The Payoff – Today’s Blind Item ~ September 19, 2019

Editor’s Note: Again…no picture allowed with this article, which means…it must be really important! Sure enough, this article ties in the the Jeffrey Epstein case which has opened a YUGE (!) can of worms the Dark cannot contain!

So…please read below, know the true picture of the “royals” is being painted now, why do you think Kate is pregnant right now (?), and be…


The Payoff. By Crazy Days & Nights.

Several years ago, the billionaire pedophile was in trouble.

Lawsuits were being filed and there was a chance that another arrest would arise from the lawsuits.

There was a person out there who was going to be a big witness for the victims.


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He had been having second thoughts about the things he had done with the pedophile and was willing to talk.

He had been introduced to the pedophile through the connection with the royal.

While not exactly a royal himself he was very tight with the brother of the royal – a brother who also spent time with the pedophile but has so far managed to keep all that fairly quiet.

The brother is married to someone who is related to our witness.

Everyone knew the witness like women much younger than himself, but a decade prior had liked them to the point of being underage.

So, how do you solve that problem?

Well, two days before he was scheduled to give a deposition in the matter, the witness was killed and the culprit got a huge payoff and was never even considered a suspect because they were so good at acting.

The Payoff - Crazy Days And Nights

Crazy Days And Nights

The Payoff

The Payoff - The Telegraph

The Duchess Of Cornwall’s Brother Mark Shand Died ‘Because Of An Unusually Thin Skull’

13 January 2015 – The Telegraph.

An inquest has revealed that Mr Shand’s skull was just 1 millimeter thick and was a major factor in his death following a fall on a Manhattan street following an exclusive fundraiser.

The brother of the Duchess of Cornwall died after hitting his head and fracturing his unusually thin skull, an inquest has heard.

A senior coroner has noted that had someone with a normal skull suffered the same injuries as Mark Shand, 62, they might well have survived.

The Payoff - Mark Shand, Brother of Camilla

Mark Shand, Brother of Camilla

The Payoff

A post mortem revealed that Mr Shand’s skull was just 1 milimetre thick in places.

Before falling on a Manhattan street, Mr Shand had enjoyed a night of drinking champagne, whiskey and dancing to the Rolling Stones, an inquest heard.

Mr Shand was more than twice the UK drink drive limit when he fell suddenly outside a New York hotel and hit his head at the end of a night of partying following a charity auction.

He spent nine hours in a coma following the fall but doctors could not save him.

At an inquest in Dorset a coroner said “sadly” alcohol played a major role in his death in April last year.

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