Waking Dream – Laka – Pleiadian Collective ~ march 18, 2019

Waking Dream – Laka – Pleiadian Collective. By Kabamur Taygeta.

About Kabamur – One of Many, Many of One – Pleiadian Collective

Waking Dream


Greetings Beloved Ones!

In These Moments Left In The Waking Dream That You Call Your Life And Know As Reality, We Remind You Of The Many Addictions And Actions That Were Planned For You Before You Even Arrived.

Waking Dream


Some Were Born To Caring Families And Some To Insanity And Evil.

Before You Become Upset At The Words, Remember The Higher Self Has Planned Your Experiences To Go Deeper Into A Matter Or To Live As An Opposite Aspect From Another Story,

Cintamani Jewels
Waking Dream


Never For Punishment, But Rather To Balance Energy And Understanding.

This Is The Reason For So Much Chaos!

You Forgot Who You Are And You Do Not Like Your Choices As Human!

Who Would Choose This Planet? You Did!

Waking Dream


Some Call It The Earth School For It Is Where You Experience The Deepest Sorrow, Regret, Division And Confusion On What Love Is And Is Not!

Breathe Now!

Waking Dream


There Have Always Been Dark Forces Of Energy That Attach To Humans Once Here.

But The Light Of Prime Creator And The Many Angels And Races From The Cosmos Also Surround You And Assist You On Your Way Through The Carnival.

Waking Dream


We Remind You To Eat Pure Food And Drink Pure Water When Possible.

The Endless Chemtrails That You Have Observed For Many Years Have Polluted The Land And Water, Made Animals Sick And Poisoned Your Body.

Waking Dream


The Same Dark Forces That Are Behind This Have Created Multiple Forms Of Toxic Medicines That Are More Harmful To The Body Than Taking Nothing!

Big Pharma Is A Money Making Empire With No Thought Of Human Life.

Waking Dream


We Also Will Warn You That With The Increase Of Knowledge Has Come Many Forms Of Entertainment Which Cause Brain Changes.

The Endless Social Media, News On MSM, With Endless Flashing Commercials That Your Brain Is Not Able To Process, Cause Harm And Mental Upsets Over Time.

Laka - Pleiadian Collective


Be Aware Of How Many Hours You Sit Before A Screen And Equal This Time With Nature And Meditation, Speaking With Another, Enjoying Pets, Volunteering For A Good Cause.

All Of Nature Will Provide You With What Is Needed For Your Soul To Thrive!

Waking Dream


Many Of The Mass Shootings That Are Foreign To Other Planets And To Those On Earth That Live Deep Into Mountains And Land And Have Nothing To Do With The Latest App And The Most Violent Movies; Are Caused In Part By What These Feed On That Harm Others.

Laka - Pleiadian Collective


Insanity Is On The Rise In Your Reality.

Those Killing Masses Of Others For No Reason Except An Agitated Hatred Which Is Fear From Over Stimulations Of The Nervous System!

Breathe, Beloved Ones!

We Give You Obvious Secrets To Remind You To Go Outside!

Laka - Pleiadian Collective


Find Peace Within And Look At The Beauty Of Earth!

Remember Who You Are And Why You Arrived!

You Do Not Need Constant Entertainment And The Addiction It Brings!

You Were Born To Love, Experience The Soul!

Laka - Pleiadian Collective


Knowing That The Projected Body Is Merely A Way To Experience And The Brain Is Only A Conduit For The Consciousness That You Are!

You Are Sacred And Your Purpose Is To Expand And Spread Light And Move Forward To Awaken Again And Again! You Are Living A Waking Dream!

Laka - Pleiadian Collective



Awaken With Us, Beloved Ones!

Soon All Will Change!

Enjoy The Ride And Rise In Blue Light!

We Love You So!

Waking Dream


We Are The Pleiadian Collective!

Pleiadian Collective

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