The Ship is Soon to be Taking Off ~ July 19, 2019

Editor’s Note: What absolutely splendid advice which mirrors that from Michael Love today! (read that message here) At this particular moment, many Starseeds (including me) are re-visiting traumatic, or other painful periods in their past that are being faced. The reason for this last shaft of pain is to cause us to “release” the pain and LET.IT.GO.

Once the pain is “dismissed” (and only we can dismiss this through our thoughts), then our minds and hearts can open to the realization of true joy through a new beginning. It’s quite synchronistic that this last “purging of pain” process is occurring just before the close of the Galactic year, July 24-25 as the New Galactic Year begins July 26.

So…please join me in releasing pain form (y)our past, experience the peace and calm as a new cycle of life begins, and be…



By A Gift From Gaia

We are moving through an incredibly interesting and intricate part of this super important light filled year.

And for many of you it hurts…..

The data dump is well underway and has been for a number of weeks, the Solstice created a flip and now we move through.

But do you know what is exactly going on?

Do you understand why your reality has turned upside down and why it hurts so bad? Do you understand why your physical body is showing the signs of pain?

The keys are all here….

All is a reflection and an interesting one at that, as most have been programmed to avoid perceived pain, but are you aware it’s just your own creation of where you have been WEIGHTING for your reality to conform to your subconscious drivers, where you have fixed out there, waited for the response or reaction from another, attached or held expectations.

Where do you think all that condensed light must go?

It’s stored in the body and of course it’s creator…the mind.

Hence why many are experiencing what they call ascension symptoms

There are no ascension symptoms only sign posts where you avoid and hold blockages, these are symbols not symptoms….

Begin to be your own detective, work out where the programs exist and are rooted within you, drop those out there appointments with spiritual healers unable to See they are enabling you and avoiding Source it’s nothing but a scam because the only way to move through is to take the seat in your commanders chair and begin the process of learning to take full responsibility.

Do the internal work because you are only being asked to validate Self and from here the pain leaves, because as we release the mind from its programs we are no longer creating the discord within, therefore no longer creating realities you are required to see Self.

And whilst this is underway, are you aware that as your space clears that you are in high manifesting energies?

So be very aware of what you are feeling and thinking, as we act like magnets drawing more towards us.

When it’s gone let it go, don’t keep playing the old stories and calling it back in.

The ship is soon to be taking off, and we will be travelling deeper into the space within to discover yet more amazement of our Truth, we are stepping into our purpose which was only ever about being a game changer, an Earth Shifter or a new Quantum Pattern Designer.

So remember….embrace the pain and realise the sensations or experience as your truth, that you have avoided over this lifetime and many more before, that it no doubt runs thick through your ancestral line and it is NOW that we have the opportunity to move this.


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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