In This THE GAME Of Life ~ February 16, 2020

Editor’ Note: I get it! I get it! That final step into mastery of your own life! Knowing and feeling with unrelenting focus changes everything in your world. Understanding with your heart how YOU, yourself are actually the cause of all you experience in this life which causes new doors and experiences to open wide!

How exciting when consciousness matures into the full realization of self, allowing one to exist and continually BE…



L’Aura Pleiadian 

Changes take place when no matter what people say or do or what situations arise, your thoughts and feelings are not impacted.

Your sturdiness in this way of being not attached to outcome and the whirlwind thoughts that dictate your current experience resign in their importance and take the backseat to your heart. THEN changes takes place.

At THAT level there becomes the awareness of not questioning the why, where, when and what of THINGS.

As the predominant AWARENESS IS THAT OF letting go of outcomes and existing AS THE CAUSE ~ CONSCIOUSLY of your reality EXPERIENCE.

This is taking RESPONSIBILITY for your own experience.

The external is the dream world of reality as if a VIRTUAL reality and all the situations are players in this virtual experience.

They shift as your awareness shifts.

Your perceptions COMPLETELY change as you exist within this SCOPE OF MASTERY BEING.

In order to win and master this the so called game of virtual life, you must become the master of YOU through awareness.

The FOCUS of this then becomes the paramount LAUNCHING pad for your next CONSCIOUS timeline shift/parallel world experience as you have then entered a new level in the game of life.

YOUR heart plays the predominant role in the GUIDER of this which allows the thought patterns to resolve their chaotic patterns of launching schemes and plans to battle the external. WHICH are all futile in the game of life as once one battle is complete the next new one begins disguised as new players.

The key to this mastery takes great FOCUS and attention beyond the intention.

Similar to deciding to make changes to the form, yet sitting around and doing nothing. The WILL MUST BE consciously included in this game with the awareness of developed FOCUS as this becomes a piercing through the veils INTO FORM and levels that penetrate matter and awareness so deeply it CHANGES THE GAME.

THAT IS THE true game changer in all of this THE CAUSE imparted to you now.

Wake up from the sleep of non applied awareness.

Dare to be conscious of HOW you are playing.

BE the one conscious of HOW it is you ARE Being in all moments.

When you have mastered this, changes take place through you and all around you, because it is YOU. You are the one holding that remote even if UNAWARE.

Wake up all you that sleep deeply and the moment has arrived for your maturing into taking that responsibility once and for all.

Wake up and take notice of NOW ~ How you ARE BEING.

IN love this is activated NOW. Deeply and the game continues throughout all dimensions. Maybe you will see me in your next parallel world.

Experiences and life may SHIFT dramatically now as the game has upped the anti of frequency.  The magicians and the MASTERS now are revealed.


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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