Freedom Codes – 9th Dimensional Frequencies ~ April 21, 2020

Editor’s Note: Yes, yes, yes! The time is NOW to understand that life is not/will not ever be the same again as spiritually designed changes continue to take place on our world, Earth, as it transtions to a new dimension.

What is a new dimension? A new dimension is a new way of thought, of BEing, of internal conscious thought and internal attitude which needs to be altered NOW in every member of humanity.

Please read this message, be curious for the “why” of things happening NOW, and be led to altering your consciousness allowing you to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


The energies now are sky high with the Schumann Resonance hitting all time highs and this is going to continue as we are now moving into the 5D at accelerated pace.

With it the 9th Dimensional frequencies are pouring with with the 7th.

This is incredible!

It literally means that we are being spun out of the 3D and into the 5th and even higher!

Those who cling to the 3D just will not make it anymore – the 3D is being spun out of the equation for we now need to move into the 5D and higher, by Divine decree.
A lot of souls will not wish to wake up – they have free will and choice. Allow them this.
With it we now need to be extra vigilant with our own energy fields and we need to keep pace with the accelerated ascension.

There are no options anymore.

We cannot afford to lag behind.

The accelerated pace is going to gain momentum in the next few weeks and months as this needs to lift us up into the frequency band of the Harmonic conversion in 2021, which open the portals of the floodgates of heavens to open up, literally lifting us into the 5D and now 7D, the Frequency of the New Golden Age.

It is therefore essential to keep your whole systems and energies free of fear and anxieties and stress.

Trust that you will be taken care of.

Trust that you will have more than enough.

Trust that you are being carried through.

Do the inner releasing work. Work through the old karmic stuff and the ancestral and collective baggage.

Allow all which no longer serves your highest soul growth and good and disintegrate. Leave the old baggage and stuff behind. You do not need that in the new life now emerging!

This is an immense shift and we need to keep up with the pace!

What a time to be alive and well and on planet earth!

It is all happening!

So much joy!

Judith Kusel

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