5G to 5D: Where We Are and Where We’re Going [video] ~ July 9, 2019

Editor’s Note: I “get” Starship Earth’s frustration at the seemingly endless show of Planet Earth’s toils and troubles…it just ain’t no fun being here right now.

However, I do see the point of humanity holding the line against evil and how the benefits of Light being triumphant on Earth will change everything for everyone…in the Multiverse!

Just think for a moment of your consciousness (NOT your head, but rather your heart). Humanity will indeed change consciousness…but right now we have to physically STOP the body to allow the consciousness to raise in vibration, the body just cannot handle a vibrational change of that magnitude. The upcoming Shift/Change/Event (your choice of words) will be the FIRST time anyone/anything has changed their state of existence by changing dimensions WITHOUT physical “stoppage” (Death).

Although this next comment may be off-puting for many, it is wise to remember that nothing that has happened on Earth that the souls involved have not been aware of. Pre-birth contracts are there as un-remembered “knowings” that will become our experience on Planet Earth. Do I want to be in bad mood due to my suffering from someone else, or…do I wish to be in a great mood because I AM in control of my life!

So…please read the article below, join me in feeling GREAT because Love Wins, our FREEDOM is right around the corner,and be…



The following is a different sort of discussion, beginning with the truth about 5G and ending with our final destination coming up… soon… on our parallel or mirror Earth in the fifth density, or 5D.

It may sound a little out there, but for the most part it closely resembles the information we’ve had from Yellow Rose for Texas when she got specific in this video, and from Thomas Williams, both of whom resonate strongly with me.

When one considers what the near future on this Earth might entail, it fits the vision of what we deserve: we move on to the higher frequencies and elevated consciousness and leave the psychopaths to deal with what they created for us—trapped—as they trapped us. No tech.

Let them swallow their own tail and destroy each other. We are not reverting to old timelines. They are not in charge.

The food shortages that some fear may ensue due to the destruction caused by the psychopaths’ weather weapons would not be our problem. Nothing they planned for us would be our problem. They made their bed and they will have to lie in it. I think that’s poetic justice, don’t you?

Reality is not what we’ve been told. It’s time Humanity got to wake up to the dream, and who we are, and Pattie says the ones in charge can make it happen any time they choose. She disagrees with putting off the transition any longer as people are suffering.

“The world is about to change.”  ~ Q

Pattie Brassard doesn’t think it will be long in coming, and even Thomas Williams’ recent remarks suggest the same. This conversation took place two weeks ago and they threw out the date “July 5”. Others have said things will happen beginning July 5, as well, and that was the Epstein tidal wave that will wash away the worst scum of the Earth.

The only part of the conversation that seriously did not resonate was the bit about the pole reversal and having to live in self-sustaining homes where we can’t go outside or we would perish, and would practice husbandry inside. The schematics are shown in the video thumbnail below.

Why would Trump, Q, the military, and everyone else in the trenches do all this work to prepare this world FOR THE SATANISTS, and leave us to deal with a situation like that, or food shortages, or any other negative circumstances for ourselves? It makes no sense to me.

These revelations do, however, suggest that the obsession with money is perhaps something we can relinquish. Rose said we will not have money in our new world, and Pattie says that ultimately we are creator gods and can manifest whatever we choose. They both tell us we will be taking things with us that we want to have in our new home. Do we really need an RV/GCR to unfold now? Some things to think about.

Karen works very hard at making life here better and safer for everyone, and Pattie does as well to some extent, but says she was told to back off on the major efforts. Why struggle to change what is here when we will be leaving it? It does make sense to tackle the multitude of ways the psychopaths have employed to destroy us, however, as they never stop trying.

The above might have a bearing on how much time and energy we devote to the physical war and how much to our spiritual evolution and nurturing.

There has to be some grand plan being executed here if they can remove all the real Humans in 15 minutes. (have heard that elsewhere, as well)

Why the hell are we still here? Have we not paid a great enough price in this “experiment”? It failed. Miserably. End it! And hold the ones responsible accountable so they don’t make the same mistakes again.

Why prolong the suffering? Because the ones in charge are not the ones suffering. They just watch, and make decisions on our behalf.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being a science experiment where we’re told little about the reality, just expected to follow orders, never knowing for certain whose agendas are in play.

Thanks for the share, J. It might indeed explain all those extra heavenly bodies researchers are capturing on camera. May this insanity end soon.  ~ BP

Exopolitics, with Alfred Lambremont Webre presents

Karen Lucyk Macdonald & Pattie L. Brassard: Transition from 5G Genocide to 5D Density Shift

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