Satanism – Kabamur – Pleiadian Collective ~ January 18, 2019

Editor’s Note: The truth of the matter is how the wonderful teachings of Christ have been turned into a mind control weapon by twisting the philosophy of Christ to promote fear. There is no sin in man, nor no hell to descend into. Evil does exist, but this has been taught to mankind under the guise of “survival” tactics…”Do this so that you can have that”.

Please read this article, think deeply on this matter of any religious “rules”, and be…



Satanism – Pleiadian Collective. By Kabamur Taygeta.

About Kabamur – One of Many, Many of One – Pleiadian Collective


Have you wondered why dark occultists use a Bull in their symbology?

Remember, Satanism is Inversion of the Divine.

Truth is inverted and true Light is mocked.

‘Separation’ instead of ‘Oneness’.


The Bull represents Taurus, home of Pleiades.

Using a Bull in dark occult is Satanic, because it mocks those who brought the most LIGHT to this planet – a direct mockery of Jesus.


Why is the cross the symbol of Christianity?

Why are you meant to fixate on suffering of a Beloved One instead of his teachings?

What does the Roman Church have to do with the teachings of Jesus?

Do they promote Love? Or fear?


Roman Catholicism is one giant Satanic ritual.

Emperor Constantine, Archon in human body, edited scriptures to create a story of contradictions.

Dark ones inserted the demon Yahweh as “God”.
Yahweh / Satan were both the same side.

Tribes of Israel had nothing to do Yahweh.



God is not a walking, talking Being.
God is so much more. God is Everything that exists.
Most importantly, God is Love.

Fear is an illusion that only exists in this density of reality.

Anything in the Bible that contradicts a LOVING God – is false.


Archons put focus on separation from a God you cannot be separated from.

They have promoted fear of a Hell that doesn’t exist.

And invented idea of Sin (separation from God) to control your mind.


Message from AYA on Jesus.




The story of Jesus in the Bible is based on 2 separate people.

One died on a cross. One ascended onto a Pleiadian Craft.

No one needed to die for your sins – this is absurd.


Sacrifice of any living being is Satanic.


Eucharist is meant to portray cannibalism.

Drinking the Blood and Eating the Flesh of Christ.

How some tie themselves in knots to defend and explain this sick ritual.


Institutionalized Religion is engineered to prey on fear-based people.

God is not in a Church, but inside YOU.

We are all CHILDREN OF GOD. Sons of God. Daughters of God.

Jesus taught only LOVE and ONENESS.

Anything else is deception.




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Pleiadian Collective

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