Headlines and Updates for June 2, 2020: All Eyes on America as She Fights for Her Life and Humanity [videos] ~ June 2, 2020

Q’s latest message to the team:


Roger Ball Has Been Called

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 1 Jun 2020 – 3:52:56 PM Roger ball has been called.
Good and green.

In other words… “it’s on”, folks. Green, green, green! Another military op gets the go.

It’s possible Q may be quiet or not post for a bit if an op is underway.

Read all the Q drops here.

I just wrote an update in this spot that disappeared. I suggest you check in with AgendaFreeTV to stay abreast of the many protests across the nation, including in smaller towns.

Much earlier…  The bridge is sluggish and uncooperative today so this post is perhaps lacking images but I’m out of patience and out of time. Our connection to the site host has been tenuous at best. I keep losing contact and things aren’t displaying properly but we soldier on because we have a war to chronicle—and what a war it is!

The spectacular era that Qmanity now animates is, in my opinion, breathtaking in the degree of horror, but also the beauty. The juxtaposition of savages who hate and want to destroy and kill, amongst those who want to love and embrace each other and bring peace is creating a tangle of activity that many fear to navigate. They just want to stay home and avoid it all. And that’s perfectly fine.

Others, the warriors, are on the streets with cameras, phones, in some cases guns, and watchful eyes, eager to lend a hand, share a tip and prevent a crime or an injury. They are the social justice warriors, gathering intel, passing on a ‘heads up’ now and then. Protecting the weak. Standing up for Americans’ rights. We even saw a “citizens’ arrest” when four or five brave guys tackled an ANTIFA psycho and turned him over to police. Outstanding!

The situation on our planet is complicated, fast-moving, and confusing to many because they don’t understand the big picture. Connecting the dots makes it so much easier because each dot lends perspective to many others.

When the process of liberation takes years, it’s easy to see how many wouldn‘t connect the dots. They were far apart. But now… the dots are fired at us like shot and we’re scrambling to grab them all and put them in place. It’s almost too much to handle.

Phoenix said one year ago based on the messaging we got that there would be civil unrest at this time.

Special PIR WARNING!~ One Year Delta! Civil Unrest!

Some are seeing the military involvement right in their faces and in concert with the lockdowns and now curfews amid the shocking violence, they’re afraid that America is becoming a police state. That is precisely what the cabal would like us to think.

In fact, it’s the opposite. President Trump and AG Barr have point blank told us that the Rule of Law is in full effect.

We’ve addressed this before, but with many new people looking for truth we will share this added perspective.

Five things to know about Trump’s legal power under the Insurrection Act

Yes, we have seen police deployed like automatons, and we’ve also seen them break formation and hug a young black man who was terrified they were going to attack him. Most of their ranks are just one of us; doing a job they chose to do but have been put in deplorable situations where they don’t want to be. A whole lot of empathy and compassion will be required from all of us to get through this safely and Humanely.

I believe the Constitutional Sheriffs and LEOs have been briefed on what to expect and how we want to see it handled. Of course the rogue Governors, mayors, and law enforcement will reject the directives and try to pull off their insurgency but the People will fight back. Police officers put their lives on the line very day. We know that.

UPDATE: Looters Murder Retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn at City Pawnshop – Then Loot the Store (VIDEO)

When all is said and done, when the smoke clears, we want to be proud of how we navigated this historic challenge. Maybe we’re not proud of everything we say or do in every moment, but if we can hold our heads high and know that overall we did our very best to improve the Human condition, that will be enough.

In time we will remember the beauty and forget the ugliness.

Simon Parkes has good contacts and adds his perspective now and then, posting this on his blog:

One After Another…

So it was the Russian collusion.

  • Then impeachment.
  • Then the virus.
  • Now its paid protesters on the streets.

One after another dirty tricks to try and stop the US President. Nevermind the attempts to kill him and his family.

If the satanic forces keep this up then they will find regular army units on the streets.

Perhaps that’s what they want so they can scream ‘it’s the army against the people’!

No, it’s the army against the plotters and bad guys who want an end to the constitutional rights of the American people.

Final Showdown…

The worlds media turn on President Trump joined by the European Union who say that it’s right to censor what the President says.

With the cabal pulling the strings of the institutions of power in many capitols of the world the US President is facing the final showdown….

The war with the established media – This is it.

I initially predicted this to have taken place after November 3rd – But was wrong.

It’s taking place now! The Cabal have launched a counter attack – Perhaps they have lost one to many underground bases, one to many escaped children, who knows… But it’s started.

And now this! These traitors are certifiably insane. BCP explains.


It’s so apparent now how important it was for the Q team to enter the fray. I’ve said it was like boot camp for raw recruits in the patriot army; green as can be and knowing little to nothing about how America devolved to the condition it was in under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s administration—not to mention being fuzzy about their basic rights under the US Constitution.

The real history and heinous acts had been hidden, but when Q began providing context for the frightening state of affairs, it all made sense. Common sense. They got it. It has been a fascinating journey for us all, because most of us didn’t have every piece of the puzzle regardless of knowing who was pulling the strings on our planet. Facts matter.

