The White Hats Need Us: Guided Meditation Appeal from the Unknown Light Warrior for July 16 [video] ~ July 15, 2019

Editor’s Note: This IS the time to go within and support the Alliance, the Light, the Good and Positive with your hearts! Yes, I…like many others will be at work and cannot really “stop” for this event at 4PM EST, but…I can hold peace, joy and love in my heart at this time, and all afternoon as a matter of fact!

So…please read this message, know that the action, the affinity of your heart and mind Do have an impact on that which we do not see. But hey…you can’t SEE love either, but you sure can feel it! Consider the importance of your thoughts and feelings at this time (mass consciousness, you know), and be…


All hands on deck! This is big, folks. Jim has sent out email blasts on this and as can be expected, interference seems to crop up. Full moon, lunar eclipse, Mercury retrograde… it’s a lot going on.

In addition, there’s crazy energies bouncing around and they take their toll. As this update from Blue Koolaid shows us. Earth’s shields are doing the wah watusie and things are shakin’ with earthquakes, volcanoes, and wild weather.

Another Magnetic disruption hits Earth’s Shields

When we say, “the hits just keep on coming” we mean our assault on the evil ones.

The White Hats have hit the dark ones hard in the physical since July 5 with arrests, exposure of pedophile crimes, financial fraud, and much more, but there is still the non-physical element to deal with.

This is where the Lightworkers come in. We’re going to kick the wankers in the shins.  ;0)  (spiritual warfare at its best)

We have been discussing how forceful we Humans are; that the creative potential of imagination and visualization in the Human Being are staggering and uniquely powerful. That gift can be harnessed as a weapon against the unseen forces of evil.

We don’t know who Donald Trump really is on the spiritual stage, but he is a Light Warrior and our champion and we need to support him every way we can. QAnon is one of Trump’s “generals”, serving at the pleasure of the President.

Jim’s guided meditations are easy to follow if you have an imagination—and we all do! He always brings us status updates after the fact so we know how successful the counter-attacks on the dark are.

If you feel guided to lend your energetic prowess and intention to the collective war on the non-physical planes you can learn more below the following article at Jim’s blog.

Massive Cabal Base Taken-Out. Final Blocks Before Lightworker Activation, New Healing Tech, 144k Heads-Up – Even Bigger, More Intense Moves Coming Up.

Q told us, “United you are strong.”

Read the Oracle Report for today, July 15 from Laura Walker or watch the video here.

The email blast from Jim for July 15, 2019:

The White Hats Need Us

Firstly … corrected time is below. And although it’s Mercury retrograde, let’s just say it’s looking SUSPECT, that this is the 2nd time the 144k Mass Meditation tomorrow needed fixing.

And I’m not kidding when I say …

the White Hats Need Us

… because a lot of:

Black magic is being used against them (so not just against us)

The Cabal media (mainstream media) – which about 30% of the western population still follows … is still causing mass-division among the unconscious (and even conscious) portion of the population, which serves the Cabal’s goal of creating violence, DIS-unity & delay of planetary liberation

Mercury retrograde influence (which means ‘review & redo’) gives us an opportunity to truly resurrect the US CONSTITUTION … (remember, whatever the US does, the rest of the planet follows – that’s how the West has influenced the whole planet)

This astrological influence also applies to us, as to how we see ourselves as the 144k Army Of Light

After so much planning & patience, the White Hats are on the brink of a crucial breakthrough (especially as it relates to making the most out of the Epstein arrest) …

The positive factions in the US Military & Agencies need Trump to fully anchor the Light through every aspect of his being so this transition can happen quickly. They need us…the 144k united!

See Trump’s soul star chakra glowing with brilliant white Light as a vortex comes down & forms around him and his soul completely takes over his 3D avatar.

Here’s the latest update from SerialBrain2 on how exciting things have gotten, you’ll want to watch tonight … (click the image or link)

This latest update;  … by FM144 goes into some detail about how…

  • The Chimera & Archons influence planetary timelines (which is why the more advanced 144k Mass Meditations are so crucial)
  • The description of the entities that I’ve been seeing since-forever … that try to prevent Lightworkers from being activated & participating in Mass Meditations
  • Some tips on how to clear your house & your field prior to your role & participation in tomorrow’s 144k Mass Meditation

… and if you’ve been having a particularly rough time, and need or prefer a more comprehensive & robust form of support for your preparation / clearing – the very helpful mass energetic support of ‘The Teams’ with the guidance in the ICB … can be used … (skip the first 15mins, and you don’t have to do all of it) …

… to insure you’re absolutely ready for tomorrow, where we make history. Because that’s what we’re here for.



… for the World-Wide Lunar Eclipse – 144k Mass Meditation

( … and there will be a 15min 144k version at the end too, at the eclipse maximum (listed below) for our beloved 9 to 5rs   :- )

Date: July 16

Join Time: 4pm EDT (US)

Start Time: 4:10pm EDT

Your Timezone:

Link for Live Guided Broadcast: Click here for the radio section of the 144k member’s area

Lunar Eclipse maximum: 5:30pm EDT

… see you on the non-physical!

Time to get activated & swing into action …

Yours In Service …

The Unknown Lightwarrior

Website: Return To Your

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