Acting Attorney General Whitaker Deserves a Medal—and a Plum Job! [video] ~ February 9, 2019

It’s difficult not to be emotionally invested in the “movie” we see unfolding, particularly when pond scum like Sheila Jackson-Lee are directing the line of questioning in an oversight hearing chaired by Rep. Jerry Nadler.

If you missed it, Lee, a creature from the black lagoon, had to step down recently from two posts she held due to litigation involving a rape that she may have covered up.

She’s hardly the picture of virtue yet she sits in a hearing, puffed up like she’s a Senator and acting like she has already determined judgement on a man with no crime. The egos of these people are the size of North America. Fortunately, those egos are empty bubbles.

Dem Rep Sheila Jackson Lee Resigns From Key Posts – Being Sued For Retaliation Against Staffer Who Says Was Raped

The people who are trying to steal control of America are the lowest of the low. Chairman Nadler appeared in the title of a video I noticed recently entitled, “(((Rep. Jerrold Nadler))) – Did Jerry Nadler have SEX WITH A PIG ??? – @RepJerryNadler”. You can’t make this stuff up. The mere fact this is in print speaks volumes, whether it’s true or not. I didn’t watch the video.

This display of theatrics in Washington is testament to the character of acting AG Whitaker. He was unflappable, and kudos to Rep. Doug Collins for pointing out the gross miscarriage of justice involving a voluntary witness Lee wouldn’t even allow to speak. I want to see her perp walk.

These are simply unbelievable proceedings posing as legitimate. It’s a nightmare and I pray I wake up soon.

The following is an excellent video with excerpts of footage from the outrageous hearing and brilliant commentary from Black Conservative Patriot.  ~ BP


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