New Moon in Pisces~Our Deepest Wounds ~ March 3, 2019

By Archeia Aurora of The First Contact Ground Crew Team

The New Moon in Pisces occurs on March 6th. 2019. This New Moon occurs one day after Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces and one day before Uranus makes his big move into Taurus. This is a powerful week in the cosmos that will cause a massive shift in energy. 

This week will feel like a bubbling of energy that is pushing everything up to the surface that is being held within us. We are now coming to the deepest part of our soul, our deepest wounds and traumas we have held onto for lifetimes. The walls we have placed around our core are thick but they must crumble-the bubble is about to burst. 

All masks are coming off, everything that is hidden will be exposed. The most tender part of our hearts will be touched and for many will be not only uncomfortable but painful. The more we resist, the more we run the more painful it will be. The truth is that the pain and the suffering isn’t real, it never was. Every perceived hurt, betrayal or trauma was perfectly orchestrated. Every being we connected with during our lifetimes played their roles perfectly and they carried out their contracts. This was all for our own personal transformation. 

We agreed to come down into the amnesia, into the separation experiment and go through the pain of the human conditioning so that we could transform it back into light and into love. On a soul level we always knew this would be difficult and we didn’t know until we were in the experience how it would unfold, but the level of trust and faith we all had in Mother’s divine plan and our service to it was stronger than anything we could have ever experienced in the 3D plane. The amount of darkness we took on is directly proportional to the amount of light we hold within. Mother made us her strongest angels for a reason and we are here to complete our contracts for the greatest mission that has ever been undertaken. 

We are on the cusp of a massive jump in consciousness, and we must level up. This requires the deepest transformation we have experienced thus far on the journey. Things we didn’t even know were there are now being revealed for us to face, head on. 

New Moons carry the energy of a fresh beginning, a new path and way forward. Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac-the bridge between the physical and the spiritual realm. We are beginning a new path, one in which we are finally anchoring the etheric into the physical. Our higher selves are fully anchoring into our physical vessels and now we must EMBODY THEM. We must walk the talk. 

Pisces also rules deep compassion, universal love, and the Oneness energies. We are coming to that turning point where we must dissolve the last bits of separation and become One with Mother and all of Creation again. The separation served its purpose for soul growth and experience, but it was never real, it was a game. Throughout the separation experiment, our feeling centers were completely shut down. Our heart chakras were blocked and we became robotic in nature. We favored the mind over the heart and it took us down the road of pain and suffering. 

We must dissolve all of the walls and all of the guards we have set up against full and complete feeling. True vulnerability lies with an open heart and we must allow and surrender to this in order to move forward into the new paradigm. Our fear of true vulnerability stems from the pain of the human conditioning, but our true nature is all feeling, open hearts and unconditional love. 

Since January, we have had all planets direct. This creates an intense forward momentum of energy that felt like it could not be stopped. The energy was meant to propel us forward and allow us to move through experiences at a fast pace so that we could receive the most growth. Now, Mercury is finally going retrograde in Pisces to slow us down for just a moment while we process what we have experienced the last few months. The planet of communication will be conjunct Chiron in Pisces, exposing our deepest wounds around communication. 

True open communication requires that vulnerability to be seen, to express fully from the heart without any fear of rejection or judgment. The more we share from the heart the more we all ourselves to heal, to move beyond the programming that keeps us bottled up and in isolation. Compassionate communication will also be highlighted as we learn to speak with love rather than reaction. Love always responds, with truth, passion, and compassion. 

The following day after the New Moon, Uranus the planet of rebellion and sudden change will make his move into Taurus. This means that during the New Moon, Uranus will be at the critical degree 29th degree of Aries. The final degree (the critical degree) represents the final tests, and ending or release of something. Uranus has been in Aries since 2011 and finally moved into Taurus in May of 2018. He was there briefly to give us a reprieve but shortly after went retrograde back into Aries to complete unfinished business. 

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and is the warrior planet. It is fire of creation, the warrior spirit that lives within us that fuels us at our cores. It also shows the us the lower human aspect of this energy which is power over, self-importance, “me first” attitude, and the aggression and violence that has long symbolized the patriarchy here on Earth. This is the final test, can we release our self-importance and surrender to the oneness energy of Pisces? Can we stop powering over others and see everyone and everything as a part of us? We must surrender to Mother of all Creation, to the highest, and move away from the Self and into Unity. 

As Uranus now leaves Aries and transitions into Taurus, the energy will begin to shakeup everything that Taurus represents: self-worth, resources, Mother Earth, and our physical experience. The human conditioning has created a deep fear of lack and poverty consciousness that led to greed and hoarding of resources. Mother Earth has been raped and pillaged for her resources, only to be hoarded and used for profit. The disrespect we have shown our host will now be corrected. The attachment to possessions and our misaligned idea of our self-worth based on possessions will also have to be deeply shaken. 

EVERYTHING is returning to Mother, her resources, her abundance, her planet. Mother has been releasing 27,000 years worth of trauma that has occurred to her physical body, the planet. Now Gaia must purge that density and trauma physically through earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, etc. The density must be released as humanity has refused to release their own, Mother is now doing is for us. This is what humanity has manifested for themselves.

Our unworthiness and lack of self-worth will be coming up to transform as humanity has long placed is worth on external things and sought validation outside of themselves. True worth comes from within and can only come from self-love. If we do not love ourselves can never love another and we cannot love God. Our true essence is love and we are worthy of all love is. 

Only when all material possessions have been stripped from humanity will they have to face what is within rather than focusing on what is outside of them. When you have nothing outside of yourself to validate you, who are you? What will you choose to be? All takers who have hoarded resources and refused to give to love will get their karma so they can wake up to their true purpose. 

This New Moon carries with it so much energy of transformation. Our only option is to surrender. Transform all self-importance and give it all to the highest. Allow the flow to dissolve your control. Dig deep and heal all of the wounds that keep you from living directly from your heart, as only true vulnerability and full feeling can carry us now. Release the thoughts and robotic behaviors and BECOME love. Walk your talk, be your higher self in all moments and release all attachments to everything outside of yourself that you seek validation from. Feel the love that you are at your core and walk the path back home into the light. 



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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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2 Responses to New Moon in Pisces~Our Deepest Wounds ~ March 3, 2019

  1. Dave Price says:

    “Feel the love that you are at your core and walk the path back home into the light.”


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