Headlines and Updates for August 19, 2020: [videos] ~ August 19, 2020

It’s all about fighting back, folks. The President is the biggest proponent.

Trump Calls for Boycott of Goodyear Over Their Ban on Workers Wearing MAGA Gear

The “silent majority” are speaking more loudly. Soon the Democrats won’t be heard above the din of the excitement. We’re definitely rigged for red. If you think the loonatic left is violent now—wait until the election results come in.

How does he do it? How does President Trump get Americans to line up for days in ice, snow, rain, extreme heat and camp out in order to see him and listen to him deliver his messages? He’s a rock star. I’m not aware of anyone ever wielding this kind of emotional influence or eliciting this level of response since… well, maybe Jesus.

This next headline is astounding to me, because it’s been at least 111 F here in the desert nearly every day recently, with a blazing sun beating down relentlessly when we should have had summer rain relief. That never happened, and we’re still waiting for our “non-soons”, as the locals are referring to the annual monsoon deluges we love and expect in July and August.

It’s in no way like any other year for so many reasons and with the lockdowns, Americans seem to have the time to get their priorities straight. Saving America is número uno.  President Trump must be sweltering in his suit and tie but he always does what he needs to do no matter what. He’s the most remarkable, dedicated man.

Supporters Line Up in Sweltering 115° Heat to See President Trump Speak in Yuma, Arizona (VIDEO)

“This is a Warning For What’s Coming!” – Veteran and California Business Owner Fed Up with Covid Lockdown Orders Puts County Board of Supervisors on Notice (VIDEO)

As we approach the most important election in possibly world history, I hear Twitter has banned Bitchute links. The censorship is something we will have to live with for the time being and it may get worse. Find your workarounds.

From time to time I hear that folks think we “disappeared” because they didn’t get an email from us notifying them of a new post. That is a luxury not afforded everyone these days and if you’re not aware, we publish every day regardless of whether you get a notification email or not. If you’re new to the Internet, blogs, and are unaware of the way things work… here’s the lowdown.

Our update isn’t actually in the email, it’s here, at our “address” on the World Wide Web where we “live” and you can come and visit any hour of any day and read current posts or older ones. You only need to type our address into the search bar on your device: www.StarshipEarthTheBigPicture.com. If you’ve visited us before, your device will probably autofill the address but may take you to the last post you read rather than the newest.

If you don’t get a current post, refresh your browser. We needn’t allow the censorship to keep us from our news. It’s no different than not getting a notification from YouTube that your favourite vlogger uploaded a new video; you just go to YouTube.com and find their channel and voilà—all their videos are there where they “live”.

A lot of ‘tubers like Dave at the X22 Report, Dan Dicks of Press for Truth, and Sean at the SGT Report have websites where they host their videos without the blatant censorship of YouTube. Google may still make it challenging to find them in searches, however.

Since the main theatre of war at the moment is America, in Canada the deep state are using the election drama to deflect, distract, and defer the blame directed at the Trudeau government for multiple transgressions. True North’s 5 -minute update follows.

Intellectuals and elites in Canada think they’re smarter than the average Canadian. They believe they have superior intellect and insight.

This is why “the anointed” are trying to change the channel on the Trudeau government’s many scandals.

True North’s Sam Eskenasi discusses the latest Canadian political theatre as the elites would have you understand it.

The Elite Are Changing the Channel

Well, it happened, as Kew said it would. This is the beginning. Interesting that this attorney adds a caveat to his plea saying he believed the information he inserted in the memo was the truth. These globalist supremacists always think they know better than anyone and are free to lie, cheat, and steal their way to the reality they have the right to create in our society. They wouldn’t know the truth if it stared them in the eye.

Their little coup d’état did not work out as planned because that’s not how democracy is designed. Rule of Law is back in America with a full deck of constitutional judges in the courts and the American People can expect to see crimes punished accordingly. No one is above the law—isn’t that what the witch Hillary Clinton and her sister-in-crime Nazi Pelosi have stated? That is probably the only thing they have said that is true. Watch the dominoes fall.

Ex-FBI Lawyer Kevin Clinesmith Pleads Guilty In Durham Probe

The crew tells us that Fox News is going to be streaming in Germany for the first time in the fall so they will be getting a little truth from the American news leading up to the election. I can’t say I’m surprised because the world needs to know what’s going on here and Fox is so far the only major corporate news source that is telling any truth at all and isn’t in “trash Trump” mode every minute of every day.

The political scene is crazy-busy these days, and believe it or not there is even more going on behind the scenes than what we see. If you are anxious about where America is heading you would benefit from tuning in to the Miracles Intel Conference Call on Wednesdays or Sundays or listening to the archived calls after the fact.

Investigative journalist/author Scott Mowry has excellent patriot/military sources and decodes what the chaotic news headlines and the President’s Tweets and press conference references really mean in this war.

The powers-that-were (the dark cabal) who are struggling to maintain control use the mainstream media to twist the truth, cover it up, and incite fear with their lies. There’s no need for fear. We’ve got this. It’s all under control, and as President Trump told us at the beginning of his intercept, the power is being wrested from the hands of the “elite” globalist cabal and returned to The People—in every country.

If you have not listened to his promise in this historic speech, you should do that. It’s brutally honest, and looking back we can see that he has been over-delivering on his promises. He needs four more years to complete the dismantling of the old guard.

His and his family’s lives are on the line and they have given it everything they’ve got to get rid of the corruption in America and return to the constitutional system of Rule of Law to free America from the clutches of the New World Order.

