Home is Where the Heart Is ~ August 16, 2019

By A Gift From Gaia

Today we have an exact square with Mercury and Uranus which really highlights this movement and expansion, it brings up the excitement and energy to move into new directions however as a square being a more uncomfortable position this is likely to shake the ground and show up the attachments to the old, Uranus always holds surprises, it’s a expect the unexpected stream to surf so we could well see news entering that creates the energy to shift and move rapidly. On the other hand Mercury could bring in some highly distorted conversations, people get sloppy in their approach but we could argue the true colours are being seen, again…..all is a gift when you realise it’s the truth we are seeking and therefore it’s the truth we shall experience.

Cosmic surfers will use this energy to see the multidimensional streams coming though and by observing and feeling into the possibilities will choose the most conscious actions to proceed, there are always huge opportunities to consider when Uranus is in play.

Moon opposes Mars today creates chaos, lower octaves are blindly aggressive and volatile, relationship voids become Seen and the chosen words aren’t always the kindest, and yet one could argue they are likely to be the most perfect in order to surf the stream of truth, this of course will be reflective of the discord within as all out there is a manifestation of the truth within, and therefore if you find yourself caught in the surf that appears way beyond your ability then perhaps its time to paddle back in to shore and sit with the observations and work it out from there.

Home is where the heart is, come back in, take the time and choose to be responsive as opposed to reactive. Cosmic surfers will use this furnace to identify any old emotional ego streams and purify in the fires, keeping the eye on the goal and allowing nothing to get in the way of the direction we are now set to sail. The UK’s weather today feels rather reflective, we are due a heavy downpour to last the entire day, an emotional release, guiding us to take shelter and coming back to the heart.

What we can notice here is the gift from Gaia in the weather we receive, so for example in a solar minimum we experience a cooling, the weather is often more rainy, more windy and more unpredictable, it changes the mood of the collective and yet by lowering our vibe we get to see the truth of those frequencies we hold, as though Mother is creating just that little bit of extra pressure for us to dive into those realms we try to avoid, which coincides with the energy of the cosmic rays that we are currently abundant in, its not about action, its about upgrading our DNA and in order to upgrade we’ve got to clear out the junk and rainy days are always best for clearing out inside. So next time you complain about the weather, have a think about how its shifting the collective, how essential it is for us to feel a little “let down” by a not so sunny summer and bring in the gratitude for what this frequency lowering weather brings to us as a WHOLE. 

The moon is also square Ceres today, bringing an uber feminine feel of the broken kind, this is where we may find our attachments rise, over nurturing, over supporting, unhealed healers, co-dependency gets shaken up to be viewed, realised and released but the energy is likely to feel raw whilst you are unaware of why its coming up. Open your eye to those who over give, and promise to take your woes away, and god forbid heal you with their idea of love.
Now would be a good time to look deeper into the subconscious drivers of those stepping into your field, or perhaps what you really need to do is take a good look at your own, what need are you trying to fill, what are you actually trying to prove, where are you seeking value out there in your actions, what exactly is your truth and therefore your agenda.

Cosmic surfers when there is this much movement there is only one path we take and that is focusing on within and being the example, we release the idea of fixing out there and we work with the energy as requested, from inside, making the shifts by taking the responsibility for what manifests in the reality and understanding the root in which it has grown from. We release the judgements and fill with the gratitude of all now being Seen and we expand our fields, we increase the light quotient in our web and we power up the unconditional love for all.

The collective is likely to be loud so take shelter, focus on the physical and what it requires for you to hold more light, choose to expand in areas that hold the space for you to do so, with ease. The need to smash and make room is no longer required and will only create burnout for you to witness the pointless task of all that effort.

We are due some solar winds today but no sign yet, I will report as we shift.


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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