this global moment is no longer a puppet show ~ March 31, 2020

this global moment is no longer a puppet show



This global moment asks you to harness your energy and make a stand. You have what you need to do this.

It isn’t necessary to stand on a pedestal, in front of a podium, online or in the street. Make this stand from wherever you are. It could be in your bathroom, in front of your mirror.

There are things that you are sure of. These things are yours. In your deepest self rests the determination that brought you to this life at this time. This you know without words or awards or applause or even acknowledgement. This you feel. Trust this truth.

What is before you today is not the end of this challenge or even the worst that you will face. It is not to promote fear that this is said, it is to remind you. Your power is as yet untapped.

This power you hold has not diminished. Your power hides beneath years of control, programming, illness, confusion, debt of every kind, discouragement and fear. All of this can end now. It can end because you deem it so. Imagine. Believe. Intend.

You have been told that you cannot command such power; the power of creation. You have been ridiculed, ignored as trivial even. It is time to throw away your tin foil hat and stand tall.

Show your brilliance, for every time you light the way, the darkness is eradicated.

The aliens are not coming to save us. We are here to save ourselves. They are planning to show up to help, but this first step? It is not theirs to take. It is ours.

This is no longer a puppet show. The puppet masters are gone. Those left behind? Those attempting now to pull our strings? They are not equipped or organized enough to create collective movement and effect. They stumble and they fall. Leave them lie.

Focus instead on what it is you want to see. See it. Imagine it. Feel it. Live it. Then, and this is where faith enters the picture, work to make it so.

There are rights you hold just because you are human that need protection today. They need protection as governments move towards more extreme levels of control due to this pandemic. Pay attention to what is happening there.

Rights to your freedom, your speech, a home, your body’s care, your ability to barter/purchase/invest/earn/hold any sort of value, your choice in love and all things personal. These are part of the human condition, and are potentially threatened now.

The right to dictate these things is yours. Pay attention to new laws/bills and to last-minute negotiations as these laws are passed. Demand transparency.

Sovereignty is not a luxury. It is a fact. Those who down-play this fact, citing safety as explanation, need to be pressed. We cannot rest on our quarantined behinds and hope that these suggestions for military intervention are done with the purest of intentions. This is what got us to this place initially. Slaves act like this. You are not slaves any longer.

Primarily, and the reason for this posting, is a reminder to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Our society has been programmed to trust those with money, power and beautiful faces. The pretty ones. The coordinated ones. The dynamic speakers. The wealthy ones. The loudest ones. The ones with the coolest technology.

This effort at dominance has had a long time to cook here on earth. You’ve grown up distrusting your gut feeling. Instead, you followed the sparkly ones who told you the best way to dress or to impress or to be or to love or to pray. You were told that the answers were found outside of yourselves; in whatever they were peddling.

You believed the beautiful and obeyed the rich and powerful because of intentional programming. The belief in your heart and gut was systematically dismantled by a sophisticated design of control. It is a plan. The Georgia Guidestones are only one place where it is written.

These things are true. This is your actual history. Do not discount your gut reaction now, to anyone you see or hear or read, this post included. It is your gut and heart’s response to this situation that will save the day.

You do not need more than you have already. Every thought and prayer and song and email and smile and post you offer becomes exponential now in effect. Current energies are in your favor. Use them. Do NOT immediately trust anyone who brings up any amount of doubt inside your heart. Research and learn what you are not sure of. Your suspicion could rise due to either prior programming or deceit.
You’ll discover which it is, with practice. Then follow your heart.

Speak up. Be. Shine your light and yes, there are shadows around a few corners on our future path, but they are no match for your brilliance. Do not stoop to the methods that are routinely used here on planet earth. Those of ridicule and insult and disregard and cruelty. It is your light that is needed to see this through. You are well equipped for this.

In these coming days we will show what we are made of, and why, as brilliant as it may have been when it was conjured, this plan that took millennia for them to complete, will fail. This outcome is assured.

We are the ones.
We have anchored the light.

With love and appreciation for all that you are,

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About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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2 Responses to this global moment is no longer a puppet show ~ March 31, 2020

  1. We are here with the Light within and we ain´t leaving until the job is done!


  2. cindyloucbp says:

    Absolutely! We here on Earth at this time ARE the strong of the strong! Thank you for holding the Light as you are BEing the Love!

    Much Love….


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