October Energy Forecast – Rekindle Your Passions ~ October 1, 2019

Rekindle Your Passions

Awesome October is here!   Your RELATIONSHIPS are the focus all month long.   It’s going to be an action-packed month – full of PASSION and excitement.   You’ve done a lot of inner work the past several months. Now it’s time to put yourself first and make your projects a priorority .   That might sounds conflicting to relationships being your focus.  

Yet, you can have it all! In this forecast, I share with you the essential steps to bringing balance to your life, so you can feel fulfilled in your personal and professional life.

Some key things to note about October:

  • October is Libra season! Libra is relationship and personal passions orientated.  You can expect to be working on lessons that help you find balance between those you love and the things that are most important to you.
  • There are NO personal planets in retrograde, and it’s a very much all systems go kind of month. The Cardinal initiation energy of Libra creates a free and clear vibe in the heavens and make it a great time to get a start on any passion projects you want to undertake.
  • Your greatest challenge this month will be how you balance the relationships in your life with your passion projects and your purpose in the world.

Video Transcript:

We are in Libra season!

The sun is in Libra for most of the month. Libra is a loving sign ruled by Venus. You may know this as the relationship sign.

Libra is the first sign in the Zodiac that’s relationship-oriented. As such, it tends to be a little bit over-accommodating and people pleasing sometimes. And yet, there’s a very strong aspect to Libra.

This month we don’t have any personal planets in retrograde, and it’s a very much all systems go kind of month. There’s a lot of action to this.

So use this cardinal energy of Libra. This free and clear energy in the heavens can be used to really get a start on the things that you want to do.  Begin any projects you want to embark upon. This includes social activities because Libra is a relationship-oriented, social sign.

Libra & Scorpio

Now relationships are going to be a focus all month long because, after Libra, the sun moves into Scorpio at the end of the month. And Scorpio is about deepening relationships, and really connecting you to your passions.

There’s a couple of personal planets moving into Scorpio, as well as the sun, toward the end of the month. Scorpio’s intense. That’s the word that everybody uses for it, because it’s accurate.

Scorpio is about intensifying relationships. It’s about bringing you deeper inside of yourself. It brings you a deeper connection to your passions, and the people that you’re passionate about. But also, the purposes that you’re passionate about, the causes, anything that really lights that fire within you.

So this isn’t really a month for frivolous activity. This isn’t a time when you’re meant to just be social, and dally around. Even though a lot of it is relationship-oriented, this is about really fine-tuning what you’re passionate about. It’s about focusing on the people that you feel passionate about and bringing balance back into your life.


Libra is the sign of balance, as you probably know, the symbol for it is the scales. So that doesn’t mean Libra is inherently balanced. It means that you learn about balance, because you’re always bouncing energy off of other people, other situations. That’s what Libra does, it’s the scale.

It’s also the sign of justice. So you are going to see, in the world stage, more legal activity.

So again, there’s a lot of personal activity. The relationships in balance are going to be the focus. Also how you balance relationship with your passion projects, and the things you like to do in the world, and your purpose.

So there’s just so much activity this month. So the challenge of it is how you’re balancing all of this energy, the relationship energy, and the energy of moving forward on your projects and the things that you love.

The Emperor

Now what brings an extra twist to this is that the numerology for this month. We are in a 4 Universal Month. And now, if you look at this in the tarot, the 4 card is the Emperor. That’s definitely not a lighthearted kind of social butterfly energy. The Emperor is getting down to business, claiming your authority, really taking charge and command of your life.

The Emperor is associated with Mars. You can even see the symbol for Aries on his throne. And Libra is Venus. So there’s this balance of masculine and feminine energy, of work and play, of relationships and projects.

So, it’s really important that you learn boundaries. This 4 energy teaches you about your limitations. It’s about squaring your corners, and building foundations. It’s very much associated with the physical world. Practical material concerns. Also again, boundaries, and structures, and home, and family, and strength. So getting your body strong may be part of what brings you balance in your life right now.

Three Steps To Your Passions

So how do you balance all of these seemingly conflicting energies? So I have three action steps for you to help you.

Step One

Your first action step is to get a plan and act on it. This is physical energy. This is very much associated with the physical plane, the material plane. Remember Libra is cardinal energy, which is initiating, and the Emperor is very much about business and doing things.

And so this isn’t about just thinking, and attracting with your mind whatever it is you may have learned in that capacity. You always need action steps. You have a physical body. So this is a really good time with this free and clear energy.

Mercury goes retrograde on Halloween. So there might be more tricks than treats that day. So you want to take advantage of this month while you can with this really all systems go.

So it’s a time for initiation. It’s a time for action. So get a concrete plan, which is what the 4 teaches you. Squaring those corners in a very material way, your finances, everything in a concrete way, and make sure you’re taking real concrete action steps, even if it’s just one step.

Now, learn from the Emperor too. Even if you’re feeling not confident about your next step, fake it until you make it, right. Conjure that archetype of the Emperor and draw your strength. You can ask Archangel Michael to help you with that if you want, to give you that feeling of certainty so that you can pursue your purpose and your mission in the world.

Step Two

Now your second action step is to take back your time. Boundaries, remember. Now that doesn’t always mean people necessarily, but that is a good place to draw boundaries, isn’t it?

So take back your time anywhere you’re feeling an energy leak, with your time or your money. Where is it siphoning? Where re there areas in your life that you’re spending time or money, actually, that aren’t empowering you? That just seem like they’re going out and there’s nothing coming back to you?

Maybe it has to do with getting rid of some apps on your phone, if they’re a distraction for you. Or taking less time on internet searches, and really allotting time to do the things that you like.

Maybe it means that you allot time for self care, or time to enjoy more with your loved ones. It’s all about taking back your time and your resources, and really taking an eagle eye to the structures in your life, and how you’re managing your time, and where you can really shore that up. And again, that can mean people, because relationships are a big focus.

If you’re not passionate about someone or something, maybe you want to reclaim your time in that, right? So now is the time to do that.

Step Three

Now your third action step, you might find this the most challenging, is to be assertive. Again, conjure up that Emperor energy. You can do this. Again, call upon Archangel Michael if you need that strength and that confidence.

Libra, as I mentioned, tends to be accommodating. Now empaths, sensitive souls, HSPs, we all tend to be over-accommodating, conflict avoiding. I know I am. This is just not the easiest lesson for me all the time, but the more direct you are, the more clear that energy is in your pathways for all good things to come to you.

So if there’s feelings that you haven’t expressed, or conversations that need to happen in work, maybe you need to ask for more money. Maybe you need to ask for a promotion.

With the people in your life, maybe there’s something that’s been bothering you that you need to say directly.

If you’re making excuses for yourself or other people, you know that you need to be more assertive in those areas. So anywhere that you can be more direct and more assertive is really going to move you forward in exponential ways.

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