Transcend the Finite ~ June 2, 2020

Editor’s Note: Balance, balance, balance…as the old morphs into the New. Yes, humanity needs to embrace a new level for existence while letting go of old ideas for how this world exists.

New governments, new financial systems, and new ideas for health care and education will now appear in response to new technologies (long-suppressed, actually) which will begin to appear.

Yet, the human heart. and it’s experience of re-discovering Itself, will be the driver for our future…not the mind, nor the old pocketbook programming. Release your Magnificent heart to feel and BE the Quantum LOVE it actually IS, and then relax into being in…

Quantum Joy!


By Judith Kusel

All is in a tremendous state of flux at the moment, as the whole energy fields are busy morphing us at planetary levels, which includes all life and life forms, into something totally different.

As much as some will try to cling desperately onto the old structures, forms and ways of life, these are disintegrating at the very core. As much as there is a desperate clinging, whatever is clung onto, will just vaporize, disintegrate and be no more.

This is an accelerated motion and process and therefore, you cannot afford to buy into fear and fear mongering, nor buy into whatever is seemingly going on around you.

The Key here is so stay firmly anchored WITHIN, within your heart and soul space, which if infinite, and not allow the finite, to run your life anymore.

Transcend the finite.

Move into infinite space and become AS ONE with the Divine Source. In this way you will gain the higher perspective, the higher ascended view, and step fully into highest mastery.

During my webinar this weekend, I was stressing the fact that we need to become fully Soul Empowered, from deep within ourselves, so that we can navigate the immense shifts and changes. We need to seek that higher Path, that Higher Calling with all that we are, and allow our own ego to totally step out of the way.
The negative ego will always try to pull you down back into the quagmire of the 3D, all its false programming, false belief systems, control and whatever. If this happens, you will have crashes.

When these happen, you need to immediately get back onto your feet and rise again. You cannot afford to wallow there in self-pity nor in self-punishment, nor in shame and blame. These are all 3D symptoms, and you need to now rise above this.

During this time, you will challenged, yes, and you will often feel as if you are being cleaved open the very core, where there is no hiding place anymore. Allow this cleaving, this fragileness. You are like a new born babe. You are now rising into a totally new life, a new beginning, a new earth and a new humanity!
Welcome this opportunity.

Wipe the slates clean of the 3D.

You can now manifest the new into being, right here and right now!
What an opportunity to transcend all, and to allow yourself to be morphed into your higher soul self, and into a much higher degree of life and living, as the Paradise Keys and Codes are being returned to humanity!

What a gift!

Judith Kusel


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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