Two April Fools’ Decodes and the Battle Against the Fools with Gene & Juan O Savin (Time Sensitive) [videos] ~ March 31, 2020

It’s a wonder I got any sleep last night as I happened to find and listen to these two “decodes” which further explain the hidden world most have no idea exists. From these videos we virtually have a spotlight turned on the enemy, chasing the shadows and giving us a clear view of the creatures as they scatter like cockroaches.

I suggest you watch ASAP as YouTube deleted Utsava’s channel yesterday after she put out two new updates I’ve heard were really good. There are a ton of channels there with the same name. Unbelievable.

These two men share fascinating information and illustrate that Trump and his team, the Q team, and the positive forces have the “fools” on the run while they undo their sorcery and slay their demons.

First, Juan tells us about April Fools Day and the numerology used against the freakazoids. This also sheds light on the “10 days of darkness” I’ve not heard anyone else discuss in this way.

Also, there’s a short piece with notes from David Wilcock’s recent update about the “10 days of darkness” that correlate with this. You can read it here. Thanks, L.

Jennifer Mac provides the transcript/notes for this call on the screen as Juan is speaking so you don’t miss anything.

April Fools??? Numbers revisited by Juan O Savin

Then, Gene unloads a lot of inside info for Linda Paris/Deplorable McAllister. Riveting stuff, with Part 2 coming today.

While Gene is speaking, Linda  has a montage of images which are the same ones I found when I began the blog eight years ago, of “leaked images from NASA”, the video said. The one I posted disappeared long ago and I couldn’t find a mirrored one, but the images here are identical. You will recognize some of them.

I’ll publish Part 2 later after Linda uploads. Gene gives us many topics we can research on our own.

As a neighbour hollered out the car window yesterday on our walk, “Beautiful day! Stay strong!”  = “don’t let anybody bring you down”.

We’re watching the battle to end all battles, and the stakes are high.  ~ BP

DECODE with GENE: Hollywood Decode! Notre Dame Decode! Necromancing! Vrill Lizards and More

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