Honest, hard-working and ailing people across the world resonated with Q’s messages and applied them to their own nation. Enlightenment was spreading fast and the Q Army grew while a network of good people in leadership positions in many countries took their places on the chess board for the final battle against the evil cabal.

I believe we can find solace in the fact that President Trump, the Q team, and the military have stepped in, anticipate nearly every move the cabal makes, and are well prepared to deal with the challenges, deftly and finally.

The devil is going down. His disciples have been traced and tagged. The end game is here, and Humanity is undergoing a transformation. It’s time to pick sides. Light or dark. This is “The Battle for Planet Earth”.

There have been many theatres of war over the decades, and once more the centre stage is America.

armed patriots in Minneapolis guard a tobacco store from looters

Qmanity is rising to the occasion and the People are armed and dangerous to leftist criminals. Guns don’t have to be fired—or even loaded—to have influence. Of course the cabal’s media characterize actions like the armed men above are engaging in as “armed rednecks at George Floyd protest”.

When the despotic democrat government orders the police to stand down and vacate, what are the citizens to do to protect local businesses from violent ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter looters? Is it acceptable to simply stand and watch while they smash windows, steal merchandise and start fires—or worse—injure innocent people—also leading to job loss and insurance nightmares?

Americans are among the few smart enough to reject globalist attempts to take their guns—and the rest of the world can thank them later.

How the global psychopaths thought they would pull off a widespread assault on Americans when they failed to disarm them is beyond me, but it’s not the globalists themselves on the battlefield, is it?

They cower in their castles and scheme in their boardrooms and bunkers—and there aren’t many of those remaining after the raids by the US military forces who stormed their tunnels and DUMBs globally. They are running out of places to hide, and exiting Earth altogether is a strategic blunder as we see their ships shot down and hurtling to earth from time to time.

This is their last ditch effort and they gladly throw their expendable little soldiers into the fray to do their dirty work. They let them deal with it. If they are arrested or killed, it’s no skin off their nose.

Leftists Panic After Seeing ‘White Men With LARGE GUNS’ Defending Their Own Neighborhoods

We’ve seen pallets of bricks dropped off in the street made to look like a road construction site, carts of stones strategically placed for mercenaries to hurl, flats of water bottles filled with gasoline to torch buildings and cars… all well planned—yet insufficient to take down America.

Illinois Man Charged After Allegedly Distributing Explosives at Minneapolis Protest

The White Hats/Earth Alliance allowed the New World Order to believe at the eleventh hour they would be successful in destroying America. As a result, the tyrants miscalculated, were caught unprepared for what was to unfold and have been scrambling ever since.

Dave’s update from yesterday is a must watch. He nails it while providing exceptional video footage from the trenches.

The Patriots Laid The Trap, [DS] Took The Bait, Unity Is Growing – Episode 2188b

While most police are probably going to support civilians, we have already seen a few bad actors dressed up as police or National Guard so we need to be on our toes all the time. Be observant and cautious of renegades. Don’t let your guard down; trust no one until you evaluate each situation carefully.

From the Washington riots, this interesting Twitter update tells us…

Mandarin is heard during #WhiteHouseProtests. They said” Go! Go! leave quickly” in #Chinese. Is #CCP trying to take a peaceful protest into a riot? And the CCP always does this in #HK #Tibet and #EastTurkistan. #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd #riots2020 #AbdYanıyor #protests pic.twitter.com/fO2Et1DK8a

UNN.TV (@UNNTV1) June 1, 2020

We cannot allow the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to infiltrate further or take over. They are subhuman. They are part of the virus to be eradicated.

Why would anyone live in China? The video below is shocking, and shows us the fate that would have befallen America had Hillary Clinton been successful in rigging the election in 2016. That was very close, my friends. It really took it down to the wire.

Famous #Chinese news anchor is talking about #GeorgeFloydMurder. They never talk about #Chinese police brutality. This is a video compilation of China police beating and killing its ppl. Why she is holding double standards? #BlackLivesMatter #riots2020 #COVID19 #JusticeForUwa pic.twitter.com/gWrwCV69Ka

UNN.TV (@UNNTV1) May 31, 2020

President Trump is a very busy man. For someone less brilliant, less gifted in military strategy, and less driven to succeed at all costs, the battle would long ago have been lost. In addition to securing America’s borders, economy, and viral threats, he has his diplomatic duties to keep the communists at bay.

Beijing Exploiting Floyd Protests to Stoke Tensions, Undermine US, Experts Say

The media won’t let us forget it’s an election year and they relentlessly attack the brightest lights on the planet.

Dan Bongino tells us what’s going on from his perspective as a former secret service agent and citizen. He points out that President Trump’s actions yesterday were in part symbolic. Showing the People that he is doing whatever is necessary to protect them and the nation is of massive importance.

He also clarifies who has been out in the streets this past week during the anarchy.  You can download the audio here.

