Multidimensional Coordination ~ November 9, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is an awesome read taking all those pieces of information regarding change(s) in/on our world and neatly tying these together as the spiritual situation for Planet Earth resolves. Please read this article, understand why our world continues to change for the better, and BE…



Hello Family of Light!  This is a follow up to my last post which can be found in the link below regarding the quantum infiltration of our once christed wheat as my job is to dismantle these false timelines that were affecting our brainwave states of delta (sleep state and lucid dreaming), gamma (christ consciousness) and alpha (our waking state) through the creation of these plastic timelines which artificially trapped our consciousness in a holographic illusion.

Quantum concepts are incoming now and I am beginning to understand a bit more of the multidimensional coordination going on behind the scenes so to speak lol!  Just open your hearts as this information must be felt within the framework of love and unity not pure intellect and separation.  

I have been following the Q movement since early 2018.  And while the reality of the depths of depravity and evil manipulation is hard to swallow I can feel the truth in it based on what I have seen in these infiltrated timelines.  I have really enjoyed watching the heart infusion of love into the patriots, independent thinkers and freedom lovers around the world as it ignited a unity wave of indigo truthers and was able to bring together not only the patriots but the lightworkers and the various religious groups across the entire spectrum of belief systems.  

Nothing could be more positive or magnetically charged toward unity than the phrase “Where We Go One We Go All” and calling the movement the “Great Awakening”.  Then I read the Trump Prophecies by Mark Taylor and could hear the rhythmic measure he was given as the same sing song rhyming in different octaves that I hear as well coming from my own vocal cords which the creator uses to drive my lightbody while doing this clearing work on ascending our wheat.  All spectrums are awakening to dreams and visions experienced through their filters. So we are all perceiving the same things across the entire spectrum of our belief systems.  It also pulls in the UFO community clamoring for disclosure which is just a call for the truth of our starseed origins within.  Trump himself is a giant mirror with a warrior spirit (that I can resonate to from this timeline work I do) to fight back against the corrupt establishment and awaken us all to the grand deception which we can now clearly see. Which pulls in Brexit, Blexit, Jexodous and Walk Away movements to free ourselves from oppression and control.  Worldwide prayers for the protection of our POTUS and all our spiritual groups, channelers and light meditations bringing together a unified field of triumph as we each empower and polarize toward unity!

So thrilled to see this awakening happening outside of just the spiritual community as I knew it would take a lot to cover the entire physical spectrum of belief systems with a unified theme of waking up!  

Then the Q group started talking about us “watching a movie” ( an illusion) which to me denotes full control.  Now we see the Q proofs and synchronicities of “future proves past” coming into fruition.  People like Serial Brain2 are awakening to the ancient science of gematria (see “And We Know” on You Tube) to decode the messages from both Q and POTUS.  This is far beyond just coincidence as the creator synchronizes and awakens within us all.  Whatever stage we are at within our knowing whether conscious or unconscious is being divinely directed.  There was technology being used here as part of the deception that the patriots must have full control of at this point.

I started to wonder how the Q group could have full control here on earth without the control of these false timelines my team has been working on dismantling over the last 8 years.  How could they take down the entire Illuminati cabal worldwide without knowing what the dark ones were creating within these inorganic timelines.  I started hearing within about getting people locked up.  As my team clears the wheat fractals we are taking back christ consciousness.  I have always been able to percieve the creator shapeshifting into the multitude of timelines we are clearing through the genetics of the last human blueprint upgrade known as the Denisovian man.  Another synchronicity for me is that Q drops bread crumbs (wheat wafers lol) and the band of anonymous truthers working behind the scenes follow these bread crumbs and some that pull the themes together are called the bakers lol!

I know from my work we are in a full blown synchronization and harmonic alignment of the universal time matrix as the last of these timelines clear and things are getting somewhat surreal for me as we all integrate quantumly.   So last night I dreamed of a giant piece of bread as my inner team confirms there is indeed a huge multidimensional coordination going on lol!

We are all picking up crumbs of information and piecing them together as this great awakening unfolds.  It is a quantum awareness we are coming into together as a source team. We are all one consciousness having seemingly separate experiences because our timelines were hacked and disharmonized in a linear controlled reality frame by frame rather than omnipresent. I realized when Magenta Pixie said she could see that POTUS had the United States within his soul monad that this was similar to when the creator put the entire planet into mine to do this work.  So I finally surmised there are many within the Q group and most certainly POTUS which must have a good connection to their higher selves which is coordinating with my inner team to takedown these dark ones both here and within the quantum realms.

