Twin Soul ascension report ….Solstice is the game changer…..Huge transformations for 144000 divine pairs ~ June 17, 2019

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now, in this sacred moment of your time, with exciting news to share with you from Beyond the rapidly diminishing Veil.

Extremely powerful energies are building up now for the solstice gateway, and please know that this solstice will bear witness to yet another vibrational upgrade for all of you personally and also for the Collective. Indeed the Solstice portal point is acting as a culmination point enabling many many low vibrational timelines and cycles to complete around this time.

Many of you will be tested in this upcoming cycle with regards to trusting your intuition…..if you willingly disregard your intuition then please know that in some cases your intuition will have to become much much louder,  and this is something that we do not wish to happen for any of you, because when your intuition becomes louder this can often take the form of very challenging physical symptoms or very challenging relationship problems. Beloveds it is much better to take heed and follow the guidance of your higher self as and when it comes.

As we align with the energies of Solstice, those of you who are staying in relationships that do not feel like home on every level of your being will be even more deeply challenged. For many of you who are reading these words and who are still involved in karmic relationships, please know that these relationships serve a purpose, and in often cases this is to teach you about polarity. These relationships are attracted into your energetic field to show you exactly what you “do not” want to experience in your eternal divine Union with your twin soul. These relationships show you clearly what conditional love is and what it is like to be loved with conditions.

The vibrations of the Earth will continue to rise exponentially resulting in the Veil between the interdimensional realms becoming virtually non-existent. This means that everybody who is perpetuating the Maya – the illusion – the 3D holographic matrix patterning. Please know that all that is not authentic and in alignment with your highest God consciousness will be dropping out of your energetic field in the upcoming weeks and months.

Our advice to you is to let it go because what is coming is infinitely more aligned with your souls energetic signature and as such will be able to satisfy you and fulfil you on such a profound lead that you cannot even comprehend this with your rational mind.

what with the intense energetic bombardments that are relentlessly incoming now,  it is absolutely imperative that you stay on top of your hydration, and that you remember to ground these energies by walking bare feet on the earth, also a reminder to stay in non reaction mode and fully commit to being in Observer mode, that all of your emotions can run freely just like a child, whilst eternally taking responsibility for yourself and how you project your emotions.

For many of you you are experiencing anomalies with your diet please listen to your body and eat what your body directs you to eat, and fast when you are directed to fast. It is very important that everybody listens to their body in terms of resting when they need to.

So many upgrades are taking place in the dreamtime beloveds, also when we rest this is a powerful opportunity for our nervous system to settle and recalibrate all the new upgraded photonic light frequencies. Please know that this transformation that we are all experiencing- the transition from carbon based to crystalline based is a huge and momentous task for the human vessel to go through, and in many ways is very stressful for the human vessel. This is why it is absolutely imperative that everybody listens diligently to their bodies and rest when they need to and drink water when they need to and fast when they need to and walk bare feet on the Earth and they need to.

If you take the words in this Ascension report on board you will benefit enormously and the symptoms that you are experiencing will be lessened exponentially. Please know brothers and sisters that it is our greatest honour to join with so many of you for the solstice transmission that is taking place this Saturday the 22nd of June. We are being strongly guided to work with the Golden dragons who are the Dragons that are guarding over this particular planetary Ascension. The Golden dragons are guarding over the Golden Age timeline and we will be working with them to fully absolutely and completely implement the Golden Age timeline into the crystalline grid of Gaia.

It is important to note that we are currently closing down the timeline of Kali yuga and we are opening up the timeline of the Golden Age. This is why it is so important that we empower this timeline collectively in our ground crew high vibrational Ascension groups.

For those of you who come forward to take part in this transmission please know that you will receive a highly auspicious blessing and personal contact from your own golden dragon who coexists within, and as an aspect of your higher self.

The Golden Dragon holds the keys to many of our spiritual gifts and also holds the keys to assist us in aligning with our highest divine destiny.

The transmission will be taking place in a brand new group and everybody who signs up receives the PDF with full instructions to join the brand new group on Facebook and for everybody who cannot make the live call please know that it is just as powerful to Tune In at a later time.

We very much look forward to Gathering with all of you for the Solstice transmission

Huge energies are building up now towards the 8.8 lionsgate as the Earth Aligns with the star system of Sirius.

Please know that the work that we are doing in the solstice transmission is directly related to aligning and preparing the Earth’s energetic grid for the 8.8 lionsgate

In love and eternal light

Jen and the white wolf tribe

here is the link to book onto the Solstice transmission 


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