Headlines and Updates for June 3, 2020: It’s RR Day in Court & The Truth Will Set Us Free [videos] ~ June 3, 2020

Until a week ago, it looked like America was dead in the water. While our counterparts in other countries spent months protesting and defying their tyrannical governments, screaming Trump’s name and creating effigies of him for their parades, in the US—zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Oh, there was the odd gun rally and solid support for Trump rallies by a few patriots but it appeared most of the nation was content to let someone else fight their battles and they didn’t seem inclined to want to know what caused the problems.

They didn’t want to hear how dangerously close they came to losing their country, their freedom, and their lives to psychopaths who believe it’s their right to rule the world.

I think we finally have their attention. The Great Awakening is getting some traction in the good old U.S. of A. as the giant awakens.

Following is the full Hannity Show from June 2 but I don’t know how long it will last. These bootlegged videos usually go away. It’s astonishing footage and fantastic coverage from across the nation. After seeing this kind of thing in so many other countries, it’s hard to believe it’s finally here.

It’s like fiddling with a loose tooth for a week and then it finally comes out and it’s such a relief. It hurts, but it’s a relief. Now the healing can begin and we can move forward.

Some folks feel that rather than honouring George Floyd, the protests are dishonouring his memory. As is so often the case, politics is displacing common sense and mandatory action and there are calls for the mayor of New York City to be removed.

[ FULL ] Sean Hannity 6/2/20 | Hannity Fox News June 2, 2020

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Daughter Arrested in Riots

The new Q drops make it clear; the Patriots got it goin’ on. They told us there would be civil unrest and the lights would go out. If I recall correctly, they said when the lights go out, the patriots are in control. No worries.

We have seen the White Hats use lighting as signals before—like the Paul Revere-era lanterns. Red flood lights on the White House for Red October, Green for Operation Green, and a momentary white rabbit, strobing red lights on top of the Empire State building, and now darkness at the White House.4391

Q Foreshadowed the Antfia Uprising and Military Response back on October 31st, 2017 (Q Proof)

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 2 Jun 2020 – 11:04:16 PM https://twitter.com/QArmyST/status/1268051203256127489
Worth remembering.

As for the lunatic democrat tyrants, one has to wonder if these idjits have a death wish. Why don’t they keep their trap shut? These are the people in charge; the one per cent.

Son of Minnesota’s attorney general: ‘I hereby declare, officially, my support for ANTIFA’

As discussed in the Hannity update above, regardless of the 7 pm curfew in Washington, DC yesterday, there were many protestors and the National Guard was deployed to Layfayette Park near the White House. They did not try to force the People to leave because they were peaceful and causing no trouble.

Majority of Americans Support Use of National Guard, Military to Help Address Riots

It was very sane in many cities and towns all day on Tuesday; just large gatherings of people with placards and chanting; no violence. That changed in some places later in the day, however.

New York was a maelstrom again last night. Mayor De Blasio’s brain is AWOL and he refused to bring in the National Guard. Check it out.

Nero Bill DeBlasio’s New York City 👇🏻 https://t.co/Mgfsg9Gydj

— Dan Bongino (@dbongino) June 3, 2020

Atlanta was getting a little crazy at dusk, too. Some folks say they turned the power out where they are.

My city just turned off power because expected looting tonight.

🇺🇸⭐Digital⭐Soldier⭐🇺🇸 (@shawnt1973) June 2, 2020

VIDEO: Shotgun Toting Shop Owners Fend Off Looters In LA, Cops Start Arresting Shop Owners, Eventually Catch Looters

Simon Parkes weighs in from his perspective on the riots and the media assaults on Trump. He says he miscalculated.

I, on the other hand, stated we need to address the media BEFORE the election. I don’t see how we can have an election under the current circumstances—but there are those saying we won’t be having an election. It’s all over the map.

2020 06 02 Update – Simon Parkes

Number One says the Internet was a challenge for a lot of people yesterday, including both of us; so bad we had to walk away from our computers. It was pointless to try to work with it. It may have been to throttle some information. Today seems okay, but the deep state is in a dither because of the hearings and the information coming out.

Rod Rosenstein, thought to be batting for our team, is on first.

Nice catch! https://t.co/fKiFfn1sz4

— Lisa Mei Crowley 🐸 (@LisaMei62) June 3, 2020

Will RR hit a home run?

These people are pathetic. https://t.co/tn68gWVYIu

— Lisa Mei Crowley 🐸 (@LisaMei62) June 3, 2020

My intel team sent a message last night that the US military were activated. We are guessing to take down Antifa, but we’ll see. The patriots are full of surprises.4388

Military – All Systems Go (11.3 Marker)

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 2 Jun 2020 – 6:44:44 PM EZjPmtJXQAAcau2.jpg

1591110298900.png All systems go.

