Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay ~ July 22, 2019


7/22 ANKoring of the BLUERAY MOTHER ARK a prelude to the BLEURAY LIONESS-GATE 8/8

Greetings dear StarONES, with Love We come once again to share this update…

The Law of One is a Sacred Science of the mechanics of Christ Consciousness and is the Natural Law governing your Universal Creation. The Inner Light of Christos-Sophia, when actualized in form, is the embodiment of an Eternal Human, which actualizes the direct relationship to the heart, mind and body of Universal force.

Starseeds and Indigos that have been undergoing activation waves after another, have been put through many tests of self-mastery to strengthen their energetic integrity and virtues, in order to prove their dedication and alignment to the Christos/Christa Consciousness. This is the energetic burden of service to others, where responsibility and power have been given. And when you abuse your power, you suffer.

Christos-Sophia upholds and restores the natural laws as the representative to serve others under the sovereignty provided in the Law of One. The only true path to sovereignty is to be fully aligned and obey the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, which directs the human soul to enlightenment, and to have a direct communication and relationship with the Universal Mind of Source.

“The original “ark” was gifted to the earth and it’s humanity eons ago. One of the purposes of this gift was to aid in the re-balancing of the supra-magnetic sheaths of this planet and thereby re-aligning them more closely to their ‘MOTHER’ REALM of the ‘BLUE Star’. The ancients called this first ark, the “Sacred An” or the “Ark of Grace.” The Sacred An was sent to aid humanity at a very crucial or difficult time, and it was the Sun-Born who were granted guardianship and operation of the Sacred An for the earth and all of humanity.

While Sun Born males guardian the Sacred An, it was the Priestesses of An who operated it and became the living oracles when necessary, for the transmissions received through it. It was in a Temple in what is now Lhasa, Tibet that the Sacred An was originally delivered. Therefore, the truest and finest purpose of the AN is as a VESSEL of GRACE. We speak here not only of the AN as a device but as a Holy Universal Merkabah.” ~ Maia Nartoomid with Spirit Mythos …

Our Sistar Lyra Wright received this download as a confirmation to many …

“The next strata I see as middle connector for above and below are the the 12 mile high Blue Lionesses that have been useful as guardians for New Earth. These are angelic mysterious guardians for earth and human beings of very high frequencies and hold 12 strands DNA/RNA, 12 sacred streams of Gaia, 12 Tribes of divine Human and the like to co-create with councils of 12 in various vibratory fields of perception that are both individual and collective for our growth in evolving spirals. I see these Blue Lionesses also as place holders/connectors for the Solar, Galactic and Great Central Sun codes, waves, Intel, rays, etc communicating with us and our planet as we are invited to our “seats” as Galactic citizens. Although this has been being presented to us and through us for decades, I feel its potency, closeness, need and even changing dynamics in new ways now. Yet, clearly those who want to control the earth with negative programing are desperately wanting to play out Atlantis again with technologies, fears and mind control. I do not feel that this will be successful; however, I do feel it is a call to step up to the plate and feel the Love and Freedom to anchor in new Majik and codes. Sound is powerful and useful now. Our voices, bowls, flutes, drums, chimes, chants, intentions, sound codes, languages of Light and more… are eager to sound forth and resound across the crystal grids overriding suffering and destructive old programming Now!” to read more….

With Love and Grace,

Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay Guardian of the MotherARK At the Blueray Council


Gratitude to the Artist

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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