Judith Kusel ~ April 7, 2020

The Pure White Flame of Purity is now sweeping the earth.

It is the highest of all the cosmic Master Rays, as it incorporates all the other rays and fires/flames and thus this is purification to the highest degrees.

It is burning away all which is impure, which is not of the purest light, and it is burning away all which still blocks, hinders and keeps humanity from ascending into the higher dimensional state.

This state of stillness, the state of quietude, is a huge blessing for humankind, for it is forcing all WITHIN.

So many believed that Christ would return to planet earth with huge cosmic gathering – when in truth the the highest Christed Conscious has returned. The Christed Consciousness is WITHIN.

It embraces the deepest and purest connection to the Divine Source, the Divine Father and Divine Mother as held in perfect balance within the Sacred Divine Fire, the Godhead itself. It embraces the highest purity.

Note in the next few years you will go through intense purification on all levels. You will find that the deepest remembrance comes to the fore, of that which you never dealt with before, and now need to face. It serves you immensely, to get back to the deepest core truth within yourself, and your own soul and its Divine Connection.

We are being prepared for the greatest dimensional shifts which will now accelerate the ascension process to the highest degrees – thus the the Fires of Purification, work with the Pure White Ray – which is pure crystalline fire.

If you hold a crystal clear glass to the light, if will immediately show up all the impurities!

The same applies when the pure White Fire illumines someone – all impurities and all which hindering and blocking still, will show up and needs will be cleansed, purified and sanctified.

We are entering the most sacred epoch ever witnessed on planetary levels. The Purification to the highest degrees.

It will break open and cleave open to the highest degrees. It will show up what needs to be healed, what needs to be dealt with – there is no hiding place.

I have been working with the White Flame for years now, and it is the most powerful flame there is. It not only purifies to the deepest core, but it demands purity. Purity of intent, purity of service and it will call you on the path of purity relentlessly, and purify to the highest degrees.

We cannot ascend into the highest degrees of the 5th dimensional state without going through this purification process, for the highest Godforce Light, is of such blinding white light, that it literally is the highest and purest light there is!

Welcome the White Flame.

Allow its Purifying Fires to sweep through humanity and all the earth and into the deepest core.

Once you start realizing the immense sacredness and blessing of the White Fire, you will have tears of gratitude running down you cheeks, as it brings liberation to the highest and most sacredly holy degrees!

I have spoken!


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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