Ascension Has Entered a Transitional Phase ~ September 5, 2019

By Amanda Lorence


ASCENSION HAS ENTERED A TRANSITIONAL PHASE. Some will NOW be in this phase, knowing it would occur via the internal clues, sights, visions, puzzle pieces each are given directly during the whole internal ascension journey. Occurring NOW due to the bigger design of the Galactic Timeline of events for Gaia, Humanity and Kingdom, Universe etc. If you are in this TRANSITORY space, you will KNOW you are, by what is happening to your own individual consciousness. Other human beings will go into this TRANSITION PHASE during the next weeks and months.

Those that experience this phase, (or shall) will have felt for approximately a month prior to this, that they were being PREPARED. They were/are…for their “Transition of consciousness”.

This TRANSITORY phase is a gradual process and ALL from within, it elevates our consciousness. It’s like a mental, emotional, etherical departure from the previous way of operating. We are changing, as previously shown by our individual ascension clues and puzzle pieces. As expected, as per the data we have individually been gifted for each’s ascension prior to this phase.

It is the TRANSITION of Consciousness of human being. From being primarily an awakened human being with/on a spiritual path, to transitioning into becoming ENERGY FIRST, or CONSCIOUSNESS FIRST, with a physical human vessel it can operate. To emphasise, it is a gradual, inner process. No one can do this for us. And no one has our own perspective (consciousness) as this occurs to each of us. The TRANSITION PHASE will permanently change our PERSPECTIVE, where our primary focus, perspective and interaction with ALL things becomes PRIMARILY ENERGETIC. ENERGY that is also seamless, everywhere, becomes us; becomes our PRIMARY fascination, desire, connectivity point, focal point, becomes the mind’s focus…where we know that through this upgraded perspective, a higher frequency data AND communication network exists with ALL things and with the nothingness.

We see, that the human language system of communication is an OVERLAY programme used by our brain only within the 3D and 4D frequency range and system, as a means to communicate human to human within that Hz range. As we transcend away from that Hz frequency range, we can still use that system of human language, but don’t really want to. As it is no longer our primary system of interaction when we upgrade. The desire to speak human language, and the desire to focus our human mind on listening to human language becomes less. Because we move AWAY from that frequency range (Hz) of operating. We move into the all pervading operating system that is of pure ENERGY, used by our human and raised conscious awareness, that operates at a different Hz frequency range. We move into BEING. Being energy, being consciousness, being aware in all moments of the seamless ENERGY that pervades all. THIS becomes our primary state. BEING ENERGY that also integrates as ENERGY, with ENERGY.

We are still transitioning into this state at the moment. A gradual process, all from within. We have known of this stage. It’s here. Gently does it. There’s absolutely no rush. Only the perfection and beauty of it unfolding.

So much love,

Amanda Lorence
5 September 2019


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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