Positive Life Shifts Happening – Part 2 – David Wilcock ~ September 22, 2019

Editor’s Note: Again, we have more from David Wilcock in his “Part 2” of introducing the “whys”‘ of positive change we are about to experience. I find this message to be an educational message about the concepts many are not aware…and that is a good thing! David, however, doesn’t get to the heart of the matter…which I will. 🙂

Yes…vibrations ARE the heart of the matter (pun intended!) and we get to control the vibration we exist in. This is the nature of our creativity of which we are unaware…and the Dark are fighting to keep it that way! Now you may understand why life is mainly a series of “downs” affecting all components of our lives…health, industry, economics/finance, education, etc. Foils to block our happiness are seemingly happening at every turn.

But…now the “cat is out of the bag” as information about our personal sovereignty is released. WE get to think the thoughts we want, WE get to choose the life we want, WE have the ability through thoughts powered by emotion (our vibratory rate) to create that which we want! The highest vibration of all? Love.

Now you know why Love needs to be omnipresent in our world…so you can capture that which you want, so you can live a life of pleasure, so you can be happy and satisfied, so you can BE…



Love needs to drive our world, love needs to drive

Positive Life Shifts Happening – Part 2. By David Wilcock. Notes compiled by Joan Wheaton.

How are we going to walk into that new society?

We are on the threshold of this new world. We are on the threshold of this change, and once this new financial system is implemented the whole planet can be kept at peace, and that is an absolute requirement; that we achieve a sustained world peace before we are welcomed into the Galactic family.


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I’ve been tracking through my insider the foundation of this new financial system and it is very, very important to know that until the new financial system worked out the kinks and the East and the West ratified a treaty, and came to a mutual understanding, we were stuck.

Through an incredible amount of hard work and an incredible amount of diplomacy, that treaty WAS signed. It actually happened!

Woody, our insider, who had signed off on this treaty, basically signing the death-warrant of the Cabal; crushing the Cabal, died a day-and-a-half after signing off on that thing.

They found him face-down in his apartment.

He had already signed off. The deal had already been done.

These are spiteful people; they did this anyway, even though it was too late; it was like a revenge-attack. The very same day Pete Peterson mysteriously died.

Now, is that a coincidence? Not at all, because now we know that his death was from some sort of ‘accidental’ injection. Yes, it’s crazy! We don’t know if it was an air-bubble, or they gave him the wrong drugs, or what.

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I had spoken to him a week before his death and he was fine. They were just getting this denture thing sorted out so he was comfortable; he sounded totally lucid.

You know how when people are dying you kind of know? Pete sounded fine; there was nothing wrong with him, and all of a sudden just like THAT (he snaps his fingers).

I am not going to let the deaths of these heroes be in vain for as long as I’m still here. So, whether your name is Rachel Maddow or whatever, I’m Godzilla! Let me fight! I mean no disrespect to Rachel Maddow. Honest to God, I’m happy to educate people.

I’m happy to take some shade; I’m happy to take some verbal abuse, because as you guys have seen, I’m very fast on my feet and you can’t upset me (he smiles). If you try to insult me I’m just going to laugh, because, guess what?

I’ve been there and done that. I’ve been hated by the whole world, I’ve been rejected by the world, and yet, somehow, the crowds keep getting bigger and the story keeps getting more exciting. We are winning this war!

I want to bring you some of the suppressed science. A lot of you already did my Ascension School class. We are planning on relaunching that, maybe even later this year, and I’m going to do a lot of new stuff so even if you’ve seen it you’ll have the opportunity to get it again. It’s nine modules that last for four hours. And we have the unprecedented experience of having Elizabeth come in…

Geometry is so much more than what we think. Geometry is actually the United Field theory. All of this technological build-up, the new financial system, the new spaceships that you put 27 people in so you can go anywhere in the galaxy that you want.

This is all stuff building up to what we’re going to get our hands on. In the immediate aftermath of this is the Solar Flash that I’m talking about, which is called a micro-nova.

Positive Life Shifts Happening - Vibration


Positive Life Shifts Happening

NASA is now openly talking about the fact that these things happen regularly throughout the galaxy. This is new!

Geometry starts out as a vibration. Geometric patterns, as it turns out, are a representation, in three-dimensional space, of the way that things vibrate.

(David shows an image of a drop of magnified water). The only other thing that’s in that water are fine particles of sand.

We vibrate the water with pure sound frequencies, like the diatomic scale (the white keys on the keyboard). By some very bizarre natural law, as you play that sound into the water the particles mysteriously turn into a snowflake-kind-of-like configuration.

It’s just the result of the sound. It has to do with the interference pattern.

Then, it gets even more bizarre, because this is the same drop of water just a split second apart (shows another slide). The only thing that has changed here is the frequency of the sound. So what I’m going to tell you is that this is the atom.

This is the building block of the Universe. Every atom is doing this in the nucleus, and as you are going to see today, the electrons are not really particles, either. They do the same thing.

