Current Updates for May 4, 2019: Jim Stone on the Gurnee, Illinois Recycling Plant Fire & Gitmo 737 Water Landing in Florida ~ May 4, 2019

Following is some info from Jim Stone’s website I found interesting. Apparently Jim found the Gitmo plane incident as interesting as I.

QUESTION: Boeing 737 Max or a different 737? Pilot error, or computer glitch? AND . . . . . . GITMO. You can’t make this stuff up, SEE THIS.

We shared the DAHB0077 video recently about this fire. Everything is suspicious any more, isn’t it? Nothing is what it seems.

Jim’s older posts are at the bottom; newer ones on top.

This is the recent coverage from Fox.

Explosion at Illinois factory kills one person, two more presumed dead, officials say

Jim’s posts…

DEFINITE COVER UP AT AB SPECIALTY SILICONES: It appears the explosion in Illinois won’t make the MSM news cycle.

There is something fishy with this. They buried it. Here is what went on: This morning I got up and tried to get info on this company that totally blew to smithereens last night (that I reported at the time) and I could not get information on them because every last search reference available brought up nothing but the explosion and pictures of the explosion. This buried all the references to what the company actually did. Their site was down also so I got that info off their archived site. So I wanted to see if I could get daylight photos a few hours after sunrise, and now there is absolutely nothing about this company that you can get to about the explosion coming up (totally inverse situation) and all you get is their promotional stuff the search engines would have returned before the explosion. Additionally, the Google street view link I posted has been turned down into the road and zoomed in totally, so when people click it they get garbage at first. WHY would Google do that?

They won’t shut down the search engines for nothing, something is definitely amiss here. One of the on the ground Twitter reporters is still online HERE but he’s starting to get trolled.

About the silicone factory in Illinois that blew up last night

It appears they want it expunged from the news cycle. Here is what went on if the censor bots kick in to hide something:Last night the police were chasing and had caught a van that supposedly had a bunch of antennas on it that (supposedly) was involved in a blast at a silicone factory in Illinois. This blast was felt for about 40 miles and blew all the windows out of everything in the area. The factory is gone.

The factory was called Specialty Silicones, and their web site is down this morning. According to the Wayback machine they had a state of the art lab for research into silicone compounds and they made exotic stuff.

The blast seems far too large for the casualty count of a couple dead and a few injured. Debris was scattered over an area more than a thousand feet across and windows were blown out in the area. Maybe no one was working. But if no one was working, how was there an explosion? Well, that would be why the police chased down a van that they thought did it. They said on the police scanners that the van triggered the explosion via remote. Last word on that was that they had it cornered but they could not get anyone out of it. Then the topic died. So my guess is someone in the van got into the place, planted a detonator and blew something up and for whatever reason the authorities want it hush hush. If the place was not operating, something probably blew it up via a little external help.

There is a way to possibly figure out if that is what happened – the casualty count. If when it all works out only a few are dead or injured, it was probably someone blowing the place up. If in the end there are hundreds of dead and injured, it was probably a work place accident. Media blackout equals inconvenient info.

Google sabotaged the link “This is what blew up” by changing it to a blurry aerial view that is zoomed in to the road and all you can see is a blurry surface. You have to hit zoom out 5 times and then get back on the ground. This “fake news” site is obviously not privileged enough to just have it work.

ENORMOUS explosions in Gurnee Illinois Here is a picture of the approximate location of at least one of the explosions (approximate is all you need because debris was scattered for blocks) and after carefully examining this, This is what blew up. It is so GONE that it was hard to make sense of the videos people posted.No word on any foul play with this yet, it could have been an accident but it will take a while to know for sure.Government contracted Boeing 737 crash
Plane from GITMO in the river in Jacksonville Florida

ENORMOUS explosions in Gurnee Illinois


I don’t have a lot of details yet, but here’s the text from this Twitter feed

Gurnee, Illinois… At this time we know the following… this is a set of explosions, not an accident. Currently the police have a suspect tied down but not in custody. Police are worried as he is considered suicide by cop with explosives…. @CBSLA

Possible orig as attack on a plant, not sure what kind. CFO of plant is on location and talking with authorities now.

Now authorities discussing a “possible conspiracy that someone set it off remotely”.

Blast was so large they are now shutting down all rail service in area for inspections.

A witness said that while she was driving down Delany she heard a large boom and saw debris flying through the air. When she turned onto Sunset Avenue, she saw more insulation and debris in the air and then saw a second boom.

Video from social media shows the aftermath of the explosion and fire. Many of the initial reports of the incident came from Gurnee, where residents said they heard the explosion and felt their homes shake.

Crime scene command vehicles have been set up in area. Bomb squad on scene now.

Still no word or confirmation of cause.. several explosions heard after initial large explosion.

My comment: Let me guess: This explosion happened at a silicone plant. So a right wing nutcase blew the place up because it was making materials for the abortion industry or something else he did not like. If that’s where they take this story, DO NOT CALL ME A PROPHET. BARE MINIMUM: RIGHT WING NUTCASE BLOWS UP FACTORY.

DO NOT call me a prophet, because this game is getting too old for that. 70/30 odds. Any bets anyone?


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