How to find out who is incarnated in you? ~ October 19, 2019

Beings from higher dimensions recognize each other by their look and by
their specific energy signature. Beings above the fifth dimension are often
changing their appearance so they recognize each other by the energy
signature no matter how they look.
That goes for us, too. But only in dream worlds. With an important difference.
People from other planets don’t recognize us as us but as our incarnants and
their friends and relatives. We share the conscious energy field with our
incarnants so their friends will think we are them. They will recognize us as
our incarnants no matter how we look.
I was very surprised when they called me Fedja. In that time I knew nothing of
energy signature, incarnants, and the planet Palki. I was just dreaming. Often
lucid, but just dreaming. Fedja, Fedja, and Fedja. I become curious and
question who is Fedja?
I was a bit of a karmic my self, too and I thought I am Fedja, who lived before
birth on Earth and after death, I will be Fedja again. Lucky me and you that
was not true:)
As a lucid dreamer, I remembered that so I set the intention before the sleep
to ask people in dreams who is Fedja. I succeeded many times, so I found
out a lot about him. He is 40, a musician, a singer, a guitar player and
Palkies are dreaming altogether. Earthlings, we dream alone. In our sleep, we
travel to the dream worlds of our incarnants. After we pull out of you all
incarnants, we will create a new and independent dream world in which all
the Earthling will dream together. The same as Palkies and all others are
dreaming from ever.
When we sleep, we travel to a dream world that is a replica of the real world
of our incarnant. My incarnant was Fedja, so I dreamed in the dream world of
planet Palki together with all Palkies who dream together.
Dreaming means that during the sleep we leave the physical body with our
energy body and fly to a dream world. Dreams are real. The dream world is
real, too. Earthlings and people from other planets go in that world every
night. Some beings are living there, some of them for millions of years.

Before you sleep, set up the intention that you will find your hands in dreams.
Repeat it 10 times.
With steady practice, you will find your hands in a week. In one month you will
be a lucid dreamer. In this time you can find out some information about your
incarnant so you know that I am telling you the truth.
Before sleep set an intention and repeat it five to ten times. When you meet
people in dreams ask them: »What is my name here?. Then keep asking
them in the third person. »What is his or her surname?«. »How old is he or
her?« »What is he or her doing?« »Where is he or her living?« »Is he or she
married?« »Does he or she have kids?« And a very important question: «How
long is his or her incarnation this time, when will he or she come home?«
All the incarnants get info before incarnation. Where they go, gender info,
what they gonna do there and how long they will live.
My incarnant’s name is Fedja Mironovic, journalist and musician. They set
him to live for 78 years. Sanja, my girlfriend and my friend Jac, both from
Palki, both knew Fedja before, confirmed that.
All, that you will find out about your incarnant, write in your dreams journal.
With this information, you will realize that there is really the Karmic
organization, who claims that we are not real beings but just incarnations of
some other beings. Read more about the karmicons, incarnations, incarnants
and incarnant verticals (the incarnants have another incarnants in them too:)
in my book Letters to Palkies Messages to my friends on another planet on
All the best to all.

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About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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1 Response to How to find out who is incarnated in you? ~ October 19, 2019

  1. thankyourmuse says:

    Yes, been a lucid dreamer since I was a child and dreamed I was under water and after I could no longer hold my breath, I realized I could breath underwater and was dreaming, so I decided to swim with the fishes.
    Now, most say to look at your feet or ask yourself several. times a day, ‘Am I dreaming?’ I never heard of looking at your hands but suppose that works the same. Ever notice how hard it is to look at your feet or hands in dreams. One lucid dreaming course said to look at the clock and then look back again…if the time changes, you are dreaming. I did this once in a dream and it was crazy because I realized I was dreaming and tried to leave the house I was in but the TREES wouldn’t let me…crazy dreams! Very interesting though.
    I too feel dreams are real, in the astral, which is why you can visit loved ones who pass over….I have done it many times, especially with my grandma. She use to come to me in dreams alot then she quit or I didn’t remember but I went to see her and she seemed to be sitting in her house in the astral (not her house in this world) and watching out the window for some reason. I asked her how she was but she seemed worried and didn’t want to talk.
    I have had many ESP dreams that come true…most I remember because they are either warning dreams or things I need to pay attention to. Ones I don’t remember I get the dejavue feeling and know I dreamt about it.
    I love dreaming, there are not too many rules except for the time I wanted to visit a friend who died of an overdose. I wanted to ask her what happened…it just didn’t seem like her to do such a thing. In order to visit her, I had to promise not to ask or mention her overdose, as if she was in some protected place to heal and so I agreed but had no intention of keeping that promise. When I saw her she was looking great and she was surprised to see me. She asked me what I was doing there. I told her I just wanted to see her, and right when I asked ‘What happened?’ I was sucked out of there and couldn’t visit again…OOPS…my bad but anyway…dreaming is amazing and fun!


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