True Evil Exposed—Now the People See It and Respond [videos] ~ August 31, 2020

Starship Earth: The Big Picture August 31, 2020

It’s happening. Disclosure and the Great Awakening. Humanity is rising and taking their power back and they’re just beginning to realize their power and what has been done to take them down.

Bobby Kennedy let us have it between the eyes when he spoke in Berlin this past weekend. He didn’t hold back on the NWO Agenda. He went there: the coronavirus plandemic, 5G, vaccines, mask mandates, subservience, control, lockdowns, phone tracking and tracing via Bill Gates’ satellite conducting 24/7 surveillance of the entire planet, Alexa from Amazon spying on private citizens, the coming cashless society, poison food and water, Big Pharma, political corruption… did he leave anything out?

May the Kennedy and Trump families remain safe. The revolution would not have been possible without them.

The uprising might be occurring in more countries than you realized.

Hundreds of Thousands Protest for Freedom Across the World

This video of the massive protest at Trafalgar Square in London, UK on August 29 is available now, but may not be for long. Thanks to the CAT Report for sharing the exciting footage below.

David Icke spoke for a few minutes after the People all waved at the “bobby chopper” hovering overhead. The police said they would fine them £1000 if they did not disperse. They didn’t. Watch soon and feel the glory of the spirit of Humanity rising. I heard there were 40,000 in the UK.

I thought it so appropriate that these beautiful lions were in the foreground and then David Icke spoke of lions; how we must rise like lions after a slumber. Yes, we must open our jaws and let out a roar that will knock these globalist psychopaths on their asses. We won’t back down.

London, Copenhagen, Berlin and London #antilockdownprotest

— Rodney Howard-Browne (@rhowardbrowne) August 30, 2020

And… New Zealand. The Kiwis get it.

About 800-900 Aucklanders out today in force for the Liberty March to protest lockdowns! Well done everybody!

— Olivia Pierson❌ (@PiersonOlivia) August 29, 2020

Zurich, Switzerland.

The lowest of the low are rearing their ugly heads as if to show us in no uncertain terms to what depths Humanity has sunk over the decades. Time for a reset. A global cleansing.

Looters Steal The Wallet of A Firefighter While He Was Battling California’s Wildfires

This is the devil incarnate.

Protestors Clash With Police and RNC Guests Outside of the White House After Trump’s Speech

Canada is leading the way, my friends, in the legal battle we are taking to the dark cabal to oppose the draconian measures they claim is to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

Anti-Vaxxers Launch $11M Lawsuit Against Canada Over Pandemic Response

Visit Vaccine Choice Canada for more information about the coronavirus reality and more.

If you’re not familiar with him, Rocco Galati has been active for years in the legal field to stop the corruption and tyranny in Canada. We hear that this past weekend he met with officials from other countries to compare notes and collaborate. See his Twitter page.

Here is the statement of claim filed in Ontario Superior Court.

Some of the plaintiffs’ names have been redacted to protect them from harassment.

— Rocco Galati (@roccogalatilaw) July 9, 2020

Bill 188 is very bad news and the criminal element in the Canadian legislature pushed it through without fanfare. Look it up. It is designed to spy, track, and remove privacy rights from Canadians, among other things.

This video below from the Ottawa protest on August 29th provides another taste of the efforts of the People to educate the public who are unaware. “Enough is enough!”

Canadians might want to subscribe to this YouTube channel to stay abreast of future information. You can also visit the website.

They’re reporting that in Regina, Saskatchewan they are rounding up people who tested NEGATIVE and taking them to a “quarantine” center in the night. It this Orwellian enough for you, folks? The “officials” doing this sold us out, People. For money. Prestige. Power. Influence. Favours.

Ottawa Parliament Hill NO NEW NORMAL PROTEST Vaxcine Choice CDA The Line Hugs Over Masks Aug 29 2020

Question for you, Canada:

Was Julie Payette Gov Gen of Canada arrested?

In your quest for truth and sovereignty, remember this, America:

Did the CDC, NIH, WHO, etc. really want to help us protect people? Why did the “experts” not tell us this, and inform doctors how to cure their patients? Why did we have to learn this via trial and error? Was this a mass murder of our elderly and those in a weakened condition; the “useless eaters” as the globalist aristocrats refer to Humans?

