Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Pisces ~ September 13, 2019

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Your Full Moon in Pisces horoscopes cover the astrology from September 13 – September 26, from full Moon to new Moon. They are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. They both contain important information. You’ll know which resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you find inspiration here we love and appreciate donations. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading around the work; we really appreciate it and you!

September 13  9:33 PM PT, Harvest Full Moon at 21° Pisces Mercury conjunct Venus at 29° of Virgo Sun in Virgo trine Pluto Rx in Capricorn, both at 20° Mars in Virgo opposes Neptune Rx in Pisces, both at 17°  

There are times when figuring a situation out is impossible. Times that demand we feel, float, and wade our way through them. Times that leave us untethered and unable to choose a direction.   Welcome to the full moon in Pisces

Known in the Northern Hemisphere as the Harvest Moon, this moment is ripe with messy emotions and events that don’t entirely make sense. Conjunct Neptune, Goddess of the Great Seas, this is one of the most sensitive lunations of late. The full moon opens up the floodgates, upends all boundaries, and makes a mockery of Virgo Season’s desire for clarity and categorization.

Pisces isn’t here to distinguish one thing from another (like Virgo loves to). It’s a sign that does away with all silos of separation. Things fall apart. The laces that tie our lives together come undone. Truth seeps through the seams. Under the light of this full moon, we have the hard task of letting time wash the truth of the matter up onto the shores of our lives. This is not a moment for precision, it is a moment for working with the practices that promote our ability to find solutions; time in nature, reading poetry, staring at the ceiling, taking long baths, long walks, and deep breaths. 

If things are a mess at the moment, don’t rush past them. Hold space for your experience without indulging your worst-case scenarios (at least not for too long). Remind yourself repeatedly that there is a solution and it is on its way. Your job is to take the highroad with yourself, bearing witness to what hurts, what gets confused, and what needs sorting through…
It is still Virgo Season after all.

This full moon is sextile Pluto (the Sun is trine it), giving it the ability to lead us towards experiences that will transform our way of working. Whatever comes up in your life over the course of this full moon (right before the full moon up until the next new moon), invest in the belief that it is best. Don’t waste energy worrying about what you can’t fix. Redirect it towards what you can do to stay afloat.

This full moon happens on a day already packed with high-functioning, and just plain high, astrology. At the edge of Virgo, Venus and Mercury meet. This brings a little dose of sweetness to this day, promoting listening, care, and consideration. At the edge of reason, Mars makes an opposition to Neptune (and the full moon). This is a dose of high-octane intoxicant, adding to the mushy make-up of this lunation. Directions get blurry, instructions get lost, and gas-lighting may feel more than likely. You are allowed to be angry when an injustice happens, just make sure that you aren’t being overly precious or preoccupied with what your bruised ego will tell you to do. It’s best to use this energy for creative and spiritual endeavors. 

Or just rest as much as you can whenever you can.

If you want a little extra guidance for this full moon, I’ve got a reading, ritual, and guided meditation for you in A Workshop for the New Moon in Virgo, the Full Moon in Pisces, and the Astrology of August 30-September 27.

September 14

Mercury enters Libra, there until October 3 Venus enters Libra, there until November 1 

As Mercury and Venus travel together, they leave one’s domain (Mercury rules Virgo) to enter the other’s (Venus rules Libra). Here, Mercury is given a major boost by Venus. The Goddess in all her glory gives The Messenger ample sweet treats and trinkets. This helps us beautify our speech and better connect with one another. 


Both are soon to face some incredible opponents. As they do, our relationship dynamics and communication issues will need our attention, energy, and commitment.  

September 18

Saturn stations direct at 13° Capricorn Having been retrograde since the end of April, Saturn has been encouraging us to review the structures we work within. Specifically in the topics related to the part of your chart that contains Capricorn, Saturn’s lessons have most likely been stern but transformative. Nothing is a teacher like real life, and the effects of Saturn are far from virtual. These lessons aren’t complete, but you’ve most likely done a tremendous amount of work anchoring the core of its curriculum. As this Babe of Boundaries pivots, do what you need to honor yours.

September 19

Mars in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn, both at 20°

Committing to forward momentum can be the difference between settling for situations not meant for you, or connecting to your future potential by risking what is comfortable but confining. Most fears are just problems waiting to be figured out. Most of the time what stops us from dismantling our doubts is an unconscious agreement to give them a power they haven’t earned. Today’s astrology wants you to connect to your agency, power, and potency. It wants you to dismantle doubt, channel the confidence of a mediocre white man, and give life your all. 

