Red Alert – Gas Shutoff and Evacuations in Rhode Island ~ January 23, 2019

A crew member alerted us to this one via comments, and a video just popped in from a source of mine. Thank you, both.

The comment was…

SO, this begs the question, regarding State of Emergency declared for a certain county in Rhode Island. There is apparently a gas shut off and the Governor is announcing to thousands of residents that they must leave their homes for several days,

Fishy and suspicious to me!! Would love to hear intel / insights on this. Are they installing or testing something in the area when people are away? And perhaps related, or not, wasn’t it determined the the new background in Flynn’s photo of the water was taken in Rhode Island?

Just suspicious actions during pivotal times.

Here’s the background:

Possibly unrelated, but there were previous events in the northeast (Baltimore, I believe it was, and near Boston) with explosions and evacuating people from their homes they said was about gas leaks.

Ahhhh… I just remembered the “gas leak” they blamed the Paris explosion on that two folks have said they thought looked related to a car bomb.

Looks like gas is the new page in their playbook.

Thomas Williams has told us the cabal has planned to use gas shortages to cause chaos and grief. That is already happening in other countries.

As we previously reported. Zimbabwe experienced exorbitant gas prices, the people protested and rioted, we’re told, then authorities declared a state of martial law, confiscated residents’ phones and shut down the Internet.

Thomas Williams reported over 4,000 people slaughtered there.

We brought you news of the gas pipeline issues in Mexico this past week. While the “official” story is different, the cabal shut down supplies of gasoline to major Mexican cities and introduced rationing. One source in Mexico told me max. 5 litres in Mexico City.

Jim Stone told us many PEMEX stations ran out and there were lineups miles long to get gas with people sleeping in cars so they wouldn’t lose their place in line.

There was a rupture in a pipeline near Mexico City and due to the high prices, citizens raced to the scene where a geyser of gas enabled them to fill containers and haul it away, as much as they could carry.

There was an explosion at the rupture and 89 people are missing and many injured. The footage was graphic and disturbing, in my opinion.

The Spanish news in Mexico was reporting authorities were piecing together bodies and using dental records for identification. That was thanks to RKTNN channel on YouTube who translates the Spanish news for us pretty much every day.

Thomas Williams warned Canadians living near oil and gas refineries and pipelines to be vigilant and suggested we might want to fill our vehicles now because gas prices could be soaring. Here in Arizona we’re already paying higher prices than anywhere else.

Now we have this story in Rhode Island, and I think you can see that when the cabal and their agents control the corporations that supply what we need to survive, like fuel for heat, cooking, and our cars—they can wreak havoc in short order—particularly in winter with that suspicious polar vortex that dipped all the way down to the mid-west this week.

This situation bears watching, and we could see this happening elsewhere. They think we’re stupid.

For anyone not aware, President Trump asked us to prepare for anything on August 31 in his National Preparedness Proclamation, and he seems to know events before they happen.

As I mentioned before, Trump insisted on funding pipelines from Canada. Perhaps we’ll be glad he did. A few leaks may be the least of our problems without gas and oil since the cabal has blocked the release of alternative energies.

If you think this is an accident, I have a bridge here in the desert for sale.  ~ CB

Rhode Island Governor declares state of emergency

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