Late Headlines and Updates for February 15, 2018: It’s Already Started [videos] ~ February 15, 2019

That was fast. Q warned us today that in the next 10 days we should expect events and we already have a mass shooting. It took place in Aurora, Illinois, or Chicago.

Aurora. Sound familiar? The Batman Theater Massacre in Aurora, Colorado. Coincidence? These freaks repeat their false flags in places with the same name, I’ve noticed.

February 14 was the anniversary of the Parkland school massacre. Coincidence?

After the Parkland shooting in Florida they had an event in Parkland, Texas, so this may very well be an orchestrated event. When the details come out over the next few days we’ll have a better idea.

You know the dimms are already going for the gun grab again, right? Waste no time.

The Latest: Police block Aurora shooting suspect’s apartment

News Now: Five killed, several injured in Illinois shooting

Dave brought us an excellent update on the X22 report today. He points out that the dimms are working on legislation to make it unlawful to lynch criminals. The penalty for treason is death and lynching is not outside the realm of possibility for them. They thought they were clever for securing control of the House, but unfortunately, they forgot the Republicans control the Senate. Oooops! Recalculating.

Phase III, Rats In DC Panicking, Pain, Event Warning [10] – Episode 1792b

There was earthquake activity in Utah near Bluffdale, today, which I find interesting. Bluffdale is a massive data centre housing ALL our personal data files. They know more about us than we know about ourselves. Are there tunnels there and/or underground levels to the facility? Possibly.

Multiple Earthquakes Rattle Areas of Utah

The following is all very suspicious. You may also recall video from Los Angeles where we saw flames coming up through the grid in a sidewalk when 2 apartment buildings were evacuated. Now we have all kinds of fires and leaks and explosions all over the US.

Some are reporting seeing explosions of light in the sky at night, as well. Daniel believes it’s a “problem-reaction-solution” situation. He believes these issues are designed to get the public to demand an alternate energy source; electricity—delivered wirelessly. What do you think?

Additional feedback on the Venezuela “meteor”.

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