We are all working on parts of the plan as we clear our biology it clears the entire universe.  We are these extraterrestrials in other dimensions and octaves.  We are these planets, star systems and celestial bodies in even higher dimensions and we are all source having an experience at the highest level.  This will be the great disclosure we are waiting for.  It is a quantum awareness that we are indeed the allied forces in the higher realms as the phoney timelines controlling our consciousness are finally being dismantled by next year.  I see this quantum convergence as the so called event.  We who are awake know it is coming.  That is why we are impatient and demanding disclosure and the revelation of truth and justice.  As the mind control clears we can feel spirit pressing in on us.  Many unawake are in a state of chaos as their clearing is unconsciously being coordinated.  Our consciousness system was rigged.

So the synchronicity of “Q” “Q”uetzalcoatl and “Q”uantum is not lost on me!  Something that reaches across all platforms of consciousness has to be a huge multidimensional coordination just at various levels of understanding, unfolding and integrating as we are all one family.

The artificial intelligence running this hologram through the infiltration of the creator codes of consciousness is rapidly disintegrating.  We will all wake up.  There will be no destruction of creation as we percieved in the past through the manipulation of our linear brainwaves to create it.

You can see what I have seen in some of these false timelines at the link below of the Denver Airport Masonic Murals and the fear based world they had planned to create from within our consciouness trapped within these plastic timelines.  The most notable for me was the Quetzal bird in a plastic box or timeline.  But the solar flash scenario and apocolyptic scenes are reminiscent of the negative soul harvest they had planned before we flipped the script on them with the hack of creation using AI controlled and cloned codes of christ consciouness. A world just filled with easily controlled children and animals.  All these scenes evoke fear in our once christed sub conscious creations. Which they are still trying to reinforce through the media of death and destruction and planetary doom.

To me disclosure and full awakening appears like a reset of the holographic program to a 5d creation we are all coordinating ourselves into at the higher levels.  I can not percieve myself as anything yet except the low man on my totem pole lol!  I can hear all this going on around me and feel my lightbody jerking and yanking and pulling my body and consciousness in and out of timelines.  Although my team says I have done this before, to me it appears like the hardest thing I have ever done.  Just a lot of physical pain and emotional agony over the last 7 years.  We are all doing this behind the scenes but our consciousness cannot percieve it yet until the parts currently being released come home within us to heal.  If it is in your field it is a detached part of your DNA blueprint to heal  and integrate within the light of your conscious presence. Our bodies are separate having a myriad of experiences but our consciousness (when not infiltrated) is really omnipresent operating within the energetic structure of the law of one.  Unique and sovereign creators creating a myriad of experiences in a sea of source plasma creational blueprints.

Our job is to love on, integrate the puzzle coming together all around us and finally withdraw our consciousness from the games of illusion once known as the secret space program and evil aliens with bases all over the universe.  This was a consciousness hijack of our perception and a linear holographic projection of reality.  There is no fear as we realize we are at the forefront of this new creation and in full control multidimensionally.  Now it is just a matter of staying on track and opening up to what the universe is pulling together through us.  The archons and AI programming are finally being release from these artificial timelines on the grid.  As this happens our biology and christed consciouness fragments comes back to each of us within to heal.  We have to love the disconnected parts of us still stuck within the hologram of these false timelines.  In reality a divine multidimensional plan is unfolding all around us!  Stay strong and lightwarrior on!  We are almost home and whole within!

Feel free to publish or forward this at will in unity and oneness.  We are all coming into this together.  I feel we will be doing more sharing of information like this rather than pure channeling as we embody our wisdom within and we realize these various entities being channeled are actually us in the higher realms.  With this final clearing our telepathy is coming back online within!
With so much joy, love and light returning within!

Lovingly in service,Cheri of Hilarion

House of RaOrder of the Seraphim

(L)iving (O)ne (V)ibrational (E)nergy

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  1. Ed says:

    C LOVE…
    We Are Pioneers…In The…


    Here We GOOOOO


  2. Ed says:

    C LOVE…
    We Are Pioneers…In The…


    Here We GOOOOO

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  4. Cheri says:

    Yay team! Lightbodies activating! Lift off on a wild tangent crazy in love! Floor it! Here we GOOOOO!!!!


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    C LOVE

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