Late Edition for September 9, 2019: All About the Seventeens [videos]

As patriots worldwide eagerly await the return of our favourite Seventeen… Q being the 17th letter of the alphabet… I thought it interesting that Laura Walker’s ‘Oracle Report’ for today was very much about the Seventeens; right at the end of this short energetic update.

The seventeen influence is very strong—in more ways than one. Even when QAnon is not posting on 8Chan and the boards are completely down for over a month, Q’s wisdom is the gift that keeps on giving.

The lack of new drops forces the digital soldiers to go back to old crumbs left on a corresponding day one or two years ago to wring as much information out of the clues as possible. Searching is easy on

THE ORACLE REPORT | September 9, 2019

Remember the college writing professor here in Phoenix who taught his students about QAnon recently and showed them Joe Masopos’ inspiring video, “The Plan to Save the World”? Here’s an update…

Not surprisingly, the college wants Doug to see a psychiatrist. These people are unbelievable, because they’re unbelievably threatened. Their very existence is ultimately being destroyed and they’re terrified. Their evil regime is crumbling before their eyes.

OUTRAGE! The wrongthink Gestapo at work. Q is real. The Plan is real. Child ritual murder is real. Professor Belmore told his students about it, and now @mesacc are dragging him in front a “psychiatrist”, probably as a pretext to paint him as a nut so they can fire him. #TYRANNY

— Joe M (@StormIsUponUs) September 8, 2019

Utsava responded thusly:

— Utsava (@Utsava4) March 6, 2019

Who can forget Nurse Ratchet?

BTW, have you seen it? The Plan to Save the World? You must watch. I believe it will resonate with any thinking person. It’s only 13 minutes and exploding with hope and promise for a new world. It’s happening, at this very moment, and the Q army knows it.

Trump: Peace talks with Taliban ‘dead’

Don’t worry… this is all part of the strategy. We shall have peace. Eventually. Some day. Hopefully.

The President said he would “never, ever let you down” and I believe him.

It’s not really the Taliban anyway, it’s the CIA. They made up the whole ISIL/ISIS/Daesh/Taliban extremist thing to foment violence, war, and suffering. They trained the extremists and armed them. Obama gave them millions. It’s time their whole messy system was dismantled. We’ve had enough.

Tulsi Gabbard will say her piece and oppose the marching orders of the cabal. She’s her own woman and won’t tolerate their nonsense. She may be the only sane Democrat running for office.

Brave Democrat Tulsi Gabbard: “Unless a Woman’s Life or Severe Health Consequences Are at Risk – There Shouldn’t be Abortion in 3rd Trimester” (VIDEO)

Battle of the Network Stars?

Here (s)he is, Rachel Madcow, one of the worst media whores on the networks, lining up to duke it out in court.

OANN Files Multimillion Dollar Lawsuit Against Maddow, MSNBC

Here’s some good news… we’re gonna get Google.

Thomas has some other interesting headlines, as well. Some believe the Trump family is a long-lasting dynasty. We’ll see, won’t we?

The Biggest Investigation Into A Modern Day Company Is About To Take Place :coded:

And now I’m going to watch the speakers at the rally who have begun already. Don Jr. just got a huge applause.  ~ BP

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