New Moon in Leo- You’re A Shining Star, No Matter Who You Are, Shining Bright to See, Who You Can Truly Be ~ August 19, 2020

On August 18th, the moon, which rules our: emotions, gut instinct and intuition becomes new at 26 degrees of Leo. The days leading up to a New Moon can be tense and uncertain. Human beings rely on the guidance from La Luna and with no moon light, things can seem unclear and uneasy. New Moons always herald: a fresh chance, new beginnings and initiation. Leo, the 5th zodiac sign, is known to be: joyful, courageous, bold, fiery and a leader.

The New Moon in Leo is here to add a ray of sunshine to the very dark times we are living in. No other sign can bring on ” the sunshine” like a bright and optimistic Leo. This New Moon in Leo is a chance to step into your creative and artistic energies with passion and purpose. Leo’s true strength in my opinion, is their ability to lead others with grace and a sense of fun. Leo, according to the former astrologer Linda Goodman, represents the sign of the young adult. They come ready to conquer the world and express themselves at every level. It is for this reason that the sign can appear to be very wise and at the same time, they never lose their childlike sense of play and wonder.

This New Moon in Leo wants you to find the light in your heart and to honor its rays of hope and possibility. Huge breakthroughs in self expression are possible at this time. A sense of innocence wants to so badly return to our lives. La Luna, a new in the sign of the lion, wants you to recognize and honor your deepest heartfelt desires and go after them with everything you got. Many will find a sense of courage and tenacity during this new moon. The universe is asking us to adopt Leo’s famous sense of pride and belief in our highest soul’s potential.

At the time of the Leo New Moon, la Luna will be making some interesting contacts with her fellow planetary brothers and sisters. The first will be a conjunction to Mercury in Leo. Mercury rules: the mind, communication and intellectual matters. Mercury in Leo conjunct the New Moon in Leo will make us very talkative and utterly self expressed. This is a great new moon to put your creative ideas out there for the world to see. Bold, brash and in your face communication could be a result with this pair up. The next major aspect will be a beautiful and harmonious 120 degree trine with Mars in Aries. Mars in Aries in harmony with the New Moon in Leo will create a fireworks show of: initiative, drive and passion to these projects and plans. We will be all fired up and ready to express anything and everything with these two in a tango. We will need to watch for impulsive behaviors but overall a warm and sexy feeling of readiness will be felt. Now at the time of the New Moon, Mars, as previously mentioned, will also be making a harsh, 90 degree square to retrograde Saturn in Capricorn. This could add slight frustrations and delays to our fabulous and glorious feelings. Focusing on what brings us joy, along with adopting Leo’s stance of patience will be advised.

The Leo New Moon is here to ask us to be our most brave and honorable self. In a time where so much is up in the air and unknown, we all share one amazing connection. That connection is our ability to face the battles of life from recognizing our heart. Leo rules the heart. This New Moon is asking you to have the courage to be your truest and most authentic self. That takes real guts. It is time to let you love light shine. If we could all come together from this sacred place, our world would look quite different. Never be afraid to “show em the real you”. This is the promise of the glorious Leo New Moon. She is here to: remind you of your courage and sense of inner joy, allow your heart to truly sing + to guide you with hope and faith in yourself and the universe.

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Image: Meiklejohn Graphics

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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