The Karmicons Series (7/12) ~ August 28, 2019

Editor’s Note: Below is installment #7 from the 12-part series being sent to me by my Slovienian friend, Senad Dizdarevic. It’s really very encouraging to see similar thoughts and ideas as they arise in other areas of our globe! The thought shared today is how organizations, including religious denominations, can in fact actually be used as organizations for control of a least a segment of the human population.

Also, I also agree with concept of everything happening in the NOW. Karma is explained az being an evil concept that encourages action taken for false purposes. Karma is a Hindu/Buddhism thought based on the concept of “what a man sows, he shall reap” from a physical and spiritual angle…kinda like experiencing the effect of what you cause.

The concept of karma is common sense to me and perhaps Senad views this more strongly as an idea that is more “tangible”. For me, karma is a process and definition here may be problematic between American English and Senad’s native tongue (Slavic?).

I am enjoying these ideas and thoughts of spirituality which actually mirror many of my thought patterns. Please read this installment, balance this in your own mind, and…



Dear friends,
Dear friends, today you will see how the karmicons are forcing Evil in our
lives under the disguise of spiritual school.
Don’t be naive and fall for such stupidity. Be Good.

The karmicons are really not interested in Good; they care that there is
always enough of Evil. So-called balancing of Good and Evil means there is
at least the same amount of Evil as it is of Good.

There is enough Good and a lot of more than Evil in the world so they work
mostly with Evil. And they enjoy it very much. It is their precious substance
and their personal essence.

Their ideal »Good« or »Positive« or »Ideal« person (partnership, family,
organization) is half Evil half Good. That means that karmicons, too, must be
always in »balance« and at least half Evil. And they are. And even more than
just 50%. They are 100% Evil.

Karmicons law which is simply an eye-for-an-eye principle, presented by two
yin-yang eyes, is the most primitive, limited way of managing relationships. It
is just common (blood and bloody) revenge.

The Karmic system it’s institutionalized, legalized falsely »legitimized« Evil as
something Good. This system is by executing an eye-for-an-eye practice non-
stop producing bad karma and bigger Evil itself.

In the false »Spiritual School« they teach or better enstupid that Evil is equal
to Good, that there is the same amount of both and the two are equally

Truth is that all experiences have the same value. Their importance is
different for every person depending on their use for their goals.
Evil is not the same as Good because there would be the same amount as of
Good but it isn’t.

In simultaneity, all is happening at the same time, so there is no previous and
future lives. It is perfectly clear that there is no good or bad karma, too.
Karma is a lie, and they constructed it for manipulations and abuses. Karma
is their tool for sadistically torturing others. They enjoy even more when
people in ignorance accept their game and even try to please them and
become better:)

Karma is Evil

First, and in the natural state all beings were good, with no karma or with
»good karma«. The good ones aren’t good for karmicons so they judge their
goodness as half, bad and they add them bad karma for »balance«. First
karma is constructed, bureaucratic and arbitrary Evil.

Naturally good people are imbalanced for karmicons so they »balance« them
with bad karma. Or they see them neutral and they artificially give them
»good« and »bad karma«.

First, artificial and forced added karma means they force them to go to
incarnations and do Evil. Incarnants that are murdering others are karmicons
professional killers. They abuse naturally good people and force them to
enact their perverted fantasies. They pervert them and make them bad and
Evil because they want them to be the same as them.
Karma itself is so-called primal Sin and primal Evil.

When they spoil the naturals with the first karma they become karmicons
debtors. Adding and enforcing karma is artificial and arbitrary. Karmic
endebting is, in fact, adding, structuring and subordinating new members. It is
the same tactics as economic subordinating, abusing and enslaving people
with credits which is the regular practice of banksters.

First karma is a false credit you have to repay. Karmic debt is a debt to
karmicons. It is the duty to obey and serve the Lords of karma. It is interesting
that karmicons with adding the first and all bad karma and forcing others into
the Evil are adding bad karma to them, too. Except that their rules are not for
themselves, they are karma free.
To be continued.

Senad Dizdarevic
If you want to know more about the karmicons and the future of Earth read
my new book »Letters to Palkies Messages to my friends on another
planet«. You can get it on Amazon.

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