For the sake of a philosophical argument, before I get into all the proofs, let’s just take this as a postulate. Let’s say by the time this talk is done I will be convinced that atoms are not made of matter at all, they only appear to be solid (well, science has already shown us that).

Positive Life Shifts Happening - Vibrate Out Of The Old Dimension

Vibrate Out Of The Old Dimension

Positive Life Shifts Happening

The part we missed was that it’s vibrational. What is a vibration? If you play certain notes on a piano keyboard you might get 280 Hz., you might get 360 Hz., you might get 440 Hz. If you’re looking at 360 Hz., what does that actually mean?

That means that air is vibrating exactly at 360 times per second.

I can’t stress this enough. The number represents how many times air moves in one second. It’s the number of movements per second that determines what sound your ears hear.

Matter is filled up from this purely vibrational system. What does that actually mean? Let’s go back to sacred Native American drumming. What are they doing? They are creating a vibration.

They are setting up geometric patterns in your mind and in your heart and in your soul. And the singing; holding certain tones, the sacred chants, the sacred songs, are creating geometric patterns that you might not see, but they iterate into your body.

They iterate into your soul. They transform your physiology. All of these studies have been done about music being healing; you can actually get a degree in Music Therapy.

You go to places where people are sick, and you play the music, and, sure enough, they get better.

What if our thoughts can create the vibrations? What if we don’t even need to hear a sound? What if there is something deeper in terms of it’s vibration (not just the acoustic sound of air vibrating). What if it’s NOT about the air vibrating? What if it’s about some other stuff?

This is the core of my work; the ‘other stuff’ I call the Source Field. It is the source of biological life, the source of consciousness, the source of God, actually.

It is the source of matter, energy, and time; everything runs off this energy, which actually is simply gravity.

We’ve explored the heck out of the electromagnetic spectrum; we have barely scratched the surface of what it is to know about gravity. Gravity is intelligence. I’ve done a lot of work on this stuff. I propose to you that consciousness, as you think, creates this geometry.

Let’s think about this for a second. When you look at someone who is in a state of stress and misery and pain, and you look at their EKG readings, which is the brainwave activity, what do you think is happening? How much geometry are they creating in their body? Can THIS (pointing to the water-droplet/atom-like image on the slide) ever stay solid? This (pointing to the image) is a tone.

What happens to people when they are mediating? Their brainwave activity becomes sinusoidal (it goes in a nice smooth curve).

How can get you there? Shamanic drumming, rhythmic repetition of beat patterns, singing and chanting. You are literally creating a crystal pattern in your soul.

Your soul is becoming more crystallized.

In the Law of One, when they talk about the chakras, they explain that the way they measure how advanced you are is by how crystallized the energy centers are.

When you start crystallizing your throat, when you start crystalizing your third eye, what does this mean? It’s the steady ability to retain the silence of self for long periods of unbroken concentration.

Don’t get confused into thinking that that has no greater value. You are literally crystallizing your soul because your brainwaves are creating these new frequencies.

Your brain creates geometry.

This is the big secret. We are creators. Our thoughts create reality, and all we really are, ultimately, is just an “address” in the source field; we’re like an eddy/curve; like a little whirlpool in the source field, and the more coherence we generate the more of an effect we have on others.

Positive Life Shifts Happening - Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

Positive Life Shifts Happening

So, guess what? With the Meditation Effect, you get 7,000 people together; they are meditating under one roof, and that 7,000 people, somehow, reduce global crime, terrorism, war and fatalities by 72%! (this has been statistically proven in at least 39 different studies; just from one group alone).

It’s an indisputable fact. They ruled out weekends, weather, holidays; every independent variable that could have skewed the results. That excites me greatly and it also shows me that it’s just the beginning.

When we look at the corruption in the highest places, we’re seeing a hidden evil, an evil that is lurking behind a smiling face of “chiquatee” (?) to win an election. And this happens all over the world. I’m not singling anybody out; this is just the way it is right now.

We have hypocrisy, we have people who tell you one thing and then do something else, people who just get by enough to win an election and then they change everything they say they were going to do. This is the archetype.

And then we get pissed off and we vote for the other side, and then the same thing happens again and we get mad again and we go around and around.

On the inside track, let’s bear in mind that these hidden aspects that we see in the world are holograms of our own lies and how we live every day. In my podcast I did with United Intentions Network and the host, Tim, I really got into this.

What I said was, “What do you deal with when you have a severe pathological debilitating addiction in a family? Let’s say it’s alcoholism, let’s say it’s sex addiction (which can be really, really rough), let’s say it’s gambling, let’s say it’s rage, there’s any number of addictive pathologies; overeating would be another one.

Regardless of which of these had emotional resonance for you as you suffer with it, what is the real problem when dealing with addicts?

If you go to the 12-step groups, you find out that they always use one word, and the word is ‘hidden’. It’s ‘the hidden’, it’s what they don’t tell you, it’s the lying, it’s the deception. The addict doesn’t let you know when they use; you have to figure it out.

