News Burst 17 September 2019 ~ 17 September 17, 2019

Editor’s Note: Global “news you can use”, compliments of Disclosure News Italia! Please read, and BE…



News Burst 17 September 2019

In 2009 the world’s urban population surpassed the portion living in rural areas.
Megacities above 10 million: 10 in 1990; 35 in 2018. Growth mainly in Asia and Africayou can use” compliments o
Weekend 15 of protests in Hong Kong is more proof police bans are ineffective.
Could be “weeks” before Aramco restores full production capacity.
Tear gas, water cannons, injuries: Chaos erupts in Nantes amid Yellow Vests rally.

Scientists create darkest-ever material by accident, absorbs 99.995 percent of light.
@GeorgePapa19: Mifsud was on Khashoggi’s payroll. I witnessed in London.
A £1 million golden toilet has been stolen from the birthplace of Winston Churchill.
A taco found in a library book is trending on Twitter.
Iran releases video ‘proof’ US drone decoded.

Mexico demands US halt weapons flow across border.
George Clooney is the very definition of a Hollywood deep state asset.
Purdue Pharma bankruptcy after 200.000 dies for overdose. Owners (Sacklers) try to hide $ 1 billion in Switzerland.
Thailand: floods have hit 32 provinces, affected about 418,000 families, 32 fatalities.
Rimini, Italy: Fraud over abused women; former president of the association in defense of women arrested.

NYT forced to issue major correction to Kavanaugh hit-piece; Trump says ‘They should be sued!’
Three JPMorgan traders charged for “massive” gold market manipulation fraud.
There are 276 Global Intelligence files that mention George Clooney by name.
Amazon reportedly changed search algorithm to favor more profitable products.
USA Retail Apocalypse: 2019 store closures already surpass 2018.

Strongest EQ in Europe M4.0 Greece
Strongest EQ in US M3.9 Kansas
Strongest EQ on the Planet M5.2 Japan

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