12:12 Gateway: Revelations and Completions ~ December 12, 2109

Editor’s Note: (Thanks E!) I get it, I get it…how personal growth includes periods of internal discomfort as “issues” arise calling for change. Our lives are not meant to be of a sedentary nature, particularly into our NOW as we ALL grow (willingly or not) into new versions of ourselves.

Often, these changes may solely internal, or they include relationships with others which can be tough to resolve. The crux of the matter is spiritual change which is always moving FORWARD. We need to understand at the 3D level, internal change is not undertaken without “pain” being used as a driver, thus…”No pain, No gain” and often it tough to remember the glorious benefits stemming from that internal pain.

My advise? Spend time alone and identify your “root” source of discomfort, make a CHANGE to eliminate this discomfort in some form or fashion, make this a “lifestyle” permanent decision, or your pain will return bigger and badder than ever. Then after change has been made in your life, relax…breathe calmly and deeply, and find yourself to BE…



As Raphael and I were on a wonderful hike in the woods yesterday, we digested together about how a year ago were going through a brief, yet painful separation from each other. It was the first time in over ten years that we purposely needed to spend time apart to feel into what we wanted in the relationship and in our lives. It was a shock to be going through that crucible as we had just moved into our spacious house here in Victoria and into what we felt strongly was our higher timeline. There was much to be happy about, yet the truth of undigested and trailing edge energies between us from this life and mostly from our soul bonds/binds in other lifetimes needed to be felt. The higher frequencies of New Lemuria here in Victoria supported the flushing up of these energies.

We eventually reconciled until another separation period was necessary in March of this year. This one lasted for a painful and intense six weeks in which we even felt into moving apart from each other permanently. We thankfully came back together from these separations with renewed desire and commitment to be in the union. We fell in love again with each other in an arising way and with parts of ourselves too as the inner sacred union through parts work became a very important lifeline.

Yet, also, we came together with more clarity about what we needed from each other going forward to best serve our personal growth and SoulFullHeart too. As Raphael has been sharing lately in his videos, the growth edge of moving into co-leadership is something that we are in ongoing process with together, especially as we heal and feel into other lifetimes and karmic dynamics in our leadership expressions (which most people never get into or become conscious of at all.)

I am feeling how the energies since the 11/11 portal and through the 12:12 gateway coming up is one of supporting completions to open UP new beginnings, especially as we move into the New Earth Energies of 2020.  Energies of completion CAN be challenging to be with as they can feel so much like everything just isn’t working anymore, falling apart, or crumbling. Which, if it has been anchored to something that is no longer serving you, they ARE collapsing in order to make room for the new. The completions can be big (such as with a relationship completion, career and geography shifts, etc.) yet, also, they can be more subtle as we also let go of habits, limiting beliefs, previous knee-jerk reactions, suffering patterns, and more. The codes available for 12:12 (also supported by a full moon) assist with revelations/clarities and then the letting go in order to prepare for NEW beginnings in a NEW year. It can be more difficult to let these codes in if there is a resistance inside from parts of you to surrendering to the death/rebirth process and blocks to trusting the overall outcome of it. Your Inner Protector may want to keep you in a safety and comfort zone, even if you are consciously unhappy or frustrated, rather than take a risk into the unknown. I feel that loss can be our greatest teacher. It wakes us up from our routines and our habits. It forces us to go within and reconcile with ourselves. The grief and mourning connect us with a deeper appreciation and gratitude for what we are letting of and completing.

This 12/12 gateway is also connected to Christ/Sacred Masculine and Magdalene/Sacred Feminine consciousness. Yeshua and Magdalene can provide an infusion of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies now to support the going in deeper or the leaving or completing. They provide a template of sacred union that activates our inner feminine and masculine. This inner union helps to heal inner polarities and fear dynamics that can keep us stuck and not able to let go.

The 12/12 gateway offers another opportunity to move into our bigness in ALL forms of unions and especially those from within us….from one part of us to another!

» Source » Jelelle Awen

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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2 Responses to 12:12 Gateway: Revelations and Completions ~ December 12, 2109

  1. Ed says:

    Thank You C LOVE…

    And perhaps you may notice your unique position in which to share explore relate your present evolution…IN LOVE

    Is Leading

    Quantum LOVE


    • cindyloucbp says:

      I FEEL I am to leave the lab world, yet have no clue regarding what’s “next” for me. I imagine all will be made known as “time” evolves. How can I BE “more” as I evolve? Write? Create art (I paint abstracts.), spiritual consultation, kind of clueless right. I’ve asked for spiritual guidance on this one! 🙂 How can I relay the wonderful, loving guidance you ARE?

      ALL NOW


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