News Blast 23 August 2019 ~ August 25, 2019

Editor’s Note: Whew!! seems like I can post on my mother’s computer…at least for now! Please enjoy this “News Blast” from Disclosure News Italia which will bring us daily headlines of note from throughout the world. The tide is turning, my friends, meaning it’s more than ever time for us to BE…



News Blast 23 August 2019

News Blast 23 August 2019. By ENoCH.


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Thursday August 23rd News Blast

David Koch dies of prostate cancer at 79 
Tv news reports on if this world is a computer simulation 
Hong Kong protesters form 28 mile long human chain 
RBG treated for malignant tumor on pancreas 
Facebook blocks Pro-Trump groups from buying ads 
Delta flight delayed 18 hours at JFK airport 
Iowa professor says, “I am ANTIFA” 
CNN hires Andrew McCabe 
U.S. officials confirm Israeli strike in Iraq 
Federal Reserve Officials push back against 2nd rate cut 
Tariffs bumped 5% on China 
The price of gold jumps to highs not seen since 2013 
France to investigate rape charges linked to Epstein case 
As amazon burns Bolsonaro tells world not to interfere 
Missouri doctors find brown recluse spider in womans ear 
Some guy dropped out of the 2020 presidential race 
Prince William and Kate Middleton fly commercial 
Bluetooth found to be profound security risk 
Light rail train derails in California 
Trump tweets, give them a read 
No new Q posts 
What was the last thing you ‘payed forward’?ENoCH


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