This astro might make you a little extra agro, so channel that excess energy into your most challenging projects and pursuits.

September 21

Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune Rx in Pisces, both at 17°

The last of 3 squares between these two planets helps us to clear up a couple of our doubts about our growth and pathways towards progress. Over the past year, as Jupiter and Neptune have been in a square to each other, many opportunities may have turned to mush, but many a daydream may have led to your best idea yet. The rub of these two teaches us to manage expectations while allowing time to fantasize ourselves out of what restricts us. After this last pass, Jupiter is free and in the best form it will be for quite some time. October and November bring big blessings in regards to the area of your chart that contains Sagittarius; as Jupiter makes its last moves through hereyou’ll want to make an effort to make the most of them.    

September 22

Mercury in Libra square Saturn at 14° Capricorn

Over the course of the next couple of days, the area of your chart that contains Libra goes through a rough patch. Today’s is all about communication. You may have many a writing deadline or many a tough conversation to be had. ‘No’ abounds. Stick to solutions and you’ll find a way to work through the limits others may be placing in front of you. Some you should heed, some you should have a good long look at to find your way around.

September 23

12:51 AM PT – Sun enters Libra

Happy Equinox! Today’s astrology brings Spring to the Southern Hemisphere and Fall to the Northern. With this change of light we get a new perspective. Libra is the sign of balance and harmony, but its not achievable if we aren’t willing to work through discord and strife. The sun will go through the same challenges that all planets in Libra must. There are a few limits and boundaries that might feel like a weight, until you muster up the strength to lift them.

September 24

Mercury in Libra sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius, both at 17°

Today’s astrology is a moment of levity in an otherwise heavy week. Take advantage of the bright ideas and bold conversations that come your way. In them you’ll find the keys to working through a few current difficulties.

September 25

Venus in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn, both at 13°

Today’s astrology feels like it lacks in loving kindness and over-emphasizes strict rules and guidelines. There may not be a ton of pleasure here, but any responsibilities tended to will most likely lead to some in the long-run. Boundaries in partnerships become a big deal. Knowing which to be firm on and which were erected out of fear makes all the difference.

September 26 

Mercury in Libra square Pluto Rx in Capricorn, both at 20°

Deep and cathartic conversations may not lead to peace talks but they will get to the truth. There’s no getting around astrology like this. We can choose to work through it or hide from it, but if we do the latter we just have to deal with it in another form, in another time.  
Aries & Aries Rising

September’s full Moon lights up your hidden life. What comes to consciousness now, needs to. Healing has its own time. Deeper truths only arise if and when we’re ready. The Harvest Moon primes you for such insights.  The efforts that you’ve made to have a better understanding of what’s pained you have added up. Hopefully this has created some space in you for a little more self-acceptance, a little less fear, and a lot more forgiveness for the mistakes you make as you try, learn, and be human. Let the cleansing nature of this moment leave you with lighter emotional baggage than before.  Open floodgates and prepare flotation devices.   This moment also lifts up the projects that you are working on behind the scenes. As they come to an important stage of their growth, consider how best to serve them. Be mindful of what they lack and be willing to work at correcting it.  As the Harvest Moon fades, so too does Virgo Season. Its close makes a point to inspire you to get your professional life that much more precisely put together. Taking a few key actions is critical at this point as you have a storehouse of power at your disposal. The impact you make at work is long-lasting and should be done with confidence, swagger, and skill.  As Saturn stations direct, it gives you a report card on the structures, boundaries, and responsibilities that you have taken on in your career. Over the past 5 months, this strict seductress has made it abundantly clear that nothing much can be accomplished in your professional sphere without your commitment to the process. This has not been an immediate gratification type of situation but what Saturn has offered you is the opportunity to fully investigate and reflect on what, and who, you answer to. Or should refuse to. If you want a little extra guidance for this full moon, I’ve got a reading, ritual, and guided meditation for you in A Workshop for the New Moon in Virgo, the Full Moon in Pisces, and the Astrology of August 30-September 27.  

