Headlines and Updates for August 13, 2020: The Illusion and the Reality [videos] ~ August 13, 2020

The civil war updates are more and more challenging each week for those of us chronicling the events—and not only in America.

We can see that what is unfolding is far more than “conspiracy theory”, but cognitive dissonance from years of brainwashing is a stubborn roadblock to reaching the general public.

We try to straddle the line between well-informed, wide awake readers who innerstand the full scope of what is unfolding on our planet, but also provide information that will help fill in some of the gaps for those who are just now realizing something bigger than the media is letting on is causing the massive upsets in normalcy. Nothing is normal any more.

We hope many might realize with assistance from the independent media (us, and many like us) just what is causing the unprecedented activity. It’s a global upset for the network of control freaks who have been running the world and they’re not happy about the White Hats’/Earth Alliance plan to remove them from power.

The fake coronavirus pandemic is part of the evil scheme to subjugate Humanity. Sure, there’s a bug going around, but it’s not affecting many people. It appears to be mostly our seniors and a few with serious pre-existing health conditions. Here’s what one patriot, Dr. Richard Presser in Melbourne, Australia has stated:And this is about a virus which kills mostly people in aged care and, based on the evidence I have seen, only displays symptoms in those whose Vitamin D and C levels are low. Ohhh… That’s right… We’ve been chased out of the sun and made to wear hats because of skin cancer…Are you getting it yet?How bad does it have to get before you see what is going on?

You may wish to peruse informative articles at a website called “Wake Up Kiwi” from patriots in New Zealand.

Fortunately for America, Donald Trump is leading the charge and while there are cities where the dark foothold is formidable and horror stories are in the news daily, in large part the dark has been held at bay. Americans are waking up to the scheme and fighting back against unconstitutional mask mandates and tyrannical edicts from rogue Democrat governors.

We can see from the way the number of cases and death stats fluctuate from state to state, county to county, that they are manipulated according to the agenda of the deep state. Here where I am they are jacking around with the figures and claim the death count due to coronavirus in our county went from 136 to 141 yesterday.

I seriously doubt this death toll is from strictly coronavirus, but that’s how they love to spin it. People who died from motorcycle accidents and cancer among other causes were all lumped into the ‘rona virus category to create the illusion of a pandemic.

The mayor of Phoenix went so far as to tell us they needed to bring in refrigerated trucks to handle all the bodies because the hospital morgues were full to capacity. There was just one problem with that deception strategy: the medical facility she quoted denied the claim and stated there was no crisis. These traitors will say and do anything to keep the deception going.

They are despicable and the pandemic only survives because of the fact that the New World Order controls 95 per cent of the mainstream media. Without those treasonous mouthpieces lying every day to the general public, there would be no health crisis.

Perception is reality, however, and they have succeeded through the disinformation and despicable actions of supposed health experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Debra Birx and the corrupt CDC, NIH, WHO, etc..

They have duped the world and used their “plandemic” to roll out their tyrannical mandates designed to force people to submit, wear dangerous masks whenever out of their homes, to keep people locked up and out of the sunshine and fresh air, and to enable rogue militant police to manhandle those who refuse to comply—case in point, Melbourne, Australia.

Every nation is suffering at the moment, and the media keeps a sock stuffed in the truth so we have to do a lot of research and decide for ourselves what the reality is.

Toronto Mayor John Tory moves forward with plan to defund the police

The dark cabal is desperate to maintain their grip of the planet and election meddling appears to have taken place in Belarus this past weekend where their man Lukashenko has been running the country for 26 years, against the will of the People. The citizens of Belarus hit the streets in protest and we shared the details of that spontaneous uprising yesterday where the police brutalized and arrested around 5,000 mostly peaceful protestors.

This week a helicopter assigned as security for the President made an emergency landing, as we reported yesterday. This is not a game, folks. QAnon or Kew as we have been referring to the team due to extreme censorship, told us years ago we would be heading for days such as these.

US Air Force Helicopter Assigned Trump’s Security Shot From Ground Over Virginia

Scott Mowry told us that according to his sources there have been 50 attempts on President Trump’s life as well as his family. The incident with a shooter outside the White House this week was probably another; hence his remarks about a lot of wealthy people not happy with what he’s been doing and the statement that we might not see him for awhile. It’s time to wheel out the body doubles to protect the First Family.

The group who refer to themselves as the Earth Alliance, the US military, and various White Hat groups are working tirelessly together to sever the strings of control the global El-ite have had over every nation. The evil permeating our world has all been promulgated by the globalists. They still have some power, but it is dwindling rapidly as the full-out operations by the “good guys” systematically dismantles their structure of control.

Scott Mowry has provided many examples of just why it’s illogical to assume that the cabal is going to be successful in achieving their objectives. I wholeheartedly agree that based on what Kew has told us, and what I see and hear, that the Patriots are indeed in control.

That means they are managing the situation, working with what they have in a way that will cause the lowest death toll and maintain the peace overall.

