When Less is More… ~ July 13, 2019

Editor’s Note: I’ve already spoken about my feeling unusual today,,,in a good kind of way and reading this piece from Lisa Trancendance Brown has really helped my understand these feelings a bit better!

On reflection, I have felt to be an “observer” in this world as most of seems as if I Am watching a play. No, no I Am not taking psychoactive drugs, now do the men with straight jackets need to arrive. Rather, I think to be ‘sensing” something important headed my way.

Because,my friends, although we are seeing tremendous positive changes in our world, the Ascension” experience truly IS individual as each person/soul wakes to its own self that just IS.

So…really read this piece by Lisa Trancendance Brown I had to slow down and re-read due to it’s depth), see if you can tear yourself away from the distraction of the 3D world, your mind will find inner peace, and be…



When Less is More… Everything is Simple… 3D Chased “more”, needed “more”, defined reality by “more”…

and then it’s “time” to “wake up” and shift to a space of “less”, so that
“more” can come forth naturally, organically and without any attachment or cords…

5D is the opposite
Where “more” has nothing to do with anything “outside” anymore….

More is being so completely WHOLE and FULFILLED from inside
BEing ONE with all again
It’s Divine Presence
Divine Everything
Where Oneness is where ALL is….

6D – 12D Takes everything much further
Affecting everything on a much greater scale and in every way…. Aloha Heart Expanding NEW Earth RAYdiance!
It’s been awhile (again), as I’ve been so thoroughly inJOYing the
magnificence of these energies and all that presents through full
presence, deep inner connection and allowing for all to occur naturally,
organically and simply….. where pure peace, love, and unity exists….. I
continue to “work” and “do” daily, just differently than these last many
years, because of all of the new templates we are “installing” every
month, that continually shift/morph and expand all of our lives and roles

Yes, on a multi-dimensional level there is much going on (as each
dimension experiences “real”ity differently), where the “higher we go”,
the simpler all is…. the “lower” our own vibration/consciousness, the more complicated/challenging everything is, because there is more deeply
embedded ego-matrix programming that has to be unraveled/weeded
through by each, in order to create/achieve a full vibrational/energetic
shift. This is all a part of a vast multi-dimensional tuning, shifting, clearing and expanding process….

Awakening shakes everything up, dismantles the old and loosens the
“hold/grip” that unconscious programmed beliefs/realities held. Ascension takes everyone deeper inward to REALLY CONNECT, so that “other
dimensions” can be accessed, experienced and brought forth and FELT as actual experiences/realities here. That “delving into the depths” is how
our “old” dies/dissolves and our NEW Earth is born, birthed, accessed…. as a part of an increasing death/rebirth cycle that accelerates to reach “Zero Point”, where everything and nothing all exist within the same SPACE.
Reaching this “place/space” is challenging at first, because of all of the linearity in the way…. yet as our bodies completely relax, surrender and are
allow for all to CONVERGE INTO ONE…. this cycle changes in “frequency”
and it’s no longer a “death”, but a continual birthing process that increases as we all go…..  the “death” cycles change to energetic ones, as we no
longer “allow/perpetuate/play out” the old unconscious realities anymore. The old “dies” as we expand INTO other dimensions that present all new
realities instead. It becomes “easy” to say “no” (no longer acceptable as
“real”ity) and move on to creating, building, living NEW EARTH AS OUR
ONLY REALITY….. which is very different, because it’s Quantum, so all is
“done” energetically and through our own fully expanded consciousness…. where the physical serves very different purposes/roles…. 

“Leaving” (letting go of) the old ways is challenging and scary at first, as
the “new way” is through the fear…..which dissipates the illusion and opens up portals to much higher dimensional realms. The “fear” is a survival
mode that’s been deeply instilled within all…. so “breaking free” from
illusory beliefs means choosing a whole new/completely different
“real”ity (INSIDE) and allowing for that/those realities to become “real”,
instead of shutting them down, dismissing them or trying to control “how” like before….

HIGHER DIMENSIONAL REALITIES are of a much Lighter Density (so
there are floating, soft, tingly, foggy groggy feelings when we are
anchoring/shifting densities). In order to live them fully, our bodies have
to clear the immense density held. As we become LIGHT’r inside, we learn to live free, in Divine flow and allow in ways we would not before….
where each of our NEW (Earth) realities can “replace” the old where each allows….

ANCHORING the new means HOLDING IT fully and APPLYING these new codes/ways to our entire lives, which occurs as we integrate these
PHOTONIC CODES within our entire BEing…. and embracing our OWN
LIGHT fully, honoring ourselves/bodies fully, so that they/WE can literally become Plasma Crystalline and transmit LIGHT out through our own field …. naturally and organically, through presence and heart-connection/
consciousness ACTS….