Taurus & Taurus Rising

There is a place for all of us on this planet. It was made big enough, wide enough, and grand enough to hold all of our complexity. But more than that, it is dependent upon it. It is the diversity that we bring that makes this place whole. Generative. Gorgeous.  The Harvest Moon pulls focus on how you feel about your wide array of friends, networks, and associations. It comments on the importance of all the many connections you’ve compiled. It asks you to remember the dreams that originally drew you to them, acknowledges the power of your shared ideals, and comments on the reality of all you’ve manifest with them.  You don’t need to reinvent the wheel in your work with others, you just need to use it towards a collective vision for the dreamiest future possible.  As the full moon fades and Virgo Season comes to a close, the power of your creativity makes itself known. What you create is constantly shaping you; choose your projects with the shape of what you are growing yourself into in mind. The Equinox brings with it a departure in tone. Libra Season sees you hard at work and challenged in ways that demand the best from you. These little pitfalls and obstacles give you important pieces of your professional puzzle. Don’t fear the conflict and don’t mistake a little struggle for a small scene in a grand tale of triumph.  If you want a little extra guidance for this full moon, I’ve got a reading, ritual, and guided meditation for you in A Workshop for the New Moon in Virgo, the Full Moon in Pisces, and the Astrology of August 30-September 27.  

Gemini & Gemini Rising

The soul of your work is where the Harvest Moon wants you to place your attention. The world will tell you to sell out, but right now the only thing that will satisfy you is making an effort to bring your professional dreams into reality.  Without them there is only a shell of a role you play instead of the galaxy of possibility that could be. The full moon pulls focus on the efforts that you’ve put into your career and offers you some reflections on the ways in which you take up space in the world. Whatever your professional experiences have taught you over the past 5 months, this moment brings the lessons together. This synthesizing can help you feel much appreciation for the intersection of your efforts and the opportunities you’ve been able to run with. As Virgo Season comes to a close it reminds you how important it is to be determined in your efforts to create a solid and sturdy foundation for yourself. Winning in this area of your life is more about tenderness than triumph. In order to access the softer areas of self, being uncompromising about your power and when to wield it is essential.  Saturn’s station direct reminds you that without places to sort out and transform what is too hard to handle on our own, you end up weighed down unnecessarily. The healing structures you’ve been able to commit to over the past year and a half are revealing themselves for the sound skeletal system they are. When we refuse to do our inner work, partnerships become a funhouse, messing with our ability to experience intimacy. Keep building these places of respite, restoration, and reflection. Your relationships, and all the bounty they want to bring you, depend on it. If you want a little extra guidance for this full moon, I’ve got a reading, ritual, and guided meditation for you in A Workshop for the New Moon in Virgo, the Full Moon in Pisces, and the Astrology of August 30-September 27.  

Cancer & Cancer Rising

There may be no greater tragedy in life than a missed opportunity to appreciate how far you’ve come, how incredible your journey, and how awe-inspiring the process of your life is. The Harvest Moon comments on the dreams that you have realized for yourself – no matter what still feels like a mess. Whatever you do during this Moon, take a moment to reflect on the amount of energy, dedication, and luck it took to get you to this stage of your evolution.   As Saturn stations direct, the dynamics of your committed partnerships become clearer than they’ve been in a while. What you’ve learned about your boundaries and expectations of others will serve you well going forward. Knowing the difference between past dynamics and present ones saves so much time, energy, and hurt feelings. This learning process is far from over for you – it’s lifelong – but the insight you have gained provides you with a much more conscious understanding of the issues that arise repeatedly for you. Don’t take on what others refuse to work on for themselves. The last week of the month see you working on the foundations of your life. Libra Season sees you turn a couple of tight corners. Finding your way around each one teaches you just how much healing you’ve done – and that each layer you peel back helps you plant your life more firmly in the soil. If you want a little extra guidance for this full moon, I’ve got a reading, ritual, and guided meditation for you in A Workshop for the New Moon in Virgo, the Full Moon in Pisces, and the Astrology of August 30-September 27.  

Leo & Leo Rising

The full moon reminds you of the importance of composting. A process wherein nothing is wasted. A process that nature is relentlessly engaged in. A process from which abundance is an outcome.  If we want to grow, we have to make peace with letting go.  No experience, no mistake, no sorrow, and no slight is left unincorporated – all of it, no matter how challenging, is utilized by the organism that is your life.  It’s easy to forget our power when in the middle of molting. This current shedding is temporary, sensitizing, and important for the long-term. Your collaborations might be places for this high-speed growth. They also help you to make dreams a reality, reminding you that the process of doing so is far from perfect but so right for the present moment Saturn’s station direct comments on what the last couple of months have taught you professionally. Teaming up with the end of Virgo Season, Saturn’s station direct connects you to your desire to win financially. You’re being asked to strategize with the resources you have at your disposal. It’s not about being perfect, but it is about the moment being exceptionally suited to your specific talents if you choose to stick to your commitments and work through the fears that inevitably arise.  If you want a little extra guidance for this full moon, I’ve got a reading, ritual, and guided meditation for you in A Workshop for the New Moon in Virgo, the Full Moon in Pisces, and the Astrology of August 30-September 27.  