The Patriots are executing their plans laid over decades of learning about the reality of the dark’s control, surveilling, infiltrating their organizations, and they are striking at the perfect moments to hurt the dark ones where it hurts most—and when the satanists believed they were going to be successful in implementing their long-range plan to destroy America and Humanity.

Yes, they are capable of striking out in their hissy fits such as the multitude of fires and explosions, but they have almost been rendered impotent. There is nothing they can do on a large scale to harm Humanity. In a war for an entire planet we can certainly expect some minor collateral damage and it is regrettable but we have to be realistic. It’s truly a miracle that we’re here at this point because the plot to eliminate Humanity has been underway for a very long time. We have been protected by some very powerful groups.

If you learn the comms, or the hidden messages from the President and others, you can get a sneak peak at what’s really going on, even when it hasn’t overtly been stated. Capitalized letters, misspellings, it all matters and Gematria speaks volumes. This Tweet from the President this morning is an example and a watchful patriot points it out.

Scott Mowry told us the Global Reset/Currency Revaluation has been underway for top exchangers for some time, and the whales are expected to be next, then Humanitarian groups, and then the general public. No timelines known.

One of the positive aspects of the insane agenda of the dark is the fact that the Patriots can use it to pull Humanity out of their hypnotic spell. It’s already working. Many people who had no idea what was happening in their country at the hands of their corrupt New World Order governments have suddenly seen the Light. They are now protesting and demanding officials step down.

The time has come for sentient Human Beings to realize they have been under the spell of evil creatures who exist only to prey upon them; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. They are inflicting the most damage possible during their planned “scamdemic”. They want to manipulate the entire world to prevent President Trump from being reelected because he has spent 4 years reversing all their work to destroy America from within.

The New World Order has traitorous plans to take over America but they will not be successful.

Senate to vote on House bills that replace Constitution with UN Bill of Human Rights

That’s some basic background, but the most difficult and important aspect we need to accept about the bloodline families is that they are satanic pedophiles and pedovores. President Trump and the US military are cutting off their food supply and shutting down their global networks for procurement of children.

Kamala Harris protected sex offenders and put American children at greater risk. Is that who America wants for President—because if you have eyes and ears, you know Joe Biden will not be sitting in the oval office.

Kamala Harris Failed to Prosecute Priest Sex Abuse Cases Despite Victims’ Pleas

Gene Cosensei is a patriot who has researched the underground tunnels and the globalists’ deep underground military bases (DUMBs) where the children are trafficked, people are cloned, and babies are cultured as food, organs, tissue, etc. for the demonic creatures running the world.

We understand from QAnon military intelligence and sources reporting to Gene that the US military and other militaries are working in cooperation to either take control of or destroy these facilities and trafficking routes.

There have been protests and marches in several cities recently to raise awareness for Human Trafficking and on Twitter there are many posting about #SaveOurChildren and exposing the heinous acts against children.

The network of tunnels stretches across the planet and Gene provided his update on the South American and Caribbean locations yesterday. Listen to that update below.

Gene Decode! Underground Base Details: Part 9 – Caribbean-South America. B2T Show Aug 12, 2020 (IS)

What we see and hear in the news is all about the US election—in case you are unaware. The only hope the psychopaths have of saving themselves is to get Donald Trump out of office. Everything that happens is about that. They are planning to steal the election because that’s what they do.

Just as the people of Belarus discovered on the weekend, our votes are subverted and the dark will keep their people in power if there is any way they can swing it. They’ve been doing it for decades.


Sebastian Gorka chats with my favourite legal duo in this short video about the corruption in Washington and the outrageous abuse of power by Obama, his administration, and law enforcement agencies who all conspired to first, prevent Donald Trump from being elected, and then, to see that he was removed in a blatant coup attempt. There’s no question, and there is far more evidence than is needed to put these people away, or, as treason is a most serious crime, capital punishment applies.

Obama’s greatest crime: The coup against Trump. Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing with Dr. Gorka

The corporate media lies to our faces every day, about nearly everything. They are controlled by the globalists and know no shame.

The battles are fought on many fronts. Social media is a main theatre of war. The patriots are fighting back and informing anyone who will listen. This replaces the mainstream media because aside from some Fox News patriots, it’s nearly all Trump attacks on network news.

Here’s another doctor who came forward to share the truth about the COVID-19 scamdemic in a discussion with Del Bigtree.


(Editor’s Note: This video removed…)

This is insanity, people. Logical thinking should tell people this is utter nonsense and tyranny.

Nolte: Wisconsin Forces Employees to Wear Masks at Home Alone During Zoom Meetings

We all have our crosses to bear. Both my mother and mother-in-law are in hospital in Canada and we can’t go and visit or help out. It’s frustrating that because of a fake pandemic we can’t travel unless we want to go in quarantine for two weeks in a hotel. Phone calls with medical staff and family and neighbours have to suffice to manage the situation.

Will the current outlook for Humanity get worse before it gets better?

Keep fighting the good fight, folks. We have a rocky road ahead, but Humanity is worth fighting for.

Dave brings us another excellent summary in the X22 Report from yesterday.  ~ BP

We Have More Than We Know, The Objective Is To Avoid Plan “Z” – Episode 2248b

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