@DrJudyAMikovits @johannamaaghul @roccogalatilaw @RobertKennedyJr @realmarkpires @TransparentMed1 @dmckenty @HighWireTalk @BusyDrT @drcraigwax @CBSLA @DrButtar @freedom_angels

— Medicine’sDarkKnight (@MedicinesDarkK1) August 30, 2020

Privacy is out the window, folks, along with every other right because of this “health emergency”—and it’s not an emergency. Almost no one died. People at the protest in Ottawa had a sign saying, “Where are the sick people?”.  Exactly. Fake pandemic. Scamdemic.

Here’s Dan Dicks with Press for Truth showing us what restaurants and bars are doing now in Vancouver, Canada under this fake pandemic to “protect others” and “prevent the spread” of a make-believe, out-of-control contagion. His undercover persona… “Bill Derberg”. Say it.

So many people are misinformed thanks to the lamestream media. Business owners comply out of fear they will lose their business if they refuse. The cabal knows this full well. Who will stand up and say, “I do not consent!”?

As for your name and phone number in plain sight at the entrance to the restaurant like a reservation schedule… “Yeah, it’s very secure. It’s on a piece of paper.” Does anyone have a problem with this?


This psychological operation must end!

Video Notes:

Contact tracing at bars and restaurants is becoming the “new normal” in this post COVID-19(84) nightmare where privacy is taking a back seat to fear and delusion. In Vancouver over 5000 restaurants and bars have been collecting the personal private information of their customers with many of them failing to secure the data. In this PFT exclusive Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes undercover as “Bill Derberg” to investigate which restaurants are properly storing their patrons private information and which ones are not and the results may shock you!

If you would like to avoid any interactions with Big Brother moving forward be sure to pre order a PFT PRIVACY PROTECTOR here:

Knowing that the NWO plans decades in advance, would you doubt this? They have far more advanced technology than they ever let on.

Robocop Is Here — New Police Helmet Scans For Signs of COVID-19 and Uses Facial Recognition

In Berlin, there was a meeting of the minds I was anticipating might happen.

SOLIDARITY WITH THE PEOPLE ❤️🇩🇪 #Berlin2908 #BerlinDemo #b2908 #BerlinProtest

— Naomi Seibt (@SeibtNaomi) August 30, 2020

Do Human Beings really treat other Humans this way? How do they sleep at night?

Australia and New Zealand have become mimics of the China. How could this happen to offspring of the common law? It is as perplexing as it is disturbing.

— Francis Hoar (@Francis_Hoar) August 31, 2020

In America, contact tracing presents its challenges. I would imagine tracing an imaginary plague would be difficult. They just make it up as they go. Listen to the BS in this article.

Patchwork approach to contact tracing hampers national recovery

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, colours—and ages! This Australian man was involved in a protest. Once he begins to speak, it gets really good as he speaks of the scam-demic as a political maneuver as part of a coup and proceeds to educate the officials as to the reality of his research and the true situation in Victoria, Australia, and the world. He is in his element.

This police interrogation video needs to go viral.

— Rocco Galati (@roccogalatilaw) August 30, 2020

There’s one sure way to shut Fauci up. Vocal cord surgery. Del Bigtree brings us the story on video at the link, in case you hadn’t heard the changes from the “experts”.

Of course, the interpretation and enforcement of all measures falls on local and federal governments in all countries, so it depends where you live, or where you travel to and from as to what restrictions they mandate.


General Michael Flynn and his attorney Sidney Powell did not get what they hoped for today. Corrupt judges must be removed to enable us to have Law and Order.

The En Banc D.C. Circuit has denied the writ of mandamus requested by @GenFlynn — split as expected along lines evident from the tone and tenor of the judges at oral argument.
The opinion and dissents are here.
It is a disturbing blow to the #RuleOfLaw

— Sidney Powell 🇺🇸⭐ (@SidneyPowell1) August 31, 2020

It looks like the gold illumination of the White House last week was indeed a sign.

Good news came from Scott Mowry’s high-level intelligence sources last night on the Miracles Intel Call. NESARA (National Economic Security and Recovery Act) is not a conspiracy community rumour, and is currently rolling out, beginning in Asia, then Europe, then North America.

This is the Jubilee Year. Debt forgiveness. Credit card debt, car loans, mortgages, etc. all wiped out. It may be the end of September when we see that in North America but we’ll have to see how it goes to know for certain.

We’ve heard from a few “unofficially” that they have experienced the zeroing out of debt and it was suggested it was the beta test to make sure it was going to work the way the White Hats expected.

In addition to the elimination of income tax and other measures, this will mean a different way of life for Humanity. Hopefully Humanity will be responsible and generous with their newfound “wealth” and make it count for something.

What will the benefit be for those who toiled to pay off their mortgage and didn’t accrue credit card debt, some are asking?

Signing off for now.  ~ BP

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