Virgo & Virgo Rising

As the Harvest moon blooms, it pulls focus on your commitments to others. What you’ve been able to build together, through dreaming and doing, is celebrated under these skies. What you’ve recently come through within your most important relationships leaves a long-lasting impact on you, and them.  This is a moment of exceptional sensitivity and the power of it is a gateway to radical change if you need it. Be gentle with your tender heart, even when you think it’s being dramatic (it may just be trying to get your attention). Your ability to be vulnerable with yourself is a skill that serves you incredibly well in this moment. It can be a challenging one to master, or even to practice, but doing so brings you insights that can’t be underestimated.  As the full moon fades, the last week and a half of Virgo Season reminds you of the balance between being thoroughly prepared and taking deep leaps of faith. When you commit to the practices that never let you down and you show up for the responsibilities that develop your talents, business has a way of taking care of itself. Worrying is a human reaction to life but redirecting your energy towards doing what you can in the moment leaves much less time for it. Apply the same philosophy if any financial or professional issues arise come the last week of September and as we shift into Libra Season.  If you want a little extra guidance for this full moon, I’ve got a reading, ritual, and guided meditation for you in A Workshop for the New Moon in Virgo, the Full Moon in Pisces, and the Astrology of August 30-September 27.  

Libra & Libra Rising

little disharmony is key to living a balanced life. There are solutions in the conflict, new sounds to discover in the discord, and there are ways in which you strengthen your core when teetering off balance. While the Harvest Moon pulls focus on your work routines, relationships and projects, you are asked to do the impossible task of balancing all of that against what you need personally. There are still a million details to tend to behind the scenes but look for opportunities to take micro naps, mini meditations, and make sure to stop by every refueling station you can.  As the Equinox initiates you into Libra Season, you might feel a little more under pressure – and for good reason. You’re being asked to run a much tighter ship, take the shape of things more seriously, and consider all the ways in which it’s time to step up your game. Even the smallest of adjustments can help you make major improvements. Be honest with yourself about what you need to eliminate, either temporarily or long-term, in order to accomplish what you’ve set out to. In order to help you feel more supported in the world, some things at home may be ready for an upgrade. Give yourself what you need, especially when you catch yourself thinking that it’s ridiculous of you to need it. If you want a little extra guidance for this full moon, I’ve got a reading, ritual, and guided meditation for you in A Workshop for the New Moon in Virgo, the Full Moon in Pisces, and the Astrology of August 30-September 27.  

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

The Harvest Moon gives you ample opportunity to witness how your creative dreams have recently come into form. It is a reminder to appreciate the immense power of your imagination and to always give it a place of prominence in your work and process. The visions that appear to you in relentless ways want to be brought into the world through you. Oblige them.  This full moon is a reminder that you don’t have to know exactly how your dreams will manifest in order to engage with them. They just have to know that you are willing to go through the process of realizing them and they’ll show you where to go and what to do once you do.  Because your creative process is so tied to the people you wish to serve with it, there is a direct call and response that you can tune into now.  Listen.  This isn’t to say that you need to shape things to other’s likes and dislikes, but the feedback you receive will more than likely inspire you to trust in the power of your creativity. Your community, your audience, and your networks let you know the impact and impression your work has made (and is making) on them. Let any creative triumph you have in this moment become an affirmation that you can use for future projects.  There’s an excellent pocket of time from the end of September to the beginning of December wherein work opportunities can help your bank account become especially abundant. Remember to go for the kind of work that has unusually good returns on the investment of your time and talent, both in material and soulful ways.  If you want a little extra guidance for this full moon, I’ve got a reading, ritual, and guided meditation for you in A Workshop for the New Moon in Virgo, the Full Moon in Pisces, and the Astrology of August 30-September 27.  

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising 

If history is written by the winners, it’s your job to triumph by revealing the truth of your roots. The Harvest Moon celebrates your ability to be honest about your past, willing to forgive yourself for what you didn’t know, and ready to keep working on connecting to your core, sourcing power from yourself instead of any position you hold or wish you held in the world.  You were brought here for a reason, born with a purpose, and made with care by the creative force that saw fit to mold you as you are. The full moon wants you to know this with no doubt, no shame, and no hesitation. Healing your relationship with your former life and former selves is hard work. Rest when you need. Go home early. Get into bed when it’s still light out. Make no excuses for your needs. You have a lot to accomplish out in the world, but your home-base is what will hold you through it. As Virgo Season comes to a close, it does so by granting you incredible drive to make an impact on your professional life – a totally different tone than the full moon created. This push and pull may be confusing and most likely points to the importance of having both aspects of life in as much balance as possible.  Get specific about what you can and can’t do. The more precision you bring to your professional life, the more impressed others will be, and the more consciously you can direct your energy towards realizing your intentions. Success takes both focus and the ability to understand what to cut out, what to move towards with confidence, and what support your system calls for. You’re going to have to figure out how to hold all the abundance coming your way in the near future. The end of September will also bring interpersonal dynamics to contend with in friend groups and your networks. Be fair when political dynamics need a voice of reason, but be firm when unnecessary drama tries to take over.  If you want a little extra guidance for this full moon, I’ve got a reading, ritual, and guided meditation for you in A Workshop for the New Moon in Virgo, the Full Moon in Pisces, and the Astrology of August 30-September 27.  
Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