If their eyes are a little glassy, they’re not quite standing right, they are slurring their words; they will say, “Oh, I’m fine, I’m fine (laughter). I had an alcoholic living with me for a while and I found this whiskey bottle in a crumpled-up brown paper bag underneath sink.

That got me curious so I started looking around the kitchen cabinets, when I found out there was this one cabinet over the refrigerator (the one that nobody ever wants to use!) There was a whole stash in there. It was hidden; it was ‘the hidden’.

If we want to really understand addiction we have to remember that the greatest art of deception in the addict is self-deception. We lie to ourselves.

We tell ourselves that this addiction is fine for me, “I’m great, my life is great, nothing’s wrong, if they don’t like what I’m doing they don’t understand me, they don’t know me!”

You are hiding from yourself. How are we going to deal with this holographic effect if we are not willing to heal our own addictions?

I’ve actually become a lot less radical over the years; I don’t mind if you can do this in moderation. If you’re in a place where cannabis is legal, it turns out there’s all kinds of stuff that cannabis gets rid of; PTSD, glaucoma, all kinds of stuff, if you can handle it.

Positive Life Shifts Happening - Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

Positive Life Shifts Happening

You can do it recreationally and it’s not something where you become, like, using it six times a day to be maintenance-high.

I’m not going to tell you “no”, I’m not going to tell you that you can’t have drinks with dinner, but if you become reliant on that drink to the point where if you didn’t have a glass of wine with dinner that something is really wrong, you might want to look at that; that’s all.

When we clear up the hidden aspects of our own lies, when we learn to love ourselves, then we have the opportunity to holographically change the world.

The Solar Flash that the Law of One refers to is not a fixed event. There is no exact date.

The Law of One makes this very clear. They say that the Orion crusaders (which is their name for the Draco reptilians) can only come to a planet and try to conquer it until the planet achieves “social memory”.

That’s the keyword in the Law of One, social memory. What does that mean? It’s a strange-sounding term. It has a very specific meaning.

When a certain critical mass of people in the society are one in ‘seeking’ or orientation, with each other; when enough of us agree that we want peace, how do we tell the Universe, how do we authorize our ascension? How do we authorize the transfiguration of human life on the planet?

We do this by authorizing our own PERSONAL healing.

How are we going to change collective consciousness if we haven’t changed ourselves? If we haven’t been willing to get our hands dirty and do the hard work, where have we been less than fully honorable? Where have we been less than fully loving of ourselves? Do we have patterns of negative self-talk that define our identity? Such that when we look in the mirror, we’re not seeing a perfect hologram of the One Infinite Creator?

We’re not seeing a being of infinite worth, which is what they call you in The Law of One. A being of infinite value; is that how you see yourself when you look in the mirror?

In The Law of One it says in order for you to ascend it is entirely necessary that you consciously realize that you are confused and you do not understand.

So, I’m very, very concerned when someone comes out in a public speaking scene in our community and acts like they are the savior, and they’ve nailed it all down; they’ve got all the answers.

I’m just another student of the great mysteries, as are you, and I share with you the best that I can produce, while also understanding that I make mistakes all the time and I’m fundamentally flawed.

If I can be up here and I can admit that to you as a human being with an open heart, and totally honestly as I look into your eyes, I know I’m messed up, I know I have my problems, I know I am not a perfect person, but by doing the best I can, I have every confidence that I am never coming back to this 3D density again!

So think about the fact that the atoms that make up your body are ultimately just THIS (he points to the image of the atom-like water-droplet that was hit by sound), it’s just vibration; it’s just frequency! And therefore as you think these thoughts that are more peaceful and loving your body falls into accordance with that.

Isn’t it interesting, if you’ve seen my work, that we now have these Cal-Tech scientists that have cracked the greatest puzzle in the history of physics? How did everything come into being? Where did the Universe come from? What they concluded was that all of space and time was an emanation from a singular geometric formation.

That means that no matter how big or small you think the Universe is, we are all inside a holographic terrarium, where it’s just a hall-of-mirrors and there’s only one thing that makes the whole Universe.

Visible boundaries at the edge of the Universe are really just the edges of this one form, and this is where it gets really trippy.

The form is simultaneously the biggest and the smallest object in the Universe, because it’s not about space; it’s not about size (he shows a slide of the Merkaba, the basic pattern of the Universe).

The scientists were able to draw a quarter of it (the Merkaba) but that was enough to make all the quantum physics work out.

What this means is that every little squiggle that they’ve ever measured in quantum mechanics is a little vibration of this… (points to the slide of the Merkaba).”

Positive Life Shifts Happening – David Wilcock – End

Positive Life Shifts Happening

David WilcockPart 1

Positive Life Shifts Happening

David WilcockPart 2


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People rarely do what they believe. They do what is suitable, and then they regret.

Bob Dylan

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