SOLAR GRID, THE EVENT, CENTRAL SUN (description box) ~ 7/30 posted August 3, 2019

The Mayan calender, galactic calender and 13 moon calender is based off Sirius. And more people will start using this timing system, the 13 moons, as we continue further on the collective shift. Lion’s Gate, is the activation off the new galactic year & new cycle of the Divine Feminine. The Lions gate portal opens on the Galactic activation portal date after the New Moon in Leo on 8/1. From 8/1-8/3 the gate opens for the line up. The Lions gate Light codes begin coming through 8/1-8/3 The Central Sun Solar Grid is being activated from this gateway.

The solar wave thats coming through now will be lingering til after the New Moon. And more energy is coming through then before.

There are people that experienced the Event physically ALREADY on this planet. There is a reason for that. We are all playing our part. It is a binding unit for a higher dimensional reality. The Event took place in March 2018, the timelines are merging for more of the collective to experience the Event physically. I know this is hard to understand, but we all move beyond time. Some were just fully conscious of the experience prior to collective manifestation.

We are all linking up more consciously & subconsciously to the Central Sun. It is a being, that speaks to you. Connect up through your crown to the Sun then to the Central Sun, then back through the Sun and through your crown & down to your heart, then push the stream down through your root chakra to the earth and then central earth. You can do these daily.

New Moon- Sun & Moon both at 8 degrees Leo, during the 1st moon cycle of the new galactic year. The Magnetic Bat Moon Tone 1

Galactic Activation Portal Dates 8/1 & 8/3

Lion’s Gate 8/8, taking place on Blue Magnetic Hand, Also Tone 1. This galactic year is Tone 1. The moon cycle is Tone 1, and the day is a tone 1

I have gotten a lot of guidance on another Event/Wave of Light coming 2020 to prep for the “New Sun” to hit specific points of the new solar grid, linking the Central Sun through the Sacred Cosmic Fire. The energy is from the Central Sun, and comes through the physical Sun. There’s a merge of 2 Suns. Could be referencing the new sun cycle. Not sure

I was sent to Manhattan New York for a couple days for some Central Sun grid work, as this is an access point of the New Earth grid that is activating. The black out in Manhattan was part of this. The heavy energy has to be cleared. New grid points have to be anchored so the ones that were in control, are no longer accessing the energy. Anything that has been hidden, will come to light through all of us doing the work needed. We cant just sit & wait for things to change.
There’s been an energy clearing that’s taken place in Manhattan, which was beautiful- and Wells Fargo Bank in Manhattan New York. I don’t know how this will manifest in the physical 3D as far as Well’s Fargo and the clearing/activating of the new grid points.. all I know is what I was shown and why I was brought there. I felt very protected while there & my guidance was pretty happy & excited to have cleared energy & activated the grid, so I am too. We are all doing this in different ways, but it takes a group because we co-create. Higher planes, etheric cities anchor into the lower planes after clearing of the old energy takes place.. Atlantis cities have ascended to the ether, but are descending in consciousness to the physical throigh the clearing & activating of the grid.

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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