Here is part of Scott’s most recent update and the contact information to listen to his uplifting calls. He and the team bring information about the latest suppressed technologies now being released and take questions emailed to them as well. Life is just about to get a whole lot better, and a lot more exciting.

The next Miracles Intel Conference Call will be this coming WEDNESDAY NIGHT, AUGUST 19, 2020 beginning approximately 7 PM PT / 10 PM ET.

Our pre-call will open approximately 6:30 PT / 9:30 PM ET — PLEASE DO NOT LOG ON TO OUR CALL UNTIL AROUND 6:30 PM PT.



  • On Monday, August 17, the Democratic Party opened their 2020 Convention in virtual mode and thus far, it has been nothing less than a very revealing exposure of the Democrats’ nightmare visions for our great country.
  • However, at least so far, the 2020 DNC Convention has been a whole lot more calm than the 2016 DNC Convention in Philadelphia, where the Bernie Sanders gang nearly threatened to upend the entire proceedings.
  • What we have witnessed thus far from the Democrats is a party which has totally and officially embraced the most radical, extreme, far-left, Socialist/Marxist/Bolshevik and anti-American policies of any political party in American history — by far and away.
  • Democrat Dumpster Fire: On Day One of DNC Democrats Promote Violent Protests, Open Borders and the Devastating and Foolish Green New Deal

Trump campaign adviser: First night of DNC painted America as ‘dystopian, racist hellscape’


  • Democratic National Convention Dominated by Divisive Racial Justice Talking Points Despite ‘Unity’ Platform


  • The Republican National Convention is slated to begin next week, on Monday, August 24 with events held in a number of remote locations. President Trump’s acceptance speech location has still yet to be determined which will be either in Washington, DC or Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.


Does it happen to be just a coincidence, President Trump and the Republicans will follow the Democrats and use all their radical, anti-American talking points and polices against them? And will the Republicans have the perfect opportunity to present a counterpoint of a far more positive, hopeful and amazing vision for America? And was it just a mere coincidence the DNC Convention opened on August the 17th?

  • No it was not a coincidence and it was all planned to go this way by the Patriots as the implosion of the Democratic Party moves to the next level. Patriots Are Now In Control.

  • Finally, as usual, we continue to request to please keep all of these great, GREAT PATRIOTS of the U.S. Military, “Q” /Military Intelligence, the Earth Alliance and President Donald Trump in your prayers at this most crucial time period in world history. IN GOD WE TRUST AND GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Our conference call line is:

Call-in Number: 605-472-5764 Access Code: 810201#

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International Lines – Online meeting ID: scottm69756
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Thank you for your support,
Scott Mowry
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How open-minded are you? You might find out if you read this newest article from independent journalist Jon Rappaport. He is far more honest about COVID-19 than most of the “experts” at the CDC, NIH, WHO, etc. He’s done the research for years, and facts matter.

COVID: the invention of false reality, the hypnotic persuader

Do you have a broad understanding of the possible reasons for the global controllers wanting to engineer a “fake pandemic”, or “plandemic”?

Lockdowns, Coronavirus, and Banks: Following the Money

star cluster known as The Pleiades

Some have told us that we would benefit from reading or listening to a portion of old text omitted from the usual bibles. It’s called the Book of Enoch, and I found it does contain some interesting information relevant to the times we now find ourselves living. It’s subtle, but worth exploring. You can either read or listen to all the chapters in this video, below.

One of most interesting aspects to me was the name of one of the “watchers” or “angels”. It is remarkably similar to the Pleiadian woman said to have visited with Swiss contactee Billy Meier. She said her name was Semjase. She visited in a beamship and eventually took Billy aboard, according to the accounts passed on from the 1970’s and early 80’s.

As the story goes, this very old and wise but very young-looking woman passed on a great deal of wisdom to Billy, as well as predictions about what would unfold in our civilization over the years. He said she wanted him to tell the world about her, her people and her visit and share the information she provided to improve our chances of survival.

Since many actions have been taken to change the dangerous trajectory of Humanity, not all those predictions came to be (thankfully) and this was used to attack the veracity of Billy’s story.

One version of our actual history has stated that our planet, after it was seeded with life, was to be monitored by a group (the watchers?) who for whatever reason left for long periods. While they weren’t paying attention, we were then invaded by the draco reptilians, and subsequently other off-planet life forms who took advantage of our early stage of development and it was all downhill after that.

Some have also suggested that a contingent of Pleiadians wanted to attempt to atone for their lapse in caring for our society in its very early stages and made attempts to intervene and correct the problem. Whether it was karma. remorse, or sheer horror over our status as prey at the hands of the superior races that motivated it we don’t know, but if they did indeed attempt to rectify the situation, it was too little too late and we’re lucky to be here at all.

The “virus” that infected our planet spread through the galaxy and beyond and millions of sentient Beings have been hard at work to contain and eradicate it. As the story goes, they put us into containment to isolate the evil virus and that is why we say we live on a “prison planet”. We’ve actually been in “lockdown” for some time and didn’t even realize.

One day we will learn the truth about it all, but for now we have these old stories to delve into to learn more and perhaps connect some dots.

THE BOOK OF THE WATCHERS (Enoch 1-36) read by Christopher Glyn

Fascinating times lie ahead for us all, my friends, and the events seem to be speeding up as well as increasing in intensity. Can anyone fail to sit up and pay attention at this point?

There is a unique battle raging on our planet and we are the ones chosen to be here to participate and be “the watchers”. Unlike the watchers of old and their laissez-faire directive, it is our foremost duty to intervene and rectify the course of Humanity in our spiritual evolutionary process. A major breakthrough is on the horizon and we are up for it.  ~ BP

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