News Burst 26 January 2020 ~ January 26, 2020

Editor’s Note: Discernment alert for China coronavirus news. New type of T-cell discovered for cancer treatment “not seen before”…really? Bet you the 1% have had this for years…Please read, know that change is coming, and BE…



News Burst 26 January 2020

  • According to latest reports coming out of China, the highly contagious disease has so far killed 41 people and infected around 1,300 others — but experts believe China is hiding the true figures–predicting the true number of those infected to be in the many thousands.
  • Researchers at Cardiff University that were in the midst of analyzing blood from a bank accidentally stumbled into an “entirely new type of T-cell”. The new cell carries a “never before seen” type of receptor that acts like a grappling hook, latching on to most human cancers.
  • About 85,000 historic and artistic items that tell the story of the Chinese migration to the United States are feared lost in a fire that struck a building in the heart of Manhattan’s Chinatown, a museum official said.
  • Former Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko has shown up at the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) for the first time in the last four months. He answered the investigators’ questions for almost four hours.
  • Trump’s lawyers began their opening arguments Saturday by slamming Democrats for having “no evidence” to support their argument that Trump’s conduct with Ukraine warrants impeachment and removal. The Dems say they are covering-up instead.
  • Deputy White House Counsel Mike Purpura opened defense of President Trump with video of Adam Schiff’s fake call and transcript he read during the House impeachment proceedings. Schiff completely fabricated transcript of Trump’s phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during his opening statement in the House hearings.
  • On 24 January, a strong 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit Turkey’s east leaving 22 people dead and about 1,030 injured, the state-run Anadolu news agency reported on Saturday, citing the national disaster agency.
  • Health authorities in Nepal on Jan 24 confirmed that a student who returned from Wuhan, China tested positive for the new coronavirus, becoming the first South Asian country to report the deadly disease.
  • Find the Missing Word: Bill Gates “………” a super-virus pandemic breaking out in China that could kill 33 million people around the world in the first six months.
  • Authorities in Dallas, Texas, detained three Syrian nationals, identified al-Qaeda members, that managed to gain entry in the U.S. from Columbia by using falsified passports.
  • Internet services will be partly restored in Indian-controlled Kashmir from Saturday, ending a five-and-a half-month government-imposed blackout in the troubled region, though social media will stay offline, local authorities said.
  • Emulating the response to the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak in 2003, when it built Xiaotangshan Hospital in seven days to care for SARS patients, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, Wuhan is now building a new 1,000-bed hospital to treat patients with the new coronavirus. It is expected to be completed in six days, according to Wuhan authorities. Construction has already begun in the city’s western suburb. Hundreds of machines work at the same time.

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