By Ramona Lappin 

Much healing, balancing & merging of our Masculine & Feminine Energies, right & left brain, Heart & Mind have been occuring these past few days especially, leading to Divine Inner Union, birthing of our Divine Child & Holy Trinity within. We are merging with our Divine Self and expression as we are clearing all remaining distortions in record linear time. Resulting in a more balanced, harmonic, joyful and peaceful state of wholeness and understanding that all is/ are perfect as it is/ they are. All shall come and flow to us that is meant to now without effort. That doesn’t mean we don’t have to do anything but that we are becoming more magnetic, magnetizing things/ people/ situations/ means to us without trying to make them or trying to force things to happen. All of our bodies are coming into more harmony and as within, so the without follows.

That all that was is what it was, what is is what it is and what will be shall be. We let go of all need to control, need to know, need to figure out and FULLY RELAX INTO THE KNOWING that ALL IS INCREDIBLY WELL and the most magical Manifestations are materializing for us NOW. We feel no more seperation from one another and release all tension, old beliefs, thoughtforms, judgements, triggers, resentments, worries, doubts, fears, blame, shame, victim and persecutor conscioussness, all lower & distorted energies, all feelings of disempowerment or not feeling good enough…as they arise. It is all very instant and rapid now as long as we allow all to arise and surrender to it instead of resisting and surpressing as we stay super consciouss, mindful and keep DROPping INTO THE HEART.


As we allow and let go of all need to control and instead relax into the flow of each now moment where all is possible and available. No more being stuck in the past with old emotions recreating the old or us worrying about the future and creating more of that which we don’t want to experience. MAGIC is available in every NOW, all we have to do is stay right here and step into ever greater levels of self mastery, self responsibility, self empowerment and into our abilities as the Master Manifestors that we are, co-creating with the Divine who has our backs! First we have to take full responsibility for our creations so far, but not from a place of guilt or shame but neutrality, as we have mainly been creating these from unconscious patterns, behaviors, thought patterns and beliefs, but now we know better . Radical Neutrality serves us well and dissolves all lower experiences and realities, so we let that shit go!

We have to let go of the outcome, trust and believe, yet with no attachment to outcome, how things should be, look like, work out, manifest or when. We co-create consciously yet we’re not in control of exactly how & when. A paradox, like so many, for us to integrate. That’s a balanced state of mind and heart, all fully merging and balancing now for many of us.

This new energy, DNA & Soul/ Spirit Body Activations available are also bringing forth increased manifestation abilities, our multi-dimensional gifts and abilities, deep inner knowing and intuition. Time to BE, have fun, be fully present in the NOW and relax into the flow of the universe and out of time, ever more deeply so. Letting go of all that is not serving us anymore, which most of it will have been based in fear, most of it through forms that weren’t even real to begin with but based on programs, imprints and conditioning. None of it reflecting our true Divine Selfs and BEingness.

Keep purifying and aligning all. One now moment after now moment. Let go of all need to know what’s next, any linear thinking much as possible and drop deeply into the magic of this NOW where all is possible. TRUST & KNOW that you are save, protected and always provided for!! Only the fear of it not being so will create the realities where it is not so.

It’s been a super intense few days and weeks with migraines/ headaches, body pains and aches, our physical, mental and emotional bodies undergoing deep purification, alignment and restructuring whilst we have been digging deep into and releasing our deepest core soul wounds and residual karmic density & imprints at cellular level. Our solar plexus is coming online in a huge way as well as our upper transmitter and receiver channels as well as the connecting Heart and Higher Heart, our God Seed Atom, so we can further merge with our Higher Levels (Soul, Oversoul, Monad, Avatar and Source).

I can also see many of us now coming together in the physical to merge with our soul families/ clusters/ groups as we have released layers of false sense of seperation, a core wound, as well as competition, so we can birth many exciting new projects and for us all to have more fun together, playing and creating ALL NEW! I truly feel that we will be amazed by what the Universe/ Source has in store for us as long as we keep aligning, purifying, fine-tuning, keep doing the good work, keep releasing any remaining fears that may arise, keep stepping into ever deeper levels of trust, knowing, gratitude and appreciation for this experience and all we have been blessed with and are, in deep appreciation for having made it this far. I truly feel a huge Celebration and a message from our Source and families of Light of ‘Mission accomplished’ coming through in this NOW! To take a moment and truly feel into and appreciate this, us, ALL!

Remember that when we have a moment or a few when we lose our cool, don’t do the ‘right’ thing although we know better, even have a breakdown or a crises, that’s all ok. Just keep dropping back into the heart and make adjustments and notes for when you get to this place next time. Neutralize it all with Divine Love and give yourself and there’s a break, we are human as well, it’s all good and it’s been intense on so many levels. Be proud of who you are and what you have achieved, just for keeping on trying and being here now and for sticking with it all no matter how often we got pushed back and down and not much to show for all our efforts and sacrifices made along the way. Keep believing in you, keep jumping, keep trusting that the yoUniverse has your back as ALL IS YOU! We do this from the most humble place knowing we are mere vessels for Source to flow and work through us, yet at the same time claiming our well earned co-creative powers back as we have proven we won’t abuse them but use them for the highest good of all!


Love & Neutralize all lower/ distorted energies, all polarities/ duality/ seperation still held within. LOVE IS THE ANSWER & THE KEY! We were BORN TO LOVE! It DISSOLVES ALL LOWER REALities! Let all else go and drop away as love is the only Truth and all else part of the Illusion of Seperation now truly losing its hold on us and therefore the realities we occupy. Let it all dissolve with Divine Love 

Most of us have trained many, many lifetimes for this!! It’s time to enjoy the harvest! BELIEVE it! Dream it! Feel it! See it; Sense it! Paint it! Call it forth with every breath and every word and all you are and do! Overlay this whole reality you find yourself in with what you would like to see, Iike a holographic overlay of what you wish to see and experience. Do this as often as you can and see all change for you/ us now!

AMAZING SHIFTS & BREAKTHROUGHs in progress!! All aboard the love train! Let’s do this!


Infinite Love,


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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