Portal 12/12 Reincarnation 2020 – SaLuSa ~ December 11, 2019

Editor’s Note: Nice, nice article here from Salusa giving us the lowdown on how the “energies” will affect us on 12:12, a preparation for the action, the feeling, the reality of receiving energies of this intensity. And…he reminds us this is all happening as we wished for this to happen, none of this happening is unplanned, or by surprise.

So…rest well tonight, relax tomorrow with an open mind and heart, allow yourself to receive, and BE…



Portal 12/12 Reincarnation 2020. Bi Neva – Gabriel RL.

You are once again approaching an important marker as we, in observation, see the exponential increase of energies reaching Mother Earth.

These accelerate all the processes that will enable you to take the leaps you need and focus on what really matters now to you as you are about to enter a “key” year for the great multidimensional connections.


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It is important to know that, for many, these incoming energies may make them a little uncomfortable in some respects, as they do tend to pull the veils that were somehow covering up situations that needed your close attention. These energies arrive like a hurricane “pulling the curtains”

12/12 Portal

12/12 is an extremely important Portal that unleashes deep revolutions, and it’s for that was planned.

In fact, this is what, as always, you have programmed.

This is an important point when various timelines, especially those that concern you most as individualities, will merge.

In this merger there will be a “squeeze” pushing away what no longer meets your needs and making it clear what really matters from now on.

Portal 12/12 Reincarnation 2020


Portal 12/12 Reincarnation 2020

And these are not our guidelines, but yours. Do not forget the time capsules you have planted.

For many of you, it will be like skydiving, gradually dropping the bugs so that the flight becomes lighter and you can enjoy the wind currents more.

Portal 12/12 Reincarnation 2020 - Brotherhood and Love

Brotherhood and Love

Portal 12/12 Reincarnation 2020

As the lines merge into a “taper and squeeze,” you may come across unusual situations. Finding old friends who were no longer in your matrix, problems that had apparently been solved (when in fact they were just buried in oblivion), etc.

We have softly warned in our last messages that a peak of this would happen.

This peak is now, when the cards will definitely be placed on the table and you will have to see the tapering of the lines right in front of you, no longer having parallel roads to jump from one to the other as the lower self tried to gain time to continue, somehow, to experience the old.

Now the bottleneck is leading you to a single road where the options are three: go back, stop where you are or go.

Here we recall a passage from one of your films:

– Alice asked, “Cheshire Cat… can you tell me which way I should go?”

– “That depends a lot on where you want to go,” said the Cat.

– I don’t know where to go! Said Alice.

– “If you don’t know where, going either way is fine.” (Alice in Wonderland)

And here we ask: do you know where you want to go?

12/12 will start to show clearly and one way or another you’ll know what to do.

One important point here: Do you want to go back, stop or go?

Many are still tangled in the intense emotions being unleashed and the marker will help them “put your ideas in place”.

Remember that no matter what you choose, you will be supported and loved without measure.

What this marker brings is the brightest opportunity for you to have a chance to decide more for yourself. For a long time, you were like Alice. Now the power of decision is in your hands.

Enjoy these times of fellowship on much of your planet, as the energies of Brotherhood and Love are on the rise.

You also need to take some more time with yourselves, enjoying yourself and trying to understand so much that has been within you for so long without proper attention.

As the veil rises you must face the fact that yes, you are the creators of your reality you began to create before incarnating in the physical environment of the earth.

The question is how open you are to being in tune with your most conscious self that has the most sublimated guidelines and, in that sense, bring these guidelines to the most physical plane.

Do not forget, beloved ones: your ability to create is linked to how much you are aware and in love. The more awareness and love, greater is the potential.

In the physical you are an extension of your Self and the more or less entangled in the experiences of the physical dimension, the greater or less this direct influence of the self will be.

Portal 12/12 Reincarnation 2020 - Breaking the Veil

Breaking the Veil

Portal 12/12 Reincarnation 2020

In other words: more connection or less connection to the message of the Original Protocol.

You have heard that you are the Federation itself on Earth, and are there to anchor your Self and that it will merge with the collective consciousness of humanity on this planet, greatly accelerating the Ascension process of Mother Earth.

So when we say your responsibility is great, it is not to put heavy burdens on your back, but to let you feel and know how important you are.

And all the phases of your many lives, challenges and painful experiences were movements to reach that point and your Self could be more heard and anchored.

The more you anchor, the more others around you do the same. So you are not only responsible for yourself; You are responsible for a whole.

Obviously in your individualities you have your most particular commitments and responsibilities that concern only you as persons, human or otherwise. But as you expand in consciousness, you will see that everything goes beyond, far beyond yourself, and a “sneeze” affects the entire galaxy.

Brace yourselves for an energetic 2020 that will be connecting you further with your multidimensional capabilities.

That 12/12 marker will also be preparing you for that and for when many veils will be removed.

Open to new multidimensional relationships, when many of your Galactic Family will be closer, inviting you in your dreams to board the great ships.

You will feel more connected with the presences around you and, of course, with yourselves as well.

You will be able to hear phrases that are clear answers to your questions raised throughout the day and feel the intense pure emotions of these higher realms.

Ashtar and the entire Federation will be with everyone on this journey to brighter environments.

You heard that 2019 would be a year when many would leave the Physical Plan (See Ashtar Recycling), now I know that by 2020 many will come in.

Recycling March 2019

AshtarPart 1 of 4

It will be the year when there will be an immense amount of missionary souls incarnating to assume important positions in the coming years.

This will also be a year of scheduled Walk-ins reentries. It will really be a year of great multidimensional connections and reconnections.

Many large fleet commanders will also be incarnating en masse on the planet throughout South America, Europe, Central America and Africa in particular.

Dear ones, there is more information coming. There are more energies and opportunities for you to conduct yourself on the basis of your higher selves.

Always know of our presence near you and that there is nothing that can break this bond no matter how conscious you are while in the lower dimensions.

There will always be the spark that connects us to signal the way home, the way to the HOME.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and, instructed by the Galactic Commands, I bring you this message in deep thanks for the timeliness and honor of this communication.

I reiterate the importance of these moments of inner connection so that you can hear your self more clearly and know where you really want to go.

On behalf of all those who make up the Galactic Federation fleets, I leave our sincere wishes for deep reconnection with yourselves.

Be in Peace, Be in the Light!


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