Ep. 1264 Trump Takes Back the Street

Meanwhile, up in the north forty… Kip Simpson tells us about the latest crisis under the Trudeau government. Unbelievable stuff here.


Here we go again, and I say that because we’ve talked about it so many times—because it’s a fascinating topic and would be a total game changer. It might be “the Trump card”.

JFK Jr. Faked His Own Death With the Help Of ‘Master Chess Player’ Donald Trump—And He’s Planning His Return Apparently

It’s a decent article. Thanks, L. (Except it’s Carolyn Bessette, not Basset.) We’ve covered many clues in the past and there is more than enough evidence to suggest this is true, including confirmation from at least one of our best sources with military intelligence. It’s easy to put on a disguise, particularly when you’ve been doing it for a long time.

Personally, I believe that very scenario will unfold. We won’t know if it’s true, however, until it does or doesn’t happen. Many believe JFK Jr. will be POTUS #46, with Don Jr. as his wing man. The truth is out there; waaaay out there.

There was talk of a revelation event at Mount Rushmore on July 4th last year but as we know, QAnon often tells us what will happen one and two years in advance. The park was closed last year for renovations or something.

Last time I checked, however, July 4th will soon roll around again… and there’s a key election coming… need I say more? Just take it under advisement. Timing is everything.

We believe the Mike Pence we now see is a double/clone because the real one was arrested for treason. We’re just waiting to see how the White Hats will script the current actor’s exit. I don’t believe the truth will be public; I suspect it will be done amicably so as not to upset the public who don’t know Pence was labeled a baby killer and implicated in a plot to assassinate Donald Trump.

That’s the story, at least. To tell the gory details at the time when John Jr. is re-introduced would cast a pall over a marvelously joyous event when the world learns that John-John is alive and well and ready to serve under Donald Trump in his second term, and we don’t want to spoil it. It would be too divisive. Not all the bad news will be told up front. It will trickle down over time as the people’s ability to assimilate it grows.

We understand the Earth Alliance has prepared 80 hours of video footage to loop on the mainstream media for several days to tell the big story about what has happened on our planet; the war for planet Earth.

The truth must be told, but it must be strategically done, and sensitively done. If they say too much, too fast, the naive will simply shut down and won’t be open to hearing it. They will live in denial—and there will be some of that going on regardless. We’ll have to help them through it. There may be truths some of us seasoned truthers are resistant to accepting, as well.

If a US Vice President is removed for treason, that leaves a vacancy and I hear that isn’t acceptable. Some say Junior has already been sworn in and actively performing duties. When a nation is at war and emergency powers are enacted, extraordinary measures can be taken. The Plan is all-encompassing—and brilliant—so don’t be surprised.

Many people are on board. Just sayin’.

JFK Jr. will be our 46th President and he will do an awesome job. https://t.co/A8qrM7jkmy

— Robert Skaggs for Truth,Lightworker,Freedom & Tay (@robertskaggs13) May 24, 2020

Before that happens, however, we have an enemy to vanquish. Threats have appeared in social media and is reported on this police web site.

Antifa warns: “F-the City. Tonight we move into the residential areas” before Twitter account shut down

It’s time to play hard ball, folks. These creatures are not like us. They are fighting for their very survival and care not whom they harm. We’re talking demons.

This police chief says Minneapolis is the poster child for how we don’t want our cities to function.

The chief of the Richmond, Virginia, police department told reporters Sunday that Black Lives Matter and antifa rioters set fire to a multi-family home with children inside and then blocked access for firefighters to get through to save the children. For the record, police on the scene were able to save the children.

PURE EVIL: Police Chief Breaks Down After Describing How Richmond Leftist Rioters Torched Home with Children inside Then Blocked Fire Department (VIDEO)

That kind of behaviour is the justification and mandate for troops in the streets. And what else could take place while civilians are safe in their homes? Arrests. Yes, the elusive mass arrests. Perhaps that is what is about to happen.

The deep state set up the chess board. Now they have to play it out—and they’re losing. I smell a TKO, but there are many tears yet to come to wash the world clean of the swamp that nearly drowned our civilization. Tears of horror, fear, anguish and sorrow, but also joy and relief.

Human emotions are the envy of other species. Not all sentient beings “feel” the way we do. They don’t emote the way we do. They don’t experience the exhilarating highs or the excruciating lows.

We are seeing that Humans don’t want to hate. They don’t want to fear. They want to live in peace and love and joy, and they are willing to walk in another’s shoes and feel what they’re feeling. That defuses the situation. Love dissolves all negative emotions, and love is who we are. We have been trained otherwise, but we are remembering. The programming is falling away.

America is roiling in the crucible of transformation. The People are rising. It’s happening all over the planet. Humanity is rising. The world is watching, and rising with us and life will never be the same hereafter.

We are moulting our old, confining beliefs and misconceptions about what it means to be Human and emerging like the cicada from years of sleeping under a hypnotic spell. We are becoming; and we have a choice as to where that goes. It’s very exciting, and along the way we get to earn our wings.

Enjoy the experience as much as possible, my friends.  The joy, the pain; it’s why we’re here.  ~ BP

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