HOLDING THE FIELD IN PLACE, means we are fully embodied, which
means we don’t have to “try” at all…. it means that WE ARE BEING PURE
LIGHT and how we live our lives reflect this out and back in every

INNER FREEDOM CODES continue to bombard… These are COMBINATION CODES…. (PURE Joy, Peace, Purity, Love, Kindness, Caring, Openness, Inner abundance, fulfillment, excitement, innocence and wonder-filled through connecting  on a much Deeper  Level within ourselves = REMEMBERING), which is so amazing to experience and feel. These SHOW EACH infinite
possibilities and then where there are/were perceived/believed limits in
place still and where they are not yet fully free INSIDE, so that conscious
choice/decisions/shifting can dissolve the illusions of before…..

STABILIZING and holding your absolute highest everything fully, means
that you let a lot of things go that no longer support (are HIGHEST
aligned). Because NEW EARTH IS CONTRIBUTORY, then what you have to “offer” comes from your PURE and DEEPLY CONNECTED HEART…. It’s not “things” at first (this comes as we truly get it/understand). Where you
don’t hold the ego conditions and limits of before…. you do not shut portals/doors, you don’t limit the amount of LOVE shared, you don’t place limits
on OPENNESS, CONTRIBUTING and SHARING — only the ego aspect does
this. Recognizing your responses, your energy, your mindsets and your
own “stance” will show you so very much, when you are truly paying
attention and willing to actually see, then do what’s highest aligned for
shifting everything vibrationally…..

Remember, these are vibrational realities, not linear ones…..
EVERYTHING IS ENERGETIC FIRST…. so the energy each holds, the energy each transmits out, the energy and vibrational frequency
(density/linearity are heavy), dictate the frequency bandwidth each’s
body occupies …… and to shift our consciousness begins an alchemical
process (in the body) to LIGHT’en up/raise and literally shift into a
different/alternative reality to experience….. (it can be “that easy” if all
allow it to be).

everything is SIMPLE and you have the capability to maintain the
Geometric Constructs of the UNIFIED FIELD FULLY from within yourself.
You have the ABILITY to shift anything or choose to release it, let it go,
move on and shift into a REALity that is much higher aligned…..

Yes, the old is dismantling in every way, re-configuring in every way, as
this is how Quantum REALities work (and long awaited for by us all). NEW EARTH REALITIES are built upon a completely different/new
FOUNDATION (Purity/Unity/Love/Oneness) and “realities” are
re-constructed according to “new” (and intricate living, breathing,
moving) Photonic Geometric Codes and Sequences, where all is SIMPLE
and vibrationally aligned from our HIGHEST everything….  therefore
everything is constantly “moving, shifting, morphing, changing) as these
geometrics are constantly doing this…. inside and outside too…. in order
for all to TAKE NEW FORM…. and held in place from deep inside…. where that purity and love exist…. where ONENESS is EXPERIENCED and
translates OUT through each’s behavior, treatment and expression…..
silent or spoken, doesn’t really matter, as the “transmission” is
ENERGETIC…. and “occurs” regardless of the words. It’s a soft touch, a kind word or gesture, a pure caring that the ego aspect doesn’t hold. It’s a love so pure that it’s FELT through inner connectedness, beyond POWERFUL
and so subtle at the same “time”…. which can take our breath away, leave us speechless and bring forth the most profound depth of  FEELings that
we didn’t have access to when we existed in separation within ourselves
before…. yet through Divine Inner SOUL Union… we all do. And this is the “start of our new”. THIS MOMENT, THIS FEELING, THIS BREATH, THIS
CONNECTION… this is what BIRTHS….. a whole new reality to become visible/experienced/felt from within our every moment/every day world…. 

This is what everything is…. Formless until materialization occurs…. you
get to play with it, reshape it and shift it…. tweaking, tuning and realigning all…. so that the vibrational match you receive/experience can be as
vibrationally aligned as you are….

Part of Mastery and Quantum Realities is living from your highest and
most Expanded States of Consciousness so fully that you allow “the new” to come forth from WITHIN YOU….. and you “see” from deep within you….
which means you are not “trying” like before…..

We stop “trying” and we connect deep inside, we expand, we integrate,
we JUST BE….. and we “do” each day as is highest aligned from deep
within…. so that all of those amazing and magical realities can
arrive/materialize/come forth with greater ease….. 

InJOY your Quantum REALities! ♥

Where everything is available through PURE PRESENCE and DEEP Sacred Connection from this space/now. ♥

Keep your fully connected heart wide open, as shifting is a natural
occurrence when you do (and keep it open so you can “stay there”). ♥

The dimensional experience you “have” is then a fully conscious
choice/decision and made/held in place by you! This will naturally “call
forth” new opportunities, experiences and realizations, because YOU ARE OPEN and ready for this. ♥
RAYdiating OUT the Purest Form of LOVE tor your heart-soul to receive, while holding the deepest Sacred Respect and appreciation for all that you are BEing and DOing as pure Divine Love too,

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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