Genesis Enoch Noah – Kabamur ~ March 10, 2019

Editor’s Note: Watch out world! The truth being human history is about to come out! History books…toss ’em out! Please read, get ready to start learning about the true history of our world, and be…



Genesis Enoch Noah – Kabamur – Pleiadian Collective. By Kabamur Taygeta.

About Kabamur – One of Many, Many of One – Pleiadian Collective


Humans existed thousands of years before “Adam & Eve”. This is just one story.

We are all made in God’s image. This is a simplistic way of saying we are made in the image of our Elohim Creators, benevolent ET of different kinds, who share a similar form.


Genesis deals with one particular lineage of Sirian-human hybrids, from late-Atlantis onwards, who were not ‘downgraded’ like other humans had become.

Stories were changed to deceive and frame ‘the fallen’ as God.

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Old Testament “Yahweh” & “Jehovah” refer to Sirians like ENLIL, who were ‘God’ to SOME but not all. Yahweh was no better than BAAL.

Yahweh was NOT the God of Moses, Jacob or Jesus.

The word “Lord” can mean any Higher Being manifesting into physical.


ENOCH incarnated many times and was the Grandfather of Noah in the “Adam & Eve” lineage.

They were human, but noticeable different, and people chose to worship them and call them gods too.


Like Elijah later, he was known by those that saw him as a Sky God.

He was also friends with Archangels and traveled with the Galactic Forces.


There was a “Great Flood” around 12K years ago, seen in many unconnected ancient cultures.

This was an interruption of history and our collective memory which has happened more than once.


NOAH, grandson of Enoch, was a good man who used his status to be of service to Earth.

The story of the ARK is partially true… But it was a Craft, not a boat.

Noah used the Craft, which Pleiadians assisted in building, to bring new animal species from the Pleiades.


When the floods subsided, Noah delivered animals to Earth which had never been here before.


People were then taught how to care for them and they were distributed into many areas of the planet where they live even now.

Some have gone extinct from humans killing them or just not surviving on their own.

Genesis Enoch Noah


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