio ~ Heru’s Medium


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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