Headlines and Updates for August 12, 2020: Silent No More | Massive Uprisings Censored in the Great Awakening [videos] ~ August 12, 2020

The Great Awakening is exploding everywhere. The People are not having the tyranny any longer. Did your corporate media not show you this? Pity. Forget language. Just watch; 11 minutes.

The Silent Majority – The Great Awakening WorldWide 4 (Compilation August 2020)

The news was blacked out but the People of Belarus are not happy with election results from Sunday. They got the same old, same old with Alexander Lukashenko after 26 years and they want him gone. There were allegedly 5,000 protestors beaten and arrested since the election and they shut down the local news sites, Internet, VPNs, etc. to keep it a secret. The opposition, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, reportedly fled the country citing the safety of her children.

Our hearts go out to the People of Belarus.

‘They want to force us to love Lukashenko,’ said one woman, ‘but he’s been in power for 26 years, and we don’t want this anymore’

Terrified Belarusians gather outside prisons to look for family members after thousands arrested

Video Notes: People gather outside the Belarusian Embassy in Moscow for the third day on Wednesday, August 12 in support of protesters who have been injured in clashes across Belarus following Sunday’s presidential vote.

According to the Belarusian Interior Ministry, one protester was killed in clashes between police and the demonstrators in Minsk on August 10. At least 5,000 people have been detained throughout the country since Sunday’s election.

Belarus Central Election Commission (CEC) announced that incumbent Alexander Lukashenko won the vote with more than 80 percent of the ballots.

BREAKING: We are calling on @UNHumanRights @UN_SPExperts to urge the #Belarus government to release info on the internet shutdowns + slowdowns before, during & after the election.

Read the open letter — Special thanks to @HumanConstanta: https://t.co/2NfBkNEg3v#KeepitOn (1/4)

— Access Now (@accessnow) August 10, 2020

Belarus sec forces viciously beat & detained largely peaceful protesters after election outcome on Aug 9 & 10, 2020.

And they blocked access to all independent local sites & many popular outside platforms.@TanyaLokshina was there for @hrw #keepitonhttps://t.co/rytmuICBZl

— Richard Weir (@rich_weir) August 12, 2020

Here in America, the election is less than 80 days away and the stage play unfolds act by act.

You no doubt heard the news. Biden would have told us sooner but he forgot who he picked, according to some amusing Tweets.

Of course we know his handlers told him who it would be—or else. Nothing is left to chance and these puppets do what they’re told.

Biden picks Harris for VP

Before you vote, you should know who the candidates are. None of these bad actors are who they would like the public to believe. They are playing a role dictated by the New World Order clowns.

BREAKING: Wikileaks Posts 137 Documents on Kamala Harris Hours After She Is Named Joe Biden’s Running Mate

Good news for Georgia, where it doesn’t appear Q is a deterrent at all.

QAnon backer Marjorie Taylor Greene wins Georgia GOP runoff

I think this initiative will be very telling. It’s a cool idea for the patriots. Why should the boaters have all the fun?

Easy and fun and what visuals it will generate! Sept 5—mark it on your calendar. Make sure you have a flag to fly.

Come join us Sept 5th for our nationwide #MAGADragTheInterstate. Enjoy time with #MAGA Patriots as U Loop UR city then head 2 UR capital 2 unite the State. 27 states already joining. We R taking the boat flotillas 🛥to the interstate🛣. DM me 4 details. #MAGAUSADragTheInterstate pic.twitter.com/Img4nzz9lr

— GhoSTorM (@GhoSTorM143) August 8, 2020

The censorship is on full display here in America.

The censorship continues. https://t.co/0InZMl9pxW

— Dr. David Samadi, MD (@drdavidsamadi) August 11, 2020

Controlling the information? No longer able to correct the lies spewed by the loonatic left? They can now control whose responses show up. How convenient. Kiss free speech goodbye on Twitter for the major accounts.

