Message from the Pleiadians ~ March 14, 2019

Editor’s Note:This message I received today through automatic writing is quite timely in it’s arrival. My life is in a flurry of change, and I Am sure yours is as well! In this sense, change is a very good thing as it indicates positive movement (perhaps physical, perhaps mental) in your personal environment.

So… please read this message, look forward to the wonders awaiting us all next week, and be…



Hello! We are the Pleiadians and come to greet each of you as you move into a season of celebration. To be sure, the moment of your release as a captive of intense negativity is almost at hand!

We are here to act as your companions as many of you reading this message are set to evolve into another dimension of consciousness. We are here to support and comfort your arrival into a new way of thinking, perceiving, and perhaps most importantly of all…into a new way of feeling! These personal changes will be triggered an extremely large flash of solar energy that, until now, have been moderated by Galactic craft in an effort to delay your personal and major DNA transformation. Until now, the human body as been “conditioned” by a series of on-going and graduated bursts of photonic light. These may be best seen by examining your Shumann Resonance graphs.

What will you experience form the large solar flash of photonic light? Imagine if you will a song being played by a two-piece band suddenly, and without warning, becomes played by a lush full-string orchestra! The sudden activation of all strands of your DNA by this solar flash of energy will activate your ability to not only use your five senses more acutely, but also allow each cell in your body to function in an up-to-par manner. As your heart opens, many a “self-healing” may occur due to your observation that “what you want” (if heart-centered) is indeed possible!

Those of you who actively support love as the foundation of your existence will experience these DNA driven changes. Those who remain mired in the muck of 3D existence will not notice changes in themselves, but may witness a change in those who have evolved into the 5D dimension and wonder why they are suddenly so happy, content and joyous!

We end by saluting those of you now ready to evolve and your determination to work with those remaining in 3D until they too, become heart-focused and ready to make their own evolution into 5D. All will…it’s just a matter of their 3D “time”.

The Pleiaidians

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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