We also heard that some secret service agents were injured recently; there was concern over car bombs, and that’s when they whisked POTUS off to the “bunker”, which, we understand, is the “situation room”. Fox reported…

Secret Service agents wounded outside White House, car bombs feared; official says Trump was taken to bunker

As Dan Bongino (former secret service in two administrations and a former NYPD officer stated) when something is going down, the Commander-in-Chief doesn’t run and hide in a bunker—particularly not Trump. When danger is a possibility, the SS whisk him off and he has little choice.

The media’s attempt to paint POTUS with the coward brush failed miserably—particularly when the President insisted on walking over to St. John’s church amid all the unrest, which Bongino said was highly symbolic, and as this meme illustrates—a fabulous photo op.

Make no mistake: the torching of the church was symbolic, as well.

Dan said the SS would not have been in favour of that walk but if the President made up his mind, all they could do was follow. We can see it is vitally important for the President and the Earth Alliance to show the People that they are in control and will protect them. So long, Satan.

The CAT Report said Rush Limbaugh put it purrrfectly… and I totally agree.

dracula cross

“But eventually the camera zeroed in, focused in on Trump in front of the church holding up a Bible — and I knew when he held up the Bible, it’s like showing Dracula the cross. If the Drive-By Media is Dracula, a bunch of bloodsuckers, showing the Bible… You talk about triggering somebody? And it did. They were livid!”

BREAKING: US Park Police Find Baseball Bats, Poles Hidden Along Street Near White House — Reports of Pipe Bombs

The People need to know they are safe (physically), cared for (financially), and that the nation and the republic will be protected at all costs. In an election year that is even more important.

When the deep state’s corporate media is attacking like never before, it has to be apparent that President Trump is the man for the job. And it is.

As we heard yesterday, out of state vehicles were being checked coming into Washington and they did find various kinds of weapons in at least one. These attacks are unquestionably planned and they had dire consequences in mind in this end game. Thousands have been arrested so far; keep it up.

Ted Cruz is on fire in this video. Well said.

Ted Cruz: We need ‘systematic’ law enforcement targeting antifa

This is interesting, too.

The @us_navyseals stopped posting Aug. 30, 2018.

They recently started tweeting again 10 days ago.

Seals are wonderful creatures. Heard they work fast at capturing their prey.
Silence is Golden.
Games R FUN!
Q#SilentWar#SeaToShiningSea#SilentWarriors pic.twitter.com/0OH0lAJet4

⭐the⭐COLOR⭐13🖌🎨🇺🇸 (@vincentZwood) June 3, 2020

Symbolic, but also strategic?

***** EYES ON ****
The last several days of ANTIFA attacks against the White House and other targets in Washington DC and this photo of military police standing on the steps of the Lincoln memorial reminded me of something very important. A news article from July 2019.#QAnon pic.twitter.com/lScB0ufM1F

— Q Army STORM-trooper ⭐⭐⭐ 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 (@QArmyST) June 3, 2020

The list of sealed indictments is still growing rapidly.

Steve Lookner went off on his AgendaFreeTV fans yesterday for talking about how George Soros funded the riots and delivered bricks to the cities. Not sure what that was about. He said he saw no evidence of it. I’ve seen plenty, but there is so much demanding our attention it’s impossible to be up on everything that’s happening.

I’m satisfied from many reliable sources that weapons of many kinds have been delivered to protest sites and some of the people there know where to find them. It’s called “staging” when they deliver stashes of “props” to be used in these planned war zones. When you find a cache of potential weapons it’s confirmation the riots were planned. It’s that simple. Ben Swann reports.

Who Is Placing Piles of Bricks at Protests?

LT brings us another panoramic news update from And We Know.

AWK News 6.3.20: The [DS] lamp is being EXTINGUISHED. Their power is fading.

As the COVID hoax rides off into the sunset… a few well-deserved parting blows.

Now take your friggin’ masks off, people. You look like Antifa thugs—and we know what’s going to happen to them.

SORRY AMERICA – Those Catastrophic Mortality Rates Sold to Us by the WHO, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx Were a Huge Scam

This is rich.

Oxford Professor Says Vaccine Trials Failing Because Volunteers Can’t Catch COVID

Will the Brits take this lying down?

Social Distancing? UK Bans Overnight Visits with Anyone Not from Your Household

I like to close with a smile and I couldn’t resist this one. It’s going to be delicious.  ~ BP

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