Twitter now lets you shut off replies to your Tweet, or specify who can reply https://t.co/CZ8tiDkuH6

— Steve Lookner (@lookner) August 11, 2020

The Twitter gods are also pulling this stunt for Del Bigtree’s video about Fauci. Warning: this link may be unsafe


The link you are trying to access has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially spammy or unsafe, in accordance with Twitter’s URL Policy. This link could fall into any of the below categories:

  • malicious links that could steal personal information or harm electronic devices
  • spammy links that mislead people or disrupt their experience
  • violent or misleading content that could lead to real-world harm
  • certain categories of content that, if posted directly on Twitter, are a violation of the Twitter Rules

Here’s the video that was so dangerous Twitter had to warn me. Silicon Valley needs a big flood, don’t you think?


Where’s Jim?

James Comey has not tweeted in almost 3 weeks….. has he already been read his rights?

— Juanita Broaddrick (@atensnut) August 11, 2020

They got rid of that offensive slogan painted on the road near the White House. Dramatic “before and after” shots in this video.

Construction Crew Paves Over BLM Plaza Mural

Nothing can stop what is coming! #TheGreatAwakening

— Robert Trump (@UncleRobTrump) August 12, 2020

These people are stupid.

Sex Offenders Among Those Being Housed by De Blasio in Upscale NYC Hotels for $2 Million a Night

And in a related vein…

You probably know what the “wine” is. Sort of rhymes with Google Chrome, a close relative.

BREAKING: Sumner Redstone dead @ 97 @MariaBartiromo: “I’ve had many interviews w/him over the years, & he’d always tell me that HE DRANK THIS CERTAIN WINE, & WOULD ENABLE HIM TO STAY ALIVE, FOREVER. He always talked about how he’d stay alive forever because he drank this wine”.👀 pic.twitter.com/O3ZFuqTlR8

— Silence Dogood, MBA (@familyman20181) August 12, 2020

Here’s another video for the awakened or awakening.

Welcome to the #QArmy! What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is… The end won’t be for everyone. Fight! Fight! Fight! #WeAreQ @ThoughtsNotBots @POTUS #QAnon #MAGA pic.twitter.com/TunJFE9Pkg

— ]intheMatrixxx[ (@intheMatrixxx) May 25, 2018

It’s so transparent…

97,000 Children have NOT tested positive for #Covid19 I am so sick of this made up BS!😡 https://t.co/yAUo2EPrz0

— Sungodess (@SDSUgrad1983) August 12, 2020

Simple virus prevention:

https://t.co/zUHaFjEo2z https://t.co/HF0unK2Fby

— Dr. Zev Zelenko (@zev_dr) August 11, 2020

The tension in this movie keeps ratcheting up… like any good movie. Lisa Harrison has credible views on our situation here in the construct and when we might escape, among other thoughts about the insanity we’re witnessing. I agree with her. I don’t believe we’re on a “planet”. It’s an artificial construct they tell us is a globe, a little blue marble in the vast expanse of space.

This was live, so I advanced the video to the point where Lisa comes on, about 13 min into the stream.

Deconstructing the Construct #78

Some might believe talk of assassinations is absurd. It’s not. And they don’t even try to hide it. It’s not “entertainment”. It’s not humour. It’s war.

Coincidence or foreknowledge?https://t.co/dv7M1tl56Khttps://t.co/7fcTYFEgFe

— John F. Kennedy Jr. (@John_F_Kennnedy) August 12, 2020

This is WWIII, between the Global Elite/New World Order/Illuminati… and Humanity. The enemy owns the legacy media.

Here we see Bibi Netanyahu in an address to the world almost two years ago, showing us the warehouse in Beirut that blew up last week.

Trump Warns “This May Be The Last Time You See Me For A While” As Lebanon Admits Beirut Hit By Bomb

The enemy isn’t happy about the fact we’re taking them down. Nothing occurs on a small scale any longer. It’s all bigger—and louder—than life. If WE are awake—everyone has to be awake.

incredible. https://t.co/qbdjwNXRuy

🐾MilSpecOpsMonkey🐾 (@mil_ops) August 11, 2020

And We Know has a new update today on the big events.

8.12.20: Explosive POTUS revelations! T R E E S @ N! Boom.

This is what happens when you fight back against Tyranny! Congratulations! … – https://t.co/HMpaNHzufH

— Mark Taylor (@patton6966) August 10, 2020

Keep fighting, patriots.  ~ BP

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