The full moon pulls focus on your communications. What you have to say, get across, or put in writing is amplified by this lunation. Make sure that your content has clarity. This full moon will have a tendency to blur the points that you are making, but it can also tend to uncover what has been unclear, muddy, or a little chaotic. If your days feel like they are bursting at the seams, make sure to get some perspective. Remember that what you want in the long-term needs you to fight for it in the short-term.  Trying to avoid conflict is a sure-fire way to create some.  These lessons start to seep into your professional life mere moments after the full moon. Whether it’s you or those that you work with that have a problem being straightforward, the issues are unrelenting come the last half of September and the first part of October. This is a small segment of time, but it’s one that can help shape the trajectory of your career. Make sure to take the high-road in hopes of developing ever more integrity on the job and within yourself.  As your planet, Saturn, stations direct you are reminded that having authority over your life is your birthright, but one that you have to remind yourself of. Fear has a funny way of making us forget this and we have to be willing to deconstruct the myths it spins around our lives. Untangle yourself from stories where you are a passive participant in your own journey. If you want a little extra guidance for this full moon, I’ve got a reading, ritual, and guided meditation for you in A Workshop for the New Moon in Virgo, the Full Moon in Pisces, and the Astrology of August 30-September 27.
Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

The Harvest Moon shines its light on your resources and the ways in which you use them to make your dreams come true. Investing in your visions is imperative now. It takes more than money; it takes time, energy, love, and a relentless belief in your ability to figure out the next step to success.  Not taking the risk means never reaping the reward.  The full moon in Pisces brings up deep feelings about your worth, your work, and what you are meant to do with the abundance in your life. There’s no need to over-think your gifts. Your job is to trust them, give the excess you have access to away, and use whatever it is that you have to help others tap into their own wells of plenty. The more you do, the more becomes available for you to work with. Whatever you want in your life wants you to be more of a source for it. It’s a simple recipe for success, but not always easy to perform in practice. As Saturn stations direct you get clearer on the ways in which you’ve been able to create solid structures for your healing. It’s a process that is never done, nor perfected, but one that you get better at relating to over time. Take note of how the past 5 months have taught you to carve out time for yourself, time for your healing, and time for your projects to take shape. Your creative incubators are holy temples. As you worship at their altar with your commitment and devotion, you’ll gain greater clarity and clearer communication about what your projects need and how to give it to them.  If you want a little extra guidance for this full moon, I’ve got a reading, ritual, and guided meditation for you in A Workshop for the New Moon in Virgo, the Full Moon in Pisces, and the Astrology of August 30-September 27.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Your ability to tune into the needs of others is at an all-time high during September’s Harvest Moon. Your compassion pours forth. Your kindness is lifted up for all to see.   But this moment also illuminates your need for the same sweetness. Life is not one-sided; your relationships need not be either. Abundance comes when you know who to share your life with. Satisfaction comes when you strive to share it with integrity. Joy comes when you refuse to compromise being honest for being liked. Virgo season has taught you these lessons by making you reflect on your interpersonal dynamics.  As the light of the full moon shines down on you, celebrate the successes you’ve had and the strides you’ve made to relieve yourself of the shame that would’ve made you shrink in the past.

Take up the space that is yours to fill out and shine within. The world is ready for your work and in order to bring it to us you must refuse to play it small. Fear isn’t always a liar, but when it is, it is the worst kind. These last few months of 2019 want to help you exceed your own expectations. What’s possible when you make a real effort to leave a mark on the world is waiting for you to discover it. 

Meditate on the impact that you want to make on your profession, your community, and all those you care for, then bring that vision with you to work each and every day. 
If you want a little extra guidance for this full moon, I’ve got a reading, ritual, and guided meditation for you in A Workshop for the New Moon in Virgo, the Full Moon in Pisces, and the Astrology of August 30-September 27.

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