Solar Storm – Intense Energies ~ May 15, 2019

Solar Storm. By Kate Spreckley.

Over the past few days Solar activity has been increasing with a solar storm heading in our direction.

It is predicted to reach the Earth’s atmosphere by the 15th.

A solar storm is a massive explosion in the sun’s atmosphere.


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These storms affect all layers of the suns atmosphere accelerating electrons, protons and heavy ions close to the speed of light.

Studies have found a direct connection between solar storms and our human biology.

The electromagnetic activity of the sun affects not only our electronic devices but also our electromagnetic energy field.

We are physically, mentally and emotionally altered by the electromagnetic activity of the sun.

The physical impact of a solar storm can bring headaches, heart palpitations, fatigue, mood swings and general discomfort.

Solar Storm - Estimated Planetary K Index

Estimated Planetary K Index

Solar Storm

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The energy flow in the body can also be altered creating a feeling of being hot or cold.

One can also experience the sensation of electricity moving through or into the body with extreme environmental sensitivity.

Emotionally solar storms can trigger the awakening of deep seated and hidden emotions which we need to heal and release.

These intense energies are very beneficial and support our healing, growth and evolution.

Make it a priority to ground yourself, hydrate and rest as much as possible.


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