Names Released on Indictments for Treason, Human Trafficking, Election Fraud, and More; Military Tribunals Begin | David Zublick [video]~ January 21, 2019

David Zublick says the list of those indicted to be prosecuted for the worst deep state crimes has been released and he discusses the details as well as confirms the “prison barges” have arrived at GTMO and will house the most high level criminals.

David reports that no legacy media people, only trusted alternative news groups will be permitted to observe, record and report on the proceedings at military tribunals in multiple locations. David is one of those reporters.

We also understand that these first few serious cases of treason and crimes against Humanity do not set the tone for every criminal on the planet and how their prosecution and trials will be handled.

These tribunals are sensitive, and for many reasons are under wraps for now. We understand we will have the opportunity to view the trials on the Internet after the fact so we know justice was done and can find closure.

Lesser criminals will be indicted and tried in regular criminal courts as far as we know.  ~ CB

David Zublick Channel
Published on Jan 21, 2019

FEMA Prison barges arrive at Gitmo for the purpose of housing the overflow of high level indicted Deep State detainees during the military tribunals.

Meanwhile, a complete list of those charged has just been released and we have it. Charges include Treason, Election Fraud and political elite roles in 9/11and the Benghazi Massacre, gun and drug running, human trafficking, child exploitation, kidnapping, murder and harvesting victim’s organs for monetary gain.

Judges have been seated. Death chambers have been prepared. David Zublick unseals the truth in this special report!

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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18 Responses to Names Released on Indictments for Treason, Human Trafficking, Election Fraud, and More; Military Tribunals Begin | David Zublick [video]~ January 21, 2019

  1. thankyourmuse says:

    This would mean that Hillary and Obama should be there as well as Jeb Bush who ran the security for the towers prior to the attack and Dick Cheney and so many more….I am not sure who all else was involved but one thing is for sure, there were directed energy weapons used so there is also the military industrial complex. I hope this is true but if they don’t arrest and take in the major players like Obama and Hillary, then this just isn’t gonna happen…Mueller is also a part of the Uranium One deal and gave Epstein a deal and he went to his Island so they could take politicians like Clinton and many others there and black mail them…about a 1/3rd of our congress would be gone. I guess we shall see.


  2. cindyloucbp says:

    I think they are ALL there! 🙂


  3. ron borrelli says:

    you lied when you said that clapper ,Brennen, comey. ,and Clinton were at gitmo they were on the news just a week ago`, when are these people going to face a tribunial.


  4. susan k bowen says:

    Do you have any reporting on clones? Cloning is a hard pill to swallow and I really need some things to read up on please, when u have time. Thank you, Suzi Bowen


    • cindyloucbp says:

      Cloning is widely accepted in the spiritual community as a means of providing the body, with the soul removed. Tough idea to accept, but take a careful look at political leaders who seem to have changed appearance. Joe Biden for example, cannot hold a coherent thought these days (no brain?) who also physically looks unlike the former Joe Biden.

      Check out human cloning on Google, and then use this term on the search engines for “Starship Earth: The Big Picture”.

      Thanks for reading my blog, Much Love, and…Good Luck!


      • Dianne says:

        I do not know how to verify this info. Its VERY BIG. But if its True were Doubles, Clones, and AI , in addition to CGI is conccerned. Maybe you can help me figure out if its real.

        If it is true and real consider MY MIND IS OFFICIALLY BLOWN


      • cindyloucbp says:

        Hi Diane…yes, this IS all very true and mind-blowing! Our reality is NOT what it seems (so many lies and distortions)and your continued investigation will reveal many unimaginable facts. I urge you to learn all you can from various articles on my blog. Your learning now will prepare you to deal more effectively for massive changes that are headed our way.

        Much Love…


      • Hi I just want to tell you that you are on point, however there’s still many sleeping sheeple that will find it difficult to wrap this truth around their closed minds. They’re not willing to do the research on the topic to find the truth for themselves but will dismiss the information in a heartbeat which is what I consider a crazy just as they call ppl crazy that speak on far fetched truths. Ppl don’t want to leave their comfort zones because it causes them the take action that they’re not ready for. They will make all kind of excuses and reasons the information couldn’t possibly be true and will defend the perpetrators as if they know them personally or is related to them, but have never been in their presence. Most of them idolize those devils and find it hard to believe that someone they admire would do such things. Hopefully it’s not too late for them to wake up and understand that nothing is what it seems and what we’ve believed all of our lives
        The world have been living a lie unknowingly because a small group of entities disguised as humans have lied about the history of just about everything including how America was really Egypt in the bible and not every person of color came from Africa on a boat called Jesus. There were ppl of color already here living on the land that Christopher Columbus did not discover. No one can discover something that someone is already aware of and previously owned. The copper colored ppl were here also called Indians or Natives and we’re decieved and murdered for their land after they were forced to abandon their customs and ways of living to practice a religion that their ancestors didn’t. All who refused to practice the religion were murdered.


      • cindyloucbp says:

        Thank you. Our history is not what we think…

        Much Love…


  5. Denise Prather-Naida says:

    I’m sick of waiting for it to get out so the liberals will be forced to see through all the evil these past Presidents, politicians and Hollywood creeps have done. How do we manage to get people on Facebook to see this? Google and facebook are all a bunch of liberals and don’t want the people to know. They stop our posts or delete the information.


  6. cindyloucbp says:

    I sooo agree with you, however. I reckon “the plan” has to play out. Many things are poised through Trump’s executive orders to bring down much of the dark corruption which is/has been plaguing our world. Get ready…I doubt this will play on too much longer!
    Much Love….


  7. William L. Kenyon says:

    When can we expect this to come out to the public? My family thinks I am a conspiracy theorist and crazy. I don’t mind, but damn, would be nice to verify:)


  8. Becky McIntosh says:

    Like William I only have one friend I can discuss all this with. My family stops me in my tracks when I start to tell them something new I have learned. One site I went on was Clones and doubles of political figures. I hope I live to see all this come down.

    Liked by 1 person

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