News Burst 11 November 2019 ~ November 11, 2019

Editor’s Note: My, my…this distilled report for tidbits of news just keeps getting longer and longer. This is a direct reflection of chaos all over our world leading to spiritual resolution with a better life for all. Please read, investigate items of interest, and BE…



News Burst 11 November 2019

  • Monthly Asteroid: A fast-approaching mammoth asteroid is set to skim past Earth in less than two weeks. The 2006 SF6 is expected to come closest to Earth on Wednesday, 20 November, at 4.35 million kilometres. It will fly by at a startling speed of 27,000 km/h, or around 22 times the speed of sound. Any asteroid or comet that orbits within 50 million kilometres of Earth is described as a near-Earth object (NEO).
  • ‘Whaledimir,’ the beluga whale that made headlines in Norwegian media this spring amid speculation that he may be a super-secret ‘spy whale’ for the Russian Navy, appears to have made it into the news again. Footage of a beluga whale playing rugby with a group of South African sailors near the Arctic Circle went viral this week.
  • The orbital pattern of Mercury is set to bring it between Earth and the Sun on Monday, with millions of people potentially being able to watch the transit as it unfolds. This will be the last time until 2032. Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system (since Pluto was downgraded), its daytime temperatures can reach 800 °F (427 °C).
  • Dozens of cocaine-containing packets labelled ‘diamante’ have washed ashore on beaches along France’s Atlantic coastline, and more are likely to come, with police now warning residents against helping themselves. Small one-pound packages wrapped in several layers of black plastic and cellophane have become a regular sight on the French Atlantic coast since 18 October.
  • Violence spreads across Hong Kong’s New Territories in 24th weekend of unrest.
  • Alibaba Group will kick off its annual 24-hour shopping extravaganza on Monday with Singles’ Day sales. It is also seeking large-scale deployment of a self-developed liquid-cooling technology on the processors in its data center prior to the arrival of the Double 11 shopping spree Monday.
  • NSW and Queensland fires: Sydney to face catastrophic fire danger. More than 130 bushfires continue to burn, with three people dead and 150 properties destroyed, and conditions set to worsen.
  • Fourteen people died and more than two million others spent a night huddled in storm shelters as Cyclone Bulbul smashed into the coasts of India and Bangladesh with fierce gales and torrential rains.
  • Romanian voters went to the polls on Sunday to elect a new president out of 14 candidates.
  • Huawei took the lead in China’s tablet market for the first time due to the popularity of its new flagship model and wide range of products.
    Math count/polls for UK elections started, Weapon of Mass Distraction.
  • California Wildfire destruction is making the lack of affordable housing into a bigger and more urgent problem. Wildfires are forcing families displaced by fires onto long waiting lists for even temporary shelter. Even if families had the resources to move into permanent housing, there’s little left available.
  • A recent case study of crash test simulations in China has shown the case of one test that involved 15 young pigs, who were strapped into car seats and used as dummies for high-speed simulations. Half of the animals died in the tests.
  • Big Show! The Warner Bros. Studio evacuated as fire spreading across Hollywood Hills closes in, LA Fire Department said.
  • Heavy snow is burying parts of the UK this weekend, with Wales, Central England, and Scotland seeing the heaviest falls. Temperatures plunged to -7C (19.4F) overnight Saturday in Braemar, Scotland.
  • 48 hours of unrelenting snow across Northern India has killed at least seven, caused untold traffic chaos, cut the power to tens-of-thousands, and triggered multiple deadly avalanches.
  • Bolivian President Evo Morales announced his resignation on Sunday after nation’s military and police chiefs urged the president to step down amid ongoing violent protests across the Latin American country. Following the resignation of Morales, Bolivian Vice-President Alvaro Marcelo García Linera also submitted to resignation.
  • A rare a rare fungal disease has been found in California which only afflicts snakes, making their skin fall apart and giving them the appearance of mummification was first discovered in 2008. It has since begun to sweep across the country and is found in multiple serpent species.
  • Last whales from Far East ‘jail’ freed into the wild. The operation to load the remaining 50 beluga whales from Srednyaya Bay in the Primorsky Region to vessels in order to take them to their release point began early on November 5.
  • Hospitals in Russia will receive domestically produced robotic surgical systems. “The surgical robot will appear in ordinary hospitals as early as in a year or two,” Russian Direct Investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev said. It has advantages over the Da Vinci robot [US made]. Our robot will be cheaper, it will be more accurate. Application of artificial intelligence technologies will make possible for it to perform a wider range of operations,” he added.
  • The murder of two Indonesian palm oil activists, which police say was ordered by a palm oil businessman, highlights the escalating violence and threats faced by environmentalists who challenge the industry, rights groups say. Martua Parasian Siregar, 55, and Maraden Sianipar, 42, were found dead 10 days ago with multiple stab wounds near a palm plantation in the island of North Sumatra.

Strongest EQ in Europe M3.6 Romania
Strongest EQ in US M3.9 Alaska
Strongest EQ on the Planet M5.3 Perù
Deepest EQ M